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Twitter Stops Text 2FA: What to Do Now?

Twitter is still one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 354 million active users and 260 million logging on daily. As revealed by ExpressVPN, all tweets posted in a day would cover a book with 10 million pages.

Unfortunately, Twitter stopped one of the most critical security features on March 20. You need to subscribe to a Twitter Blue account to use SMS 2FA from now onwards. 

However, are there ways to use 2FA for free on Twitter? 

Let’s explore!

What is 2FA?

2FA, or two-factor authentication, is a security feature that protects your account. You must have used 2FA when you enter an OTP to log in to a web service. 

The feature protects your account against unauthorized login attempts. It uses two steps to authenticate your identity:

  • Log in via the web or app with your ID and password
  • Enter a passcode or OTP sent to your mobile

You must complete these two steps correctly to access your account. 

Till now, Twitter users could activate 2FA via SMS for free. They got a passcode on the mobile to enter on Twitter to complete the login.

However, Twitter stopped entertaining SMS 2FA authentications a few days back. The feature is not available on the app or website.

You must subscribe to Twitter Blue to use SMS 2FA. It costs $8 per month or $84 per year. It gives you added perks like the ability to edit published tweets, post 1080p videos, and more. 

Unfortunately, Twitter Blue is available only in select markets for now. So, not everyone can get a subscription, even if they are willing to pay.

Can You Use 2FA on Twitter for Free?

Twitter has stopped 2FA via text. However, it has not withdrawn the feature completely. 

You can still use 2FA but in different ways. Below is a look at how to activate 2FA on Twitter without a Twitter Blue account:

  • Access the Twitter app or website. 
  • Navigate to ‘Setting and privacy’ and select ‘Security and account access.’
  • Choose ‘Two-factor authentication.’

You will now get three options to activate 2FA. The text method will be unavailable to non-Twitter Blue users.

They will see two options:

  • Authentication app
  • Security key

Authentication App

2FA authentication apps will help you use 2FA on Twitter. You can download any app from your app stores, like Google Authenticator or AndOTP.

You will get a code in your app once you log in on your Twitter app or website. Open your authentication app and copy the code on Twitter.

Twitter will provide you with a QR code to scan using your authentication app. It will link the app with Twitter for future sign-ins.

Security Key

Twitter will send a security key to your browser to complete 2FA. The security key will sync to your mobile device if you are using the Twitter app. 

You don’t need to perform any manual steps. 

However, not all mobiles or browsers are compatible with this method. 

Copy the Backup Code

Twitter will provide you with a code to use when you lose access to your authentication app. You must copy the code in a notepad or write it somewhere safe. 

This code will help you log into Twitter when you cannot complete the second step of 2FA. It is only for emergencies and can be used a single time. 

The code will work even if you cannot log in using text OTP or a security key.

Authentication Apps Work Best

Authentication apps are the most convenient to use for Twitter 2FA. You can use apps from Google or Microsoft to get codes for all your accounts. 

For example, you can set up and receive Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack codes. 

Most importantly, you don’t need any additional devices or apps. One app can help you log into different accounts on countless platforms.

Moreover, authentication apps are secure, and you can trust companies like Google and Microsoft. They provide the OS for your computer and mobile. 

Final Thoughts

2FA is available on Twitter for free via authentication apps and security keys. You don’t need to buy a Twitter Blue plan but only change the 2FA method. Use our tips to select an authentication method of your choice and keep your account safe.

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