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Top 8 Amazing Things To Do In Salida Co

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In this article, you will learn about the things to do in Salida Co. Salida is often known for its high country rides. A wealth of trails for mountain bikers boasted by Salida.

Salida is located in central Colorado, surrounded by the Sawatch Range, the Arkansas River, and Monarch Mountain. There is a hamlet of a town nestled in Chaffee County.

Due to its Charming, friendly, artistic, and historical background, many visitors visit here throughout the year. You can also find browns canyon national monument.

Salida was originally founded in the 1800s as a stagecoach stop and later became a stopover on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

It is known as the largest historic district in the state. It also has some of the most significant and beautiful historic buildings in Colorado.

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If you plan a family trip to Salida, it is important to know what to do on the trip. So, let us know some things to do in Salida, CO.

1. Things To Do In Salida Co:

It is located at the Monarch Crest Scenic Tramway, and its elevation is 11312 feet. It is a scenic region located along the Continental Divide, near the Sawatch Mountain Range.

It was originally started in 1966, and it is known as the longest-running, oldest tramway in the State of Colorado.

The passengers in this ride take over 12,000 feet in elevation. It also provides stunning panoramic views of mountains, valleys, and even Pikes Peak when clear weather is.

There are plenty of hiking and biking trails and even benches for guests to rest on while taking it all, surrounding the tramway.

2. Things To Do In Salida Co: Riverside Park

Riverside Park is situated in downtown Salida proper. It is an ideal destination for quality outdoor family time without too much of a commute.

You can find many winding paths through the park to push a stroller or pull a wagon on. And also a variety of exciting playground features for kids to exhaust themselves on.

There are various concerts at the bandshell, gift shops, events held in the pavillions, and even occasional weddings throughout the year.

If you are interested, there is a climbing wall, public restrooms, and picnic tables. The spot also offers a place to have a meal or snack in the middle of a fun day.

3. Things To Do In Salida Co: Monarch Mountain

It is a snowboard destination and a favorite ski for the locals. It is catering to skill levels of all varieties. It would be best if you had a monarch pass to ride this trip.

Monarch mountain can accommodate everything, from Cat Skiing to backcountry tree runs, from easy-rolling beginner terrain to technically challenging black diamonds.

You can even have on-mountain tubing with a diverse selection of tracks to enjoy if you don’t enjoy traversing the slopes.

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Photo by Andrew W. on Unsplash

From food to ski shops, hotels, and more, the Monarch Mountain village has everything you could want.

4. Things To Do In Salida Co: Vino Salida Wine Cellars

Steve Flynn was the head Winemaker and Founder of Vino Salida Wine Cellars, Salida, Colorado. Steve found it to showcase the abilities of Colorado-grown grapes.

You can sample a collection of wines, including whites, reds, and desserts. You can also collect both in single glasses as well as flights.

The Vino Salida Wine Cellar is surrounded by rolling mountainside hills, distant vistas, and knowing that they are drinking a locally sourced product.

Every year, it produces new wines and celebrates the harvest season. On this occasion, it welcomes the community to its special Autumn Equinox foot-stomp event.

5. Things To Do In Salida Co: The Bungled Jungle

Throughout Salida, you can find many unique arts. But nothing quite compares to the works of Pat Landreth and Suzanne Montano at The Bungled Jungle.

Here, you will find several artists who create wild, wacky, and colorful sculptures, each unique and made without molds. And each art has its unique feature.

They begin their process with metal, wood, or plastic, and from there, they build up compounding layers of rubber, plastic, metal, plaster, and even clay.

Every unique art takes between two weeks to over a month to finish. And each piece ends up with around 13 separate layers of materials used.

6. Things To Do In Salida Co: Independent Whitewater

Independent Whitewater is Salida’s premier local rafting company. It operates on the Arkansas River and offers many trips for all rafting skill levels and interests.

If you wish to have a relaxed beginner trip, you are advised to book a Scenic Float. It will take you through gorgeous valleys at a slow pace without any strenuous activity.

If you seek a more interactive experience, you should book the Browns Canyon route. It is ideal for beginners to intermediate rafters, which conquer class III rapids while traveling through spectacular scenery.

You can also find even higher skill level trips, but it is recommended that only experienced rafters consider them.

7. Things To Do In Salida Co: Captain Zipline

In Captain Zipline, you will experience the thrills of climbing cliff faces, horseback riding, whizzing through valleys. Here, teetering on sheer edges is being supported by state-of-the-art technology and safety equipment at Captain Zipline.

You will find a few ways to enjoy the day at this Salida attraction. The main way is to take on the Via Ferrata courses, Italian for “Iron Road.”

These courses allow you to experience exclusive routes, climbs, art galleries, and ziplines that are otherwise inaccessible.

A modern ropes course that is fun for the whole family is another attraction. It comprises many challenging and entertaining layers and paths and is the perfect opportunity for picturesque action shots.

Photo by Rahin Jain on Unsplash

8. Things To Do In Salida Co: Spiral Drive

The Spiral Drive is a popular and well-known place for locals in Salida. It is beloved by visitors for its unique driving experience and breathtaking vistas offered at the top.

You will find a road in this drive that leads out of town and leads passengers in a literal spiral. You will find it after climbing a small peak, eventually leading to a retired fire lookout station.

You can see in all directions from this station around Salida, with mountain peaks glistening every way.

You need to around Salida, with mountain peaks glistening every which way. It is a piece of art created by Curtis Killam, local artists, and business owners.

Therefore, if you plan a vacation to this place, these are the best things to do in Salida Co. I hope this article will help you get some knowledge about Salida, Colorado.

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