Top 7 Amazing Long Island Vineyards

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Long Island vineyards are what every wine enthusiasts dream of. If you are also among the wine lovers, then you should be well familiar with the Long Island vineyards of the United States.

With this amazingly detailed guide, you would get every information about the Long Island vineyards.

So let’s dive in and explore more about the Long Island vineyards and what they have to offer you.

An Amazing Guide On Top 7 Long Island Vineyards You Should Visit

In this guide, we would be discussing more the Long Island vineyards. We would explore them in great detail.

And discuss them, their history, and how important they are in the present day. We would also see some best Long Island vineyards that you can visit for a great experience.

What Are long Island Vineyards?

We would start our guide with the very basic question: What is Long Island vineyards so that we don’t have to back to square one.

Long Island is the biggest and largest island in the United States. It lies in the Atlantic Ocean and is the southernmost part of the New York State.

The island can be divided into four parts or counties: Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. It extends to 190 km. And has the Hudson River as an important source of water.

There are two more divisions, North Fork and South Fork. The North Fork is more famous than the South Fork because of the sparkling wines it offers in its wine region.

We can also say that Long Island is formed by joining one big island and some small islands or pieces of land nearby.

And now it is one of the most populated or densely populated islands of the United States. It is also the second most expensive place to visit in the United States after York City.

Talking about the Long Island Vineyards, they are vineyards that are housed on the island. They are famous for offering wine tasting.

Why their wine is best is a secret, but we can find the answer in the climatic conditions of the area which is perfect for wines’ production. And that is why Long Island wine is so much popular.

They don’t offer you wine alone. With the world’s best wine, they also offer excellent hospitality for the visitors with accommodation why they are loved because of the countryside view they provide to their visitors.

One who wants a break from the normal, hectic urban life can come here. And enjoy the relaxing, calm countryside environment with brewing wine.

History Of Long Island Vineyards

The history of the island is no different. The Europeans settled both continents of America and, before them has a native population as their residents.

Long Island Vineyards

Before the Europeans came, the island was inhabited by the native population, which can be divided into 13 indigenous groups.

Canarsie, Rockway, Matinecock, Merrick, Massapequa, Nissequoge, Secatoag, Setauket, Patchoag, Corchaug, Shinnecock, Manhasset, and Montauk.

These people used canoes as a transportation source, and the main source of their livelihood is fishing. After the coming of Europeans, the island meets the same fate.

There was colonization by the Europeans who settled here and exploited the native populations. But as their rule end and the country get its freedom, it is developing.

After independence, the island has developed its vineyards as a great source of livelihood and income.

It attracts all wine lovers and wine enthusiasts who want to visit the tasting room of the vineyards.

Although it produces wine on a large scale and these vineyards are generally production units of wine. But they also provide a residence for the visitors who came here for the wine.

And thus we can see large vineyards which are fully hospitable and offers many features to the visitors.

Best 7 Long Island Vineyards

After discussing the Long Island vineyards and their history, now it is time to know about the best Long Island vineyards to choose from for your tour.

Although the whole country is a wine state, some good vineyards out there that you can consider for your trip to Long Island vineyards.

  1. Baiting Hollow Farm and Vineyard.

In our list of Long Island vineyards, the first position is secured by this vineyard which is just one or two hours away from the main city of New York.

Long Island Vineyards

If you don’t want to travel far in search of a good vineyard, then it is perfect for you. As it is so near to the main city, many people love to visit this vineyard.

Most people who come here to visit vineyards first visit here and fall in love with this vineyard.

If you want to enjoy a small vineyard with freedom, freshness, and ride horses. And want to taste the delicious food of the island, then this vineyard is perfect for you.

This vineyard offers you a free, fresh, lonely environment where you can enjoy yourself and pamper yourself with a new environment.

But if you think that it is all, then you are wrong. With all these features, it also hosts a live music show on the weekends.

So it is a golden opportunity to spend your weekend here and relive every moment of your life.

  1. Lewins Farm Vineyards

The next best Long Island vineyard on our list is this ‘Lewins Farm.’ As the name itself suggests that it is also a farm.

So if you want to see the countryside life, then this vineyard is perfect for you. With long grapevine rows, you can also see fresh apples, pumpkins, and many more fruits and vegetables grown here.

But these fruits and vegetables depend on the season in which you are going. But it is for sure that you can enjoy the roasted corn in any season, anytime. They also have a shop which sells fresh farm products.

With the tasty, you can also enjoy farm picking of apples, pumpkins, and other fresh fruits and vegetables. However, you have to call them first and inquire about the farm’s packing service availability.

  1. Macari Vineyards

This vineyard is owned by a family and was started in the year 1995. This vineyard is perfect for people who want an up-level vibe with their surroundings.

They offer a gorgeous sitting area with elegant décor, tasting room. Not only this, but here you can also chill with a glass of chilled wine, hot pizza, and outdoor seatings.

So if you don’t want to try a countryside environment and want perfect high-level hospitality, then this vineyard is perfect for you.

  1. Wolffer Estate Vineyards

Another vineyard in the list of best Long Island vineyards is Wolffer Estate. For a person who loves wine, this place is like heaven.

Here you can sip chilled wine sitting either inside or outside of the tasting room. You can also enjoy the personal wine tours which they organize for their visitors.

Long Island Vineyards

And for the people who want to explore more the vineyards, which is more exciting than a personal trip where they can enjoy the long rows of grapevine.

  1. Osprey Dominion Vineyards

The next vineyard on our list is this ‘Osprey Dominion.’ Why it has secured a position is a very simple question to answer.

They have a large field and a vineyard and serve as a picnic spot who come here. So if you are looking for a perfect picnic with a chilled glass of wine, then you should come here.

One more great thing is that you can bring your own snacks here and save on your budget.

  1. Pindar Vineyards

It is the largest vineyard on long island and is spread over to an area of 500 acres.

And that is the reason they produce 17 varieties of grapevines and 23 types of wines that are blended with unique taste and flavour, including Pinot Noir, Sauvignon blanc, and many more.

Large sunflower fields are also a reason why people love this vineyard. If you also love to walk around the sunflower field, then this place is only for you.

The perfect time to visit this place is the summer season which lasts till the end of July and August.

  1. Pugliese Vineyards

If you want a complete outside environment for your trip, then these vineyards are perfect for you. Here you can sip the chilled wine and can enjoy the outer environment sitting on a chair and gossiping with your friends, siblings, or family.

Long Island Vineyards

You can also enjoy the live music show which is organized here for the visitors. These vineyards also have a Koi fish pond that is loved very much by the visitors.

These are some of the best 7 Long Island vineyards that you can consider for your weekend picnic. But with these vineyards, there are many more on the list which we can count.

They are Sparkling Pointe, Channing Daughters Winery, Bedell Cellars, and Bridge Lane winery.

If you want a perfect weekend trip with your friends, family, and cousins, then Long Island vineyards are the best option for you. Here you can enjoy the chilled wine, with fresh air and an environment that can remove all your stress.

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