Unbelievable History of Miami Springs

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Miami Springs
With its closeness to the Miami International Airport and between Miami and Hialeah, this awesome suburb area is on the expensive list of real estate charts. This small city has outstanding schools, its own Country Club, and a family-friendly atmosphere.
What makes it more attractive is its tree-lined pathways, not so big but exceptional building fabrications, and one of the lowest crime-rated cities in the country. The city has fine bike paths and sidewalks.
Miami Springs is a small town inside the colossal metro Miami in Florida with retro houses, forests, parks with gazebos, and Starbucks. The city is a great place to eat and loaded with pop-up restaurants with unmatchable food items.

History of Miami Springs

Miami Springs, a city with fewer than 15000 people, is huddled between the Miami International Airport and Hialeah. It is like a wadi between the rushing highways of N.W. 36th Street and Okeechobee Road.

Until Glen Hammond Curtiss, the founder of the American Aircraft, discovered the County Club Estates. It was just like a hidden gem.

The city is a portion of Miami Dade County. It was founded in 1926 by Glenn Curtiss, who had established the Miami Hialeah Golf Club in the area in 1923.

Who is Glen Hammond Curtiss? 

He is the Father of American Naval Aviation. At the time of World War I, his company built aircraft for the U.S. Army and Navy. His civil and military aircraft were all-powerful in the interwar and World War II stages also.

Later he became successful in the real estate field too. Once Glenn Curtiss found the place, he invested there to develop the place into a residential community. Glen Hammond Curtiss, the father of American Aviation, extended his interest to real estate during the “land boom” of the 1920s.

Curtiss and his partner James Bright expanded the three towns of Miami Dade County- Country Club Estates, Hialeah, and Opa-Locka into residential communities. And Miami Springs was part of the first planned cities in the state.

The University of Miami honored him with an honorary Doctor of Science degree to his commitments to the advancement of Miami Springs.

Pueblo Revival

Curtiss and James Bright followed the New Mexico adobe Pueblo Architecture Style to develop three Miami Dade cities.  

New Name

Country Club Estate later became Miami Springs because of the spring there. During their construction works, it was Curtiss’ engineers who found the natural water in Miami. This spring provided parts of Miami with fresh water until the mid-1990s.

In 1930, the name Country Club Estate had changed to the Town of Miami Springs, and later in 1962, it became the City of Miami Springs.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports for international passengers in the USA.

By EQRoy/ Shutterstock, copyright 2021.
The propinquity of Miami International Airport made this Florida city the most preferred one for the airline personnel. The airline industry played a huge role in the advancement of the city.


The city is embodied with schools from elementary through high school. There are Charter Educational Institutions to Public Schools to Private Schools.

ISAAC Academy Charter School and Academy of International Education K-12 Charter School are the Charter Schools.

Most of the Private Schools in Miami Springs are imparted by local religious institutions. All Angels Academy, Blessed Trinity Catholic School, Grace Lutheran Learning Center are some of the major Private Schools in the city.

Blessed Trinity is a parochial school that offers traditional catholic education from Pre-K to Grade 8. All Angels Academy follows the Episcopal Church tradition.


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Miami Springs’ Sports Culture

The availability of youth activities makes the place more convenient for families. From baseball to football to soccer, a plethora of things youth can do in Miami Springs. The city conducts many league competitions for little champs. 

Their strong sports base includes martial arts, basketball, tennis, and athletics. The city’s interest in local to national levels sports attracts the families to stay in the area.


Miami Springs is a community that appreciates nature. It has myriad wildlife embracing alligators, birds, raccoons, opossums, foxes, parrots, owls, ibis, ducks, and many.

The city is blessed with varieties of birds. People are used to slowing down while driving because of ducks. Ducks crossing the public roads is common here. 

Public Parks

This city has plenty of child and family-friendly parks. The three public parks in the city are Prince Field, Stafford Park, and Peavy Dove Field. 

These parks are furnished with Soccer Fields, Baseball Fields, Softball Fields, Tot-Lots, Speedball Fields, Tee-Ball Fields, or Football Fields.

The city conducts lots of recreational activities and special events. Most of these events are child or family-friendly. The city has an  Aquatic Center also.

Historical Places

Miami Springs is a beautiful small city that preserves history. You can find many historical places there. 

1. Freedom Tower

By oneinchpunch/ shutterstock, copyright 2021.

It was constructed in 1925 as a headquarter for The Miami News. You can enjoy the  Mediterranean Revival-style structure and the designing ideas of Giralda Cathedral Bell Tower in Seville, Spain. It is one of South Florida’s National Historic Landmarks. The tower was designed by George A. Fuller, Schultze, and Weaver.

This tower is an emotion for the Cuban Americans because from 1962 to 1974 U.S. government operated this tower as a reception center for the Cuban refugees during the Cold War.

It is an art museum now and is opened for visitors also. It currently operates the art instructions related to the Miami Dade College.

2. Lua Curtiss House No. 1

This is one of the four original homes in Miami Springs. Glenn Hammond Curtiss built this home at the request of his mother. This house was modeled in Pueblo Revival style.

The house is crosswise to Miami Springs Golf Course. It was placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 and classified as a Miami Springs Historic Site in 2003.

3. Miami Springs Golf and Country Club

By Roberto Michel/ Shutterstock, copyright 2021.

Miami Springs has a special endearment to the Golf Club. The Golf Course surrounds the city.

Miami Springs Golf Club is the oldest municipal golf club in South Florida. Miami Springs consider this 1923 built Golf Course as a testimonial to their legendary golf players.

Miami Springs Golf Club hosts several local tournaments and serves the community with its charming 18 hole golf course. Many legends showcased their talents in this oldest Golf Course.

4.The Miami Springs Historical Museum

You can appreciate the city’s admiration of history in the Historical Museum. The Historical Museum’s mission is to promote the historical sites in the City of Miami Springs and make the community aware of the history of Glenn Curtiss, the Curtiss-Bright Missions in the Miami Dade County, and the development of merchandise aviation in Miami.

5. Curtiss Mansion

Legendary Glenn Hammond Curtiss fabricated the Curtiss mansion in 1925. Curtiss lived at this two-story mansion with his wife, Lena Curtiss, until he died in 1930. 

This mansion is assigned as a local historic site under the City of Miami Springs History Preservation Ordinance. They safeguard this place as an endowment and tribute to Glen Curtiss.

This historic place is open to the public, and you are permitted to conduct various events like corporate meetings, weddings, engagements, or other ceremonial events. The mansion provides sundry spaces for conducting personalized indoor or outdoor celebrations elegantly.

They have an experienced and creative professional team to help you if you like to host any events in the mansion.

6. Fair Haven Nursing Home 

Fair Haven Nursing Home, a home for the elderly, is one of the oldest buildings in Miami Springs. It was the largest Pueblo Revival-style building constructed as part of the Miami Springs development.

Glen Curtiss built the building as the Hotel Country Club in 1927. After having sold from Curtiss, its name was Miami Battle Creek Sanitarium. It served as a hospital for convalescing defense personnel during World War II for the Air Transport Command.

7. G. Carl Adams House

This historic home is one of the oldest buildings in Miami Springs. This building was the second largest in the area at the time of its construction. The first residents of this house were the former Mayor of Country Club Estates, George Carl Adams, and his wife, Dorothy. This is a beautiful retro Publeo Revival-style building.

8. Old Tom’s Sports Bar

Old Tom’s Sports Bar is a place for family and friends to enjoy, sup, taste the unmatchable delicious food, and catch a sport.

As Tom’s NFL in 1984, Old Tom’s Sports Bar has been a long-established hub for all kinds of sports in Miami. From catching the game to a quick bite or run-after schedule relief,  all sports lovers love to come through the doors of Old Tom’s Sports Bar.

Since it is a small area, people love and care for each other; that’s why it is called a family-friendly community. This friendly atmosphere makes the city more demanding.

It is a faith-based community. You can find several local churches here. The lakes, rivers, forests, and green golf course adds their aesthetics to this natural beauty.

They strongly want to maintain the greenery, making sure that it does not harm nature before doing any advanced developments. It is a green triangle in the middle of a large concrete jungle.


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