US v GB: who will win the betting war?

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The rule changes regarding online betting in the United States have been well documented over the last few years following the nation’s removal of the blanket ban on betting. It is no longer necessary to visit Las Vegas to enjoy a sportsbook gamble, and there’s no need to trip to your nearest horse racetrack or tribe-owned casino to have a flutter. Now, in many states across the US, you can gamble from the comfort of your home on the NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB, NHL or any major sports competition.

Not every state has legalised online sports gambling, but the number of regions allowing their inhabitants and visitors to enjoy a bet is growing. A recent study suggests that with New York and the California sports betting push gathering momentum, America could be a country where more states allow betting than prohibit it. 

Not everyone supports the gambling movement, but there can be no denying it’s an exciting time for those in favour of wagering on sports. How do rules regarding betting in the United States compare to the rest of the world? For example, what’s the difference between betting on US soil and gambling across the border in Canada or when jetting over the Atlantic ocean to Great Britain? Knowing the answer to these questions could shed some light on where the industry is heading in the US and what we can expect to see in the months and years ahead.

Source: Google Images Creative Commons Licences

Great Britain leads the way.

England was the birthplace of sports betting as we understand it today – licensed, regulated and legal. As online gambling becomes more popular in the United States, many big-name casinos look towards the UK for guidance. Some firms like Caesars even bought over major UK brands, using their ideas, business model and technology to ensure they hit the ground running. Age-old British brand William Hill is just one of the established betting names from the UK that now has US owners. 

Other UK based bookies resisted the urge to sell up, instead of crossing the ocean and targeting American bettors directly, eager to cut themselves a slice of what must look to be a delicious pie. US betting is still a blank canvas, an untouched diamond mine, and fortune favours those who act fast. Today you’ll see some recognisable names from Las Vegas either merge with or battle it out against the top bookies from the UK. Will US bookies gain the upper hand, or will invaders from England use their experience to win the war? It’s a compelling story, and the business world watches on as the industry takes shape. 

Canada is another nation where sports betting is a hot topic, and Canadian sports fans find themselves just slightly better off than bettors in the US. Sportsbook gambling in Canada is legal for many years due to the ancient British interest in the area, but the market there is more complicated than it is in the UK. Canadian bettors are subject to a number of restrictions on the sports they can wager on, the bookmakers they can use, and the type of bets they can place. It’s less competitive than betting in the UK and even more restrictive than betting in the US.

Make the most of this opportunity.

Regardless of which sportsbooks go on to become the most popular in the United States, one thing is for certain – it’s a special time to be a lover of sports with interest in gambling on sports. Not only do you now enjoy the freedom to wager on your favourite teams, players and competitions, you now have a world of choice. The competitive nature of the US betting industry means bookies must work for your attention. They must do something special in a bid to entice you to choose them over the competition. It’s a buyer’s market and one you can do work for you today.

When choosing a sportsbook, you should feel like a valued customer from your first visit. The least you should expect is a welcome bonus – possibly in the form of a free bet – generous odds on your favourite sports, a modern smartphone app and a wide range of markets to gamble on. Remember, you are in charge. The bookies want your business.


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