Unlock the Secrets of Peruvian Gastronomy in New York Unlock the Secrets of Peruvian Gastronomy in New York

Unlock the Secrets of Peruvian Gastronomy in New York!

Get set to be part of the Peruvian Ceviche – NY gastronomy adventure, being organized on multiple dates from 6.30 pm at the Hyatt Place New York/Midtown South.

Challenge your inner chef and start your culinary exploration into this amazing journey of crafting Peruvian cuisine. We invite you to explore the secrets of the iconic Causa Acebichada, a dish that has enamored taste buds for generations.

Elevate Your Culinary Skills: Innovation Meets Tradition

Dive into the art of crafting Causa Acebichada – an iconic Peruvian delicacy, which is nothing complex but a potato cake stuffed with the bold flavors of aji Amarillo, a hint of oil and lime.

Witness a seamless mixture of innovation that comes with tradition, and prepare yourself to unlock the essence of Peruvian gastronomy.

Your actions will be monitored by seasoned chefs, exploring all the steps of this tasty creation of Causa Acebichada.

Learn about all the layers of causa, with the lively tang of ceviche, adding each bite with a burst of delicious Peruvian flavors. 

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Are you curious to know more? Let’s connect for any inquiries or reservations. Don’t think much; prepare for this unforgettable culinary mastery and Peruvian indulgence evening.

Savoring Peruvian Excellence: Taste the Fruits of Your Labor

Get ready to rate your dish, as here you can taste the fruit of your labor and decide whether it’s a hit or not. Some drinks are available for purchase from the venue to accompany your dishes.

Get a chance to reveal the unique combination of taste with textures that defines this true Peruvian delight. 

Date Night Delight

Don’t worry about selecting a perfect date, as numerous dates are available. Your journey of taste will start from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

An evening with all wonderful flavors is waiting for you. Choose dates according to your preference and book your tickets now. 

Your Location

Imagine yourself in the amazing and vibrant ambiance of the Hyatt place, where the magic of creating this Peruvian delicacy will take place.

This amazing experience is crafted for people aged 21 and above. Don’t forget to bring your valid ID to soak in the moment of this culinary extravaganza. 


Get your tickets now for the Peruvian Culinary workshop in New York City from the official Fever website, where the General Admission ticket for 1 guest is priced at $69.00.

A Quick Recap

  • What – Culinary journey of crafting Peruvian Causa Acebichada.
  • When – Different dates are available, choose according to your preference and convenience,
  • Where – Hyatt Place New York/ Midtown-South, located at NYC’s 52 West 36th Street.
  • Timings – The workshop starts at 6.30 pm and continues until 8.30 pm.
  • Tickets –  Buy from Fever now.


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