Top 7 Exciting Activities in North Carolina Mountains

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North Carolina Mountains
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Explore the gorgeous view of the North Carolina mountains and make your holidays serene. Travelling provides tranquility to a person. Life is all about exploring a new chapter. 

North Carolina Mountains
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North Carolina mountains offer recreation for everyone. From beautiful Maggie valley to the Great smoky mountains national park, there are major options for exploring the beauty of North Carolina. If you want to connect to nature, there’s no better place than western North Carolina, floating down the French Broad River.

If you are someone who loves mountain hikes, then the North Carolina mountains are your go-to option. Enjoy the mountain view and scenic beauty. North Carolina mountain is a place of various scenic beauties.

North Carolina Mountains to Explore

1. The Blue Ridge Mountains

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Sara Parlier; Unsplash; Copyright-2021

Most of Western North Carolina is covered by the Blue Ridge Mountains. The topography of the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of its kind. Your visit here will never be a disappointing one.

Blue Ridge mountains cover 8 States, from Georgia to Maine. The mountains also extend in North touching Pennsylvania. The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina Mountains are magical. One can spend their whole day watching the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Visit it with your family because you deserve a break!

Peaks of Blue Ridge Mountains

1. Mt Mitchell

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Airam Dato-on, Pexels; Copyright-2021

Mt Mitchell is the highest peak east Mississippi river. The best part about this exploration is that it’s easy and free to enjoy here. Mount Mitchell is located 35 miles Northeast of downtown Asheville.

One can reach Mount Mitchell through the scenic drive via Blue Ridge Parkway. The varied kind of animals and plants is one of its specialty.

Due to the altitude, many of the plants and animals are like those of the Alpine environment of Canada. This mountain is a part of the Black Mountain range formed more than a billion years ago.

Always carry an extra jacket to layer over your cloth. Watch the weather and try to visit when the sky is clear in Asheville.

One can enjoy in Mount Mitchell park. Visit the restaurants and enjoy different dishes.

2. Grandfather Mountain

North Carolina Mountains
Credits- Mikhail Nilov, Unsplash; Copyright-2020

It is one of the highest peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with an elevation of 5,964 ft. This mountain is just 70 miles from Asheville. Through the Blue Ridge Parkway, one can come here.

Grandfather Mountain is a globally recognized nature preserve. This is home to the famous Mile-High Swinging Bridge. This is located near the fun town of Banner Elk. This beautiful attraction has many fun things to offer.

When you drive on the ridgetop, there is a gift shop. This mountain is non-profit operational, so everything is included in the one ticket.

If one wants to do a hike, they should arrive by 11 A.M. Always try to have plenty of time in your hand to enjoy the view of the scenic mountains.

Have a great day in Grandfather Mountain and enjoy the Swingin Bridge too!

What to Explore in North Carolina other Than Mountains

1.Wildlife of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Wes Hicks; Unsplash; Copyright-2021

The Great Smoky Mountains national park is like heaven to people who love outdoor adventures. It is one of the major tourist sites in the North Carolina Mountains. There is a huge variety of flora and fauna in the park. Along with wildlife and wildflowers, there are waterfalls along wooden trails. There are beautiful drives.

The Roaring Fork Motor Natural Trail is a 6-mile long trail. This trail offers a magnificent view of the mountain scenery. This trail has access to two waterfalls, Rainbow waterfall and Grotto waterfall.

Through the Trillium Gap trail, one can actually walk behind 25 foot high Grotto waterfall.

The national park offers a wide variety of wildlife. One can enjoy the scenic beauty, mountains, churches by cycling through the park. One has to be cautious of black bears. They can attack you, so be careful while exploring.

2. Blue Ridge Parkway

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Ashley Knedler, Unsplash; Copyright-2015

A drive to rejuvenate your soul. If you happen to visit the North Carolina mountains, have a magical drive on Blue Ridge Parkway. Blue Ridge Parkway is known as America’s favorite drive.

Blue Ridge Parkway runs north and south of Asheville. The beauty of this driveway is that it caters to magnificent views of mountains. One can find various spots for roadside picnics here.

Blue Ridge Parkway follows the ridge of the Blue Ridge mountains. There are 26 tunnels in the blue ridge parkway, out of which 25 are in North Carolina, near Asheville.

3. Mountain Hiking and Camping

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Rachel Claire, Pexels; Copyright-2020

When you are in the North Carolina mountains, precisely you are in the photo paradise of earth. Everyone is aware of the mountains of North Carolina. This place is a paradise to your all hike dreams and imagination.

There are various campgrounds in North Carolina. The Carolina Beach State Park is one of the favorite campgrounds of campers. Pine and Oak trees surround the place. This is located on Pleasure Island. The campground is spacious so all of your friends can enjoy it.

Some other campgrounds one can try are Hanging Rock State Park, Pilot Mountain State Park, Smokemont Campground, and many more.

The various peaks can give a thrill experience in hiking.

4. Road Trip in Asheville NC

North Carolina Mountains
Credit-Averie Woodard, Unsplash, Copyright-2016

Who doesn’t want to be called and become a wanderlust? The scenic drive of Asheville is home to woods, mountains, rivers, and you can always stop by the forest and national parks.

Sail through the mesmerizing curvy roads with beautiful mountain views. There are various spots through this scenic drive.

It’s a long way to go for hikes, but every mile you cover is worth it. Here you don’t have to find a way for a scenic drive. The topography of the Blue Ridge mountains offers the best drive.

Just go for hot springs or lookout on Town mountain & Elk Mountain. Venture from one historic town to another. This drive that you will witness will surely be one of your best.


North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Erin Doering, Unsplash; Copyright-2021

Of course, on your vacation, you want to carry the memories. You surely want to have some memories of shopping through the famous place in North Carolina.

Visit the Biltmore village of Asheville. This village provides you with a quaint shopping experience. If your shopping has views of the Blue Ridge mountains, you would surely love to shop there. There are more than 40 shops.

The walkway is of brick, and the streets are lined with trees. There is a blend of locally-owned boutiques and national chains. These offer you a variety of clothes, jewelry, home decor, and gift items.

Have a great shopping! Carry home the souvenirs of your trip from here.

6. Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad is the heritage of North Carolina. You can have an amazing day out here with your family.

The passenger excursion has a depot in Bryson City. This excursion passes through the various beauty destination of the wonderful countryside of western North Carolina.

There are various options for trains. This train journey is full of excitement and an amazing experience.

Begin your journey from Bryson City depot. You will not be disappointed with this ride.

7. Explore State Park

North Carolina Divison of Parks and Recreation manages the state park. North Carolina is home to many state parks. The state parks are the principal branch of the state park system.

The various State parks to visit are Carolina Beach State Park, Chimney Rock State Park, and many more.

Mountain Town in North Carolina


North Carolina Mountains
Credits- Jeremy Mikkola; Copyright-2009

Boone is a town of historical importance. It is located in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. It is the home to Appalachian State University.

Things to do in the town

1. Visit Hickory Ridge Living History Museum

North Carolina mountains are rich in history. This museum helps you explore how life was in the 1700s.

It is located near the Horn site and is home to various original period cabins.

2. Appalachian Ski Mountain

There are 11 slopes, one double chair, and five lifts with two quads in this ski area. Enjoy and explore with your whole family.

3. Exploring Trails

One can visit the Cascades Trail. This trail is an easy one-mile trail. Here one can meander through the very edge of Blue Ridge.

2. Bryson City

Spend your day or two in Bryson city. The great smoky mountain national park is in access from this town.

Things to do in Bryson City

1. Embrace Outdoor Beauty

This town embraces outdoor beauty. There is a wide range of activities for you to enjoy in this town. You can enjoy a beautiful brunch in cafes or enjoy in fly-fishing shops or outfitters.

2. Enjoy Trek or Relax in Deep Unit

The flowing of the Tuckasegee River in the town proves it to be a water country. Just a few miles away from the town in the Great Smoky National Park, there is the Deep Creek unit. Trekkers trek here after passing through three waterfalls while the tubers can relax in Mother Nature’s Water Park.

3. Asheville, NC

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Michael Tracey, Flickr; Copyright-2009

Asheville is a shopping Mecca. Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge mountains. The downtown offers an abundance of shops, music venues, restaurants, and bars.

Things to do in Asheville

1.Sliding Rock

This is in the Pisgah National forest. Sliding rock is one of the most popular waterslides in North Carolina. If you happen to visit Asheville, do visit Pisgah National Forest.

So you can escape your town this summer and enjoy the cool breeze in Asheville.

4. Banner Elk

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Mark Clifton, Flickr; Copyright-2009

It’s a popular getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Banner Elk is located between the Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain ski area.

Major Attraction of Banner Elk

1. Wooly Worm Festival

The town celebrates the winter, the coming of the snow season. The Wooly Worm festival is celebrated on the third week of October.

2. Banner House Museum

In this museum, one can experience the lifestyle of the 19th century. This museum is a reflection of the lifestyle of the North Carolina mountains in the 19th century. One should take a guided tour between mid-June and mid-October.

There are many more outdoor activities which you can enjoy in Banner Elk. The Breweries and Wineries are in abundance.

Greenway is fun, and one can explore Lees-McRae College’s beautiful campus.

5. Blowing Rock

People visit Blowing rock to enjoy the view of the mountains. Blowing Rock is also home to many fun outdoor activities.

Visiting Blowing Rock is not season bounded. Any season is perfect for your visit. This tourist place is 120 years old.

Things to do in Blowing Rock

1. Hike

There are amazing places to hike in Blowing Rock if you want to see the beauty of the High Country, hike and explore.

You can hike Glen Burney Trail, which is just a 3-mile hike.

2. Visit Moses Cone Memorial Park

this is a 3600-acre estate that National Park manages. In this park, one can see Moses Cone manor. There are beautiful gift shops in this park too.

6. Cherokee

Great Smoky Moutain National Park starts with Cherokee. Cherokee is located at the entrance of this national park. This town is a sight to the beautiful Eastern band of Cherokee Indians.

Things to do in Cherokee

1.The Museum of Cherokee Indians

Know about the culture of the Cherokee Indians in this museum. The history of Cherokee is displayed here in a brilliant manner.

2. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

There are many restaurant options so that you can have an amazing brunch here. There is a spa where you can rejoice yourself.

Last Note on North Carolina Mountains

North Carolina Mountains
Credits-Joel Nevius, Pexels; Copyright-2021

Everyone deserves a break. Our busy schedule of life lets us not rest. To rejuvenate your soul, you can plan a trip. If it’s North Carolina Mountains, then your choice is worth a try.

We all need to connect and spend time with our families. These trips help the family come closer. You can even go there with your friends.

Not only is North Carolina home to hikes, camping but it is also a shopping hub. One should visit the beautiful, fun towns of North Carolina to make their holiday more pleasant. North Carolina Mountains is a paradise for the hike and camp lovers.

Every visitor who has been to North Carolina vouch for it. North Carolina has lots of things to offer, so pack your bags and grab your tickets. Happy Journey!

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