Top 9 Restaurants Bend Oregon

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Restaurants Bend Oregon
Restaurants Bend Oregon

Bend is known for some astounding craft beer that goes really well with outdoor adventures. Apart from all these, Bend, Oregon will also stand for some fantastic restaurants Bend, Oregon has for its visitors.

Restaurants in Bend, Oregon are known for decades now for some great taste and different cuisines. Bend, Oregon, will be the best place for people searching for good food and exploring new things.

Don’t worry about your cravings, as you will find a variety of cuisine after driving to Bend, Oregon. This article will help you get a brief knowledge about restaurants in Bend, Oregon.

Top 9 Restaurant In Bend, Oregon

1. Ariana

A place built by a couple as a team worked really hard to make Ariana stand in the west of Bend, Oregon. Chef Andres and his partner Ariana Fernandez dreamt of this place to explore the culinary ingredients and products available in the northwest of Bend.

You will get your food prepared with a mixture of local ingredients and some known well. Ariana will be one of the best places for couples intending for a perfect date night.

You can plan your dinner at this place for a comfortable environment. The menu would be eye-catching with an outstanding selection of foods and categorized really well.

A meal with some amazing curated wines would complement your food completion. You would get to see various curated wines (Oregon’s special) at this beautiful place to eat.

The wine list would be filled with Washington wines, signature cocktails, and curated wines. And don’t forget to try the signature wines for a memorable dining experience with a very nice service by Ariana staff.

Restaurants Bend Oregon
Ariana restaurant

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2. Chow

One of the best restaurants in Bend, Oregon, would do a great service for your breakfast meal. Even if you are a great foodie, not always you could wish to have rich food.

Sometimes, it’s about tasty food, and for that, Chow is one of the most comfortable places in Bend. Chow is more of a joint specially designed for breakfast and not with many attractive kinds of stuff.

But, it would be better in case of taste and comfort. Explore the high-quality ingredients that are locally based on your food to know the place in a better way.

Get yourself a chance to state the place creates some mouth-watering Benedict. A cup of buttermilk biscuits could be your best way to start the day.

Restaurants Bend Oregon
Chow restaurants

3. Drake

People looking for some tasty food with twists in them would definitely love Drake. Just drive to the corner (historical) of downtown to find such a traditional place for some good food.

You could sit in the beautiful interior with proper creativity done in all parts. And also, you can get yourself a seat at the tables place outside the place.

Drake’s restaurant is all about serving comfort food to the plates of its visitors. It will help if you do not skip trying their mac n cheese, spicy chicken sandwich and shrimp, and many more.

And don’t fill yourself as the desert would be one of the best out there. So, end your cravings with some sweet yet tasty desserts.

A place to visit for some comfort eating options. And Drake is one of the most popular restaurants in Bend, Oregon.

Restaurants Bend Oregon
Drake restaurants

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4. Barrio

One of the most talked-about restaurants in Bends, Oregon, to look for some flavorful staple. Barrio is known for preparing some mouth-watering Paella that has special attention at some places such as Spain.

Their recipe for Paella is just mind-blowing with an amazing quality of rice imported from Spain itself. Enjoy their lunch and dinner fine dining facilities but don’t skip exploring foods during their happy hours.

You should call it the active restaurant located in the heart of downtown Bend Oregon. You could also try other staples (Latin) and explore the menu features for an amazing experience.

A plate full of staples with some cocktails and cooked properly with olive oil will be engrossing. Try this place for a good food kind of experience.

Restaurants Bend Oregon
Barrio restaurants

5. Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

A great combination of northern (west) and southern cuisines with astounding flavors. Zydeco Kitchen will bring you to a great gluten-free menu as well that many people look for.

The sourced ingredients are of high quality and hormone-free to the organic end. Zydeco’s menu would be riveting to bring people to that place again, and so is their food served on the plate.

The best part about Zydeco kitchen & cocktails is the quality of food that is above the peak. Due to pesticide-free and natural ingredients used in the food, the flavor comes out really well.

It is a perfect place to dine in and enjoy a good amount of twisted flavors in the food to eat and enjoy. A few food items that you must not skip tasting are Jambalaya and barbecue shrimp.

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6. Fusion And Sushi Bar

Another beautiful place to dine in if you are looking for restaurants Bend Oregon. You will feel inviting with the modern-based creative interior that also shows the concept of fusion as the food.

Explore the menu that is loaded with different types of sushi. Hit this place if you are looking for some best restaurants in Bend, Oregon.

Also, you can avail yourself of the discounts on food by visiting during their happy hours on weekdays.
Another impressive thing about this place is the food you get to eat is filled with Chef Joe Kim’s culinary skills.

He is one of the best award-winning chefs in Central Oregon, with creativity and skills in his hands.

Restaurants Bend Oregon
Fusion And Sushi Bar


7. Fix & Repeat

A way to try healthy foods to get rid of unhealthy meals. Fix & Repeat comes with a motive to provide healthy meals to people.

If you are willing to add good food for your body that will not affect your health, then this place is one of the most trusted restaurants in Bend, Oregon.

Fix & repeat serve their customers some good plant-based foods that would be more lively or active for a fitness freak. Sometimes, it’s very difficult for folks to find a restraint that would be healthy and tasty at the same place.

And Fix & Repeat is going to fit your preference if you are searching for some good restaurants in Bend, Oregon, that serve the best macro bowls and smoothies.

Check their menu that would be filled with a variety of healthy drinks, smoothies, bowls, juices, and many more. You should note that you are helping many locally sourced organizations and others while contributing to this place.

Fix & Repeat intends to help the community by not using products that are not disposable. Overall, this place is one of the most independent restaurants in Bend, Oregon, that you should never skip visiting.

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8. 900 Wall

Another treasure in the heart of Downtown is a great place to eat and enjoy. The food served will be based on Modern American that comes out from Italian and French cuisine.

This place would be astounding for having fresh food that is made from natural ingredients. The main motive behind establishing the 900 walls is to emphasize the importance of ingredients in preparing high-quality foods.

Restaurants Bend, Oregon gives you are both for the reasonable and expensive side. 900 walls will have ranges for the affordable side that will suit everyone’s preference.

You will get to see the menu decorated pretty well with gluten-free and vegetarian options. This makes 900 walls more favorable among all the affordable restaurant’s Bend, Oregon has to present.

People following a vegan diet would also get good service and food by placing a table at 900 walls. Reserve 900 wall for an outdoor setting and to take the facility of a full bar that many people ponder for a perfect dinner night.

A great combination of food and drinks without paying a lot of money, 900 walls will never disappoint its customers.

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9. Worthy Taps And Tacos

A place to explore some of the best variety of tacos with delicious taste and eye-catching colors. Don’t forget to try their special taco made from the ingredients (high quality) from the popular Central Oregon Producers.

Pair a taco by this place with the luscious handcrafted beers that chef Kyle Nicholson specially designs. Kyle Nicholson is a well-known chef that works for local farmers to get a variety of organic ingredients.

Restaurants Bend Oregon

Drive Bend Oregon to explore restaurants Bend Oregon has to satisfy your craving for different cuisines. Restaurants Bend Oregon will give you the essence of natural and organic flavors from good quality ingredients.

Go ahead! And drive into Bend, Oregon, for some mouth-watering foods.

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