Top Changes to Look Out for in MLB 2023 Season

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MLB games.
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The MLB has announced its 2023 season recently among much fanfare. The Opening Day is scheduled to be held on March 30, with ample matches to keep you busy. So, you may find MLB games today, tomorrow, and many more days. 

However, that is not the only interesting part about the MLB 2023 season. There are several more things to be excited about. For example, we have a more balanced schedule for the next year, which hasn’t happened in a long time. 

So, here are the top things to look out for in MLB 2023 games.

All Teams Will Play Each Other

This is the first time all 30 teams will face each other in 2023. Each of them will participate in a total of 52 matches in the division games. As a result, teams will now play 24 fewer matches than the 76 matches they used to play in previous years. 

There will be 4 series, in which a team will take on each divisional rival 13-times. Earlier, teams used to play 19 matches across 6 series. The number of intra-league series has also come down to 64 from 66. 

However, MLB has declared an increase in interleague games for 2023. Up from 20 matches in 2022, each team will participate in 46 games, recording a 230% hike. Moreover, every team will have 26 away and 26 home matches in 2023. 

As a result, fans will have ample scope to cheer for their favorite teams and athletes.

All Teams Will Enjoy a Parity in MLB 2023 Season

The forthcoming season will be the first time teams will enjoy a balanced schedule since 2000. The number of games has decreased to a large extent, contributing to parity. So, the number of high-profile games played by Cubs-Cardinals and Yankees-Red Sox will also come down. 

However, that is not where the benefits of the balanced schedule stop. The change will ensure teams can compete more against common rivals. Therefore, all teams will have a fair chance of aiming for the wild card, which was not possible before.

Now, you may expect the Cubs or Reds to be at par with the Brewers or Cardinals. The parity is good for MLB and is expected to make the 2023 season more competitive. The underdogs may turn out to be the stars, while earlier predictions may also encounter changes. 

Fans Can Enjoy a Better Touring Experience

Many fans pack their bags and leave for road trips once the MLB season starts. They like to catch their favorite teams at different ballparks across the country. However, there was no guarantee you would be able to watch all your star players even if you crossed every venue. 


Things have changed for 2023, and fans have a fair chance of watching their favorite team compete with different rivals. The new schedule means each team on the list will play at every ballpark at least once every two years. 

As a result, players like Albert Pujols won’t take 8 years just to show their skills at the Busch Stadium as a first-timer. You will be able to plan different trips covering specific regions and take on new routes the next year if you want. 

People who don’t want to venture elsewhere will also have more teams to watch at their ballparks. Another advantage is for the new players to gain exposure by touring different locations each year. 

Teams, however, will not have to travel more as they can host 3 teams at the highest from a different division. 

Exciting Matches for 186 Days 

The new schedule will make way for much more exciting matches between teams that rarely met before. You can expect to watch every opponent play take on each other, bringing the beginning of new rivalries. 

Additionally, many more old rivalries are also expected to restart in 2023. For example, the Giants will return to Yankee Stadium for the first time since 2016 to compete against the Yankees. Moreover, you will be able to watch them play on the Opening Day in March itself. 

Best of all, we may look forward to more World Series rematches, which happened once every 3 years before. So, you will get to watch more games like the Braves vs. Astros that took place in 2022. Or, you may be able to enjoy World Series matches held years back, such as:

  • 1968 Tigers-Cardinals series 
  • 1986 Mets-Red Sox series 
  • 2020 Dodgers-Rays series

Now, you can look forward to these fixes a minimum of one time each year. Also, the usual opponents will compete against each other during the final week of the season. So, you can expect a rocking end to 2023. 

Every Team Plays on the Opening Day

The MLB had put in an effort to make all teams play on Opening Day for the past few seasons. However, that was not possible due to weather restrictions in 2018. The next year too, all teams didn’t start at the same time. Oakland and Seattle were early to start with a series in Tokyo. 


The pandemic hit the world in 2020, and only one game was held on Opening Day. Moreover, the start of the season was also delayed. Sadly, a similar picture turned out in 2021 with lockdowns and the effects of coronavirus. 

In 2023, all teams will have a match on Opening Day. So, you will be able to cheer for your favorite team and not feel left alone. 

Additionally, every team will play on July 4 to help fans celebrate Independence Day in style. It will be an excellent way to enjoy the national holiday with your family and friends watching the game. 

Final Thoughts

The MLB 2023 season is going to be a lot of fun and filled with excitement. We can see all teams compete against one another, creating or resuming old and new rivalries. Moreover, fans can embark on new road trips every year to cover all ballparks that host matches. Best of all, teams will have more common opponents for better parity.

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