Top 7 Thrilling Costa Rica Zip Line Tours

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Costa Rica Zip Line
Costa Rica Zip Line

Costa Rica, a cloud forested Central American country, is known for beautiful landscapes, fine cuisine, adventure, and wildlife. Costa Rica is also a favorite destination for adventure adorers, a land of volcanoes, rainforests, massive waterfalls, and mighty rivers. If you are also interested in adventure trips, Costa Rica Zip Line will escalate your adrenaline rush.

Costa Rica Zip Line

Costa Rica Zip Line or Canopy Tour is a collection of aerial adventures in the rain forests led by bilingual guides. Ziplining in Costa Rica was started by two scholars of California in 1974 to study the forests. Understanding the potential of zip lining as a tourist attraction, Canadian entrepreneur Darren Hareniuk set up the first tourist zipline in Costa Rica.

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Stunning beaches and dense forests catch your eyes when you reach Costa Rica. The Costa Rican political structure is peaceful, and it exhibits cultural unity. It offers adventurous activities, including horseback riding, hiking, diving, water rafting, and others besides ziplining.

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In recent times, Costa Rica has emerged as an adventure tourism hotspot. Nature lovers immensely love it for its ecological diversity. Tours in Costa Rica offer tourists a chance to explore the natural beauty, escalating adrenaline. Zip Line Tours have become one of the most loved and popular outdoor activities in Costa Rica.

Let’s Have A Look At 7 Best Costa Rica Zip Line            Destinations

Hiking in the forests has its significance and interest. However, people love to harness themselves onto clips on steel cables hurtling through the forests for an aerial view instead. This is the beauty and thrill of ziplining in Costa Rica.

1. Monteverde Park

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a Costa Rican Reserve located along the Cordillera de Tilarán. The beauty of the reserve lies in its unparalleled biodiversity. The reserve consists of 26,000 acres of cloud forest. It consists of nearly 2500 plant species, 400 bird species, 100 mammals, and numerous reptiles.

Monteverde offers two types of Zip Line tours. One is Selvatura Monteverde, and the other is Sky trek Monteverde. Monteverde has tall trees and the abode of the Costa Rican national bird, Quetzal. The experience of watching them in a scenery enveloped in mystic clouds is a memorable gift.

  • Selvatura Monteverde is one of the most extended tours of Costa Rica, consisting of 15 lines. The thin misty clouds often unfurl the forest area, creating a soothing atmosphere. Selvatura Monteverde is the only zipline tour operated inside the cloud forest.

The center of attraction of this tour is the handsfree superman position. It is available at the last line with an optional Tarzan swing. The zipline platforms are built over the trees where the cables go through the cloud forest.

  • Sky Trek Monteverde is the highest zipline in Costa Rica that offers a complete adrenaline rush experience. The Sky Trek tour is faster but shorter than Selvatura. The tour starts with an ariel tram that takes the visitors to the cables.

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2. Arenal Zip Line Tour

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Arenal Volcano is an active volcano 56-miles northwest of San Jose. It is located at the center of Arenal Volcano National Park. The National Park is a paradise for birds. Beautiful animals like parrot-snake, white-faced capuchin monkeys, jaguar, coati, and deer ornate the park. Around 850 species of bird are found here.

Arenal volcano is the best place in Costa Rica to zipline in a misty rainforest. Also known as Arenal Paraiso Canopy Zipline, it offers a different way to view the rainforest. It is a flight over the river canyon that gives a bird’s eye view of the forests and the wildlife.

The canopy tour starts at Arenal Paraiso Hotel, situated before Arenal Volcano. The zipline is 350 meters long with modern safety equipment, instructed by bilingual guides. This guided tour has 12 platforms and 11 cables at 260 feet.

As you glide over the rainforest, the scenic beauty and the sensation of the flight increase your adrenaline level. The adventure ends at the Arenal River. The whole experience takes around 2 to 3 hours.

Learn more about the Arenal Canopy Zipline Tours.

3. Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica is a land of a vibrant ecosystem secured by sincere human efforts. Manuel Antonio is known as a gem of Costa Rica’s crown. The place offers Manuel Antonio National Park and some beautiful beaches.

The best thing about Costa Rica Zip Line is every single tour is unique. The uniqueness of the Manuel Antonio canopy tour lies in its length. It is the longest zipline in Central America, comprising 1310 meters with hanging bridges, tree platforms, and climbers.

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Manuel Antonio National Park doesn’t provide any canopy zipline tours itself. El Santuario Canopy Adventure provides you with the best zipline experience, getting close to the rainforests and the Manuel Antonio Volcano. The route has 12 ziplines and 16 platforms. Gliding deep into the forests, you glimpse the most beautiful wildlife and the magnificent volcano.

4. Quepos

Besides Manuel Antonio lies Quepos, a small town inhabitant by jaguars and panthers. Offering the same wilderness of Manuel Antonio, Quepos provides a closer affair with the mystic cloud forests. This Costa Rica Zip Line tour includes a Hummer ride with a hike and rock climbing.

This forest canopy tour has professional guides with 10 zipline cables and 20 platforms. The zipline cables reach up to 450 meters with an optional Tarzan Swing at no extra cost. During the two-hour-long journey, you enjoy a Tarzan Swing and a close view of sloths, monkeys, poison dart frogs, and others.

5. Zip Line Tour in Jaco

Jaco, a small district in Costa Rica, is a beach town known for its aquatic activities and nightlife. Jaco Beach is the most loved destination in the city. This beautiful beach offers surfing, ATV tours, boat rides, kayaking, horseback riding, and many more. It is just a two-hour drive from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

Jaco Canopy Zipline Tour ranges from intermediate to advanced level. It offers 12 cables with comparatively high speed, advised for experienced thrill-seekers. The tour offers a chance to view a beautiful waterfall with astonishing wildlife. You also glimpse the Nicoya Peninsula under the supervision of bilingual guides.

5. Arenal Hanging Bridges Tour

Arenal Hanging Bridges Tour is an extension to the Arenal Canopy Zipline. Arenal Hanging Bridges offer a walk above the trees from the largest suspension bridges of Costa Rica. You see the unique wild creatures from the hanging bridges and listen to the sad sounds. It is a unique experience from a bird’s point of view of the rainforest.

There are 16 suspension bridges around Arenal Volcano, erected to provide visitors a close look at the wildlife. These bridges are part of Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park stretched 1.6 miles. The most important aspect of this tour is that it offers the chance to photograph some exotic wild animals and trees. Birds, snakes, monkeys, and sloths make a beautiful expedition to the wilderness.

Click here for more information about Arenal Hanging Bridges Tours.

6. Matapalo Zip Line Tour

The grey-lined Matapalo Beach or Playa Matapalo features the charm of the Central Pacific Coast. The beach is located 16 miles south of Quepos, a natural attraction for surfers. The beach and the nearby adventure park offer kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, birdwatching, ziplining, and more.

The Matapalo Zip Line Tour offers up to 30 meters of aerial travel. The canopy tour is relatively easy and low impact. It provides you a decent opportunity of viewing butterflies, raccoons, lizards, and anteaters.

The unique attraction of the tour is the 30 feet free-fall experience at the end of the cable. When you descend towards the ocean, it escalates your adrenaline, mesmerizing the Osa Peninsula’s scenic beauty. You may also like horseback riding or ATV trips for further excitement. This superman experience is one of its kind.

7. El Encanto Waterfall Zip Line Tour

Imagine cabling amidst a waterfall, enjoying the hustling of the current and beauty of the forests. El Encanto Waterfall Zip Line provides you with an experience surrounded by tall mountains and an ocean.

This tour has a fusion of waterfall canyons, river valleys, and rainforests. The tour is 1.6 miles long with 8 platforms. It is one of the most extended canopy tours of Costa Rica.

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These 7 tours are the true soul of Costa Rica Vacations. Other zip line tours are also very entertaining, like La Fortuna Waterfall Canopy. You may be amazed to know that these Costa Rica Zip Line Tours have some potential health benefits. They burn calories, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

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Some Notable Facts:

  • May to November is the monsoons in Costa Rica. So try to be prepared if you visit during this period.
  • Insects are common in Costa Rica, but you don’t need to panic about them.
  • Costa Rica Zip Line Tours are safe and conducted by bilingual professional guides.
  • It is advisable to bring your boots and outfits during Costa Rica zip Line Tours.
  • Costa Rica Zip Line Tours are meant for everybody. Families, couples, singles, and even kids enjoy the adrenaline rush under professional guidance.

Try the variety of Costa Rica Zip Line Tours to explore the wild peculiarly.


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