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Top 7 Amazing Grand Canyon Tours

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In this article, you are going to find a list of top Grand Canyon Tours. This article will help you choose the right vacation destination for you and your family.

Top 7 Amazing Grand Canyon Tours

There are many tours in Grand Canyon to experience the best adventures along with your friends and family. Here is a list of top Grand Canyon Tours:

1. Grand Canyon Tours: The Scenic Canyon River Adventure Tour

You can take a spectacular sunrise tour of the Grand Canyon en route to Lake Powell. You will find a light breakfast on this tour. It is one of the best tours of all Grand Canyon Tours.

Then, you can move to the slot canyon known as Antelope Canyon. You can hike here with the help of a guide. You can experience how wind, time, and water can create a very unusual canyon.

In Northern Arizona, the Antelope Canyon With Rafting adventure is the Number 1 Adventurous tour. This tour combines three different tours into one tour.

You will also hike through Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, and Glen Canyon.

Firstly, you will fly over Grand Canyon. Then you will take a 4 wheel drive vehicle to the world-famous Antelope Canyon.

Before Grand Canyon begins, you will float down to the Colorado River through the magnificent Glen Canyon.

The Antelope Canyon With Rafting adventure will get you to the bottom of the Canyon. This will be an unforgettable tour for you.

gc1 scaled
Photo by Alan Carrillo on Unsplash


2. Grand Canyon Tours: The Grand Canyon Signature Hummer Tour

The Grand Canyon Signature Hummer Tour is another on the list of grand canyon tours. You can visit up a notch and venture into the Grand Canyon National Park on a 2-hour Hummer tour.

Once you reach a Hummer specifically designed for sightseeing, the adventure begins. The stadium-style seating provides excellent views from all seats, with 13 passengers in each Hummer.

You can also travel to some of the most popular lookout points in the park. The park learns and offers interesting facts about its history as a driver/guide provides commentary from point to point.

It is the perfect place for nature lovers. You can capture the amazing views of this once-in-a-lifetime Grand Canyon experience!.

What can you expect during this experience?

  • Ensure that your guide is washing hands regularly.
  • You and your guide need to wear face masks in public places.
  • Use hand sanitizers before and after using the vehicles.
  • You need to sanitized high-traffic areas regularly.
  • You must check your body temperature regularly.

gc2 1 scaled
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


3. Grand Canyon Tours: Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

The Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip is the most popular Family Tour in Northern Arizona. Along the South Rim, you can take a motorcoach. You will stop at the Desert View Watchtower. Then it’s off to Marble Canyon and Lee’s Ferry, Arizona.

The Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip is the most interesting trip among all Grand Canyon tours.

First, you will board a raft and being transferred upstream on the Colorado River close to Glen Canyon Dam. Then, you need to take a 4 1/2 hour float trip on the Colorado River with a stop at the Petroglyph panel and time on Lunch Beach.

When you reach there, your motor coach will pick you up at Lee’s Ferry and return you and your family to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. You will experience a full 12 hour day at an unbelievable price!

What is included in this tour?

  • The tour is from Williams, Arizona, to Peach Springs – Hualapai Lodge.
  • You will experience a portion of Historic Route 66.
  • Lunch is provided to you on this trip.
  • The passengers of this tour must be 5 years and older.

You can explore, photograph, and take in the incredible scenery before returning to Peach Springs and back to Williams, Arizona, via Route 66 and Interstate 40.


gc2 scaled
Photo by Angga Indratama on Unsplash 

4. Grand Canyon Tours: One Day White Water Rafting Adventure

rf scaled
Photo by Angga Indratama on Unsplash

The one-day Water Rafting Adventure trip is one of the most exciting trips in the Grand Canyon Tours. Here, you can experience the ultimate Grand Canyon adventure.

On the day of this tour, you need to start at 7.30 AM after a brief check-in at Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs, Arizona.

It would be best to begin your Grand Canyon rafting adventure with a scenic ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is Diamond Creek Road. It would be best to watch unusual desert plants and even a wild burro or two.

You’ll meet your river guide at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He’ll help you with your life vests and rain gear before boarding your pontoon boat.

You won’t waste your time getting wet as you plunge into your first rapid. You’ll break for a simple hike mid-way through the morning.

You will also break for a ladder-assisted climb into a hidden nook of the Colorado River. Here, you will find an underground spring that emerges through the travertine to form a beautiful waterfall.

You are awaited with more excitement back on the river as white water awaits you. This trip can help children can also enjoy this trip

5. Grand Canyon Tours: The Inner Canyon Tour

The Inner Canyon tour is the ideal tour among the Grand Canyon Tours. If you want to experience the Grand Canyon from top to bottom and stay on solid ground, this tour will be the perfect one!

You will experience the living history of Arizona in this tour from the rim to the river and places in between. You can relax in spacious, comfortable seats.

You will board a coach or van in Williams, where your full-day adventure begins. In the Hualapai Nation, you will travel along with one of the last remaining stretches of the original Historic Route 66 en route to Peach Springs, AZ.

You will descend to the bottom of the Grand Canyon at Peach Springs, Arizona. You can also experience a glimpse of a wild burro here.

You will watch as many as massive canyon walls begin to tower over you and marvel at views of the spectacular landscape as you descend Diamond Creek into the depths of the chasm.

You will take a break for a leisurely lunch on the very bank of the mighty river once you reach the Colorado River.

You can also explore for more time. You even can take photographs of the incredible scenery before returning to Peach Springs and back to Williams, Arizona, via Route 66 and Interstate 40.

rf1 scaled
Photo by Gert Boers on Unsplash

6. Grand Canyon Tours: The Imperial Helicopter Tour

The Imperial Helicopter tour is one of the flying trips of the Grand Canyon Tours. You will have a beautiful experience on this tour with a flight time of 40-45 Minutes.

You will enjoy this trip a lot, traveling in the Helicopter because now the windows have been specially designed for viewing. But only up to six passengers can enjoy this flight together.

You will depart from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, Papillon Terminal. You are requested to arrive 30 minutes before your tour time for check-in and orientation so that you can comfortably take this tour without missing the timings.

What is Included in this Tour?

  • You will find an EcoStar helicopter with large windows for viewing, stadium-style seating, and headphones for narration and pilot instruction.
  • The flight that offers a tour is scheduled approximately every half hour from the morning to late afternoon.
  • You can fly over the Kaibab National Forest to the Colorado River, continuing over the Confluence of the Little Colorado River and Colorado River.
  • Then you will travel over the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • Next, you will return to the South Rim over the widest and deepest portion of the Grand Canyon.

7. Grand Canyon Tours: South Rim Airplane Tour

The South Rim Airplane tour is another flying trip among all the Grand Canyon tours. You will experience the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon on this trip.

This tour offers a scenic flight starting from South Rim. This tour is operating since the first Ford Tri-Motor took passengers over the mighty Grand Canyon in 1927.

You can take your seat in history and make a memory to last a lifetime on the Grand Canyon South Rim Airplane Tour today!

Once you board the state-of-the-art aircraft and it will take you to the skies on a magical 45-minute tour through the Grand Canyon.

You will fly through two narrowly-spaced stone walls, creating a natural hallway, and then around Imperial Point. You will also find a near-perfect stone pillar rising from the canyon wall.

Then you will ascend over the Kaibab National Forest on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. You will find a sight to behold thriving amidst the desert landscape.

What to bring on this tour?

  • You must bring government-issued forms of identification when you book a tour here.
  • You need to book your tour as early on your trip as possible.
  • Even though the bottle is not allowed to be opened in the aircraft, you may bring a bottle of water.
  • You can also bring your cameras and phones. But you need to be aware that using “Selfie Sticks” and extending camera poles are strictly prohibited in and around the aircraft.

ar scaled
Photo by Andreas Strandman on Unsplash

These are the 7 best tours among all the Grand Canyon Tours. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets for a wonderful experience!

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