Top Ways to Use Tech Advancements to Access Premium Adult Content

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Yellow police tape for the crime scene with the inscription to stop adult content.
Yellow police tape for the crime scene with the inscription to stop adult content. Source: Depositphotos

Adult content is one of the web’s most viewed forms of media. The human brain is almost hardwired to be interested in pornography, so the fact that it’s so popular shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

The internet has made viewing adult content a lot easier. Before, people could only watch it on pay-per-view television and see it in magazines.

If you are a fan of porn and want to know how technology has made it more accessible than it was, then this post’s got you covered. Here is how you can use tech to access adult content.

Customized Content

Technology has given independent content creators the opportunity to create, market, and sell customized content to fans. Many years ago, pornographic models would have to work for large studios and would be paid very poorly. Now amateurs and professionals alike can create their own pages on sites like OnlyFans. In the words of folks from FanPleaser.com, there are loads of amateur models making money there today.  For consumers of porn, the abundance of models on this site makes it possible for them to get their own custom videos. The OnlyFans platform allows fans to reach out to their favorite content creators via DM and make requests. While fans do have to pay extra for customized content, it’s still available. Big studios could not offer it because it would cost too much for them to produce.

Extensive Libraries

The internet has vast libraries of porn. One does not need to pay to access them, either. All you have to do is to find a porn site, and you can start browsing. Many videos produced by the internet’s premium porn producers end up in these libraries eventually. While you cannot legally access this type of content when it’s new without paying, after a few years, you can watch it for free, legally, on a porn site. The huge libraries of porn available online also make it possible for people to explore their sexualities more effectively and try out new styles of porn.

Free Media

As mentioned in the previous section, even porn produced by premium studios ends up being free eventually. If you are a fan of porn but don’t want to pay for it, then thanks to the internet you don’t have to. It is true that premium porn (like the type created on OnlyFans) is superior to standard, run-of-the-mill free porn, but if you are on a budget and can’t afford to pay for exclusive or custom content, the ability to access it for free means that you are still able to watch adult content.


VR Pornography

VR (Virtual Reality) pornography is quickly becoming one of the internet’s most popular types. This form of pornography requires a headset to watch. It is very immersive and allows viewers to actually feel like they are in the movie with the actors and actresses. Many people use sex toys to complement the VR experience. A lot of users of this kind of porn say that it is as close to the real thing as porn can get. Some even use sex dolls when they are watching this type, so it feels as though they’re actually having sex with the model in the film.

Sex Chat Sites

Sex chat sites have given people the opportunity to go live on webcam one-on-one with their favorite models. One usually does have to pay to use sex chat sites. However, it is worth noting that there are also free cam chat sites, like Chatroulette and Omegle, which you can use to sex chat with people. The latter is more accepting of this kind of thing, while the former has taken steps to stop people from having such conversations on their platforms. Whatever chat site you use, make sure that you follow the rules.

Video Sharing

Finally, it is now possible to share photos and videos of oneself with people online. This has made sex chat a lot more entertaining. You can use hook-up sites (which are a form of dating site) to meet people interested in sex chatting with you. Some people on hook-up sites will also be interested in meeting you in person for sex, too. If you plan on using such sites to meet people, then take precautions and meet people in public places first, so you can verify their identity before you take them home and have sex with them.

Adult content has never been more accessible. Thanks to the internet, it’s everywhere. If you enjoy this kind of content, then it is worth checking out premium sites like OnlyFans, because the type of content produced there is unlike anything you will find anywhere else on the web.

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