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How Can CBD Pre-Rolls Enhance Anxiety Reduction?

If the recent CBD hype is anything to go by, the product is suitable for treating just about anything. Some people claim it helps with depression, others with pain, and many other health issues. Its treatment of anxiety has been among the commonly cited ones by various users. 

CBD may not be the first thing most people with anxiety try, but that is quickly changing. Taking medication and other alternatives is more common than using weed and its by-products. Can CBD pre-rolls get used alternatively with all these other techniques?

Biological Causes of Anxiety

While most people know how to manage anxiety, they do not know how it comes to be. Most of them just browse CBD pre-rolls for anxiety https://askgrowers.com/CBD/CBD-pre-rolls-for-anxiety. Before delving into how people use cannabidiol pre-rolls, knowing how the condition manifests in the body is helpful. 

Anxiety can be linked to the brain’s neurotransmitters. To be more precise, four main neurotransmitters have associations with anxiety responders in the brain. These four are Dopamine, Serotonin, Gama-aminobutyric acid, and Norepinephrine. 

People suffering from dopamine, serotonin, or GAMA imbalances are more likely to experience anxiety. The neurotransmitter that leads to the exhibition of the most anxiety-related symptoms is norepinephrine. Norepinephrine produces adrenaline in the body, which manifests in symptoms such as sweating, increased heart rates, and feelings of panic. 

People that use non-THC pre-rolls hope to manage this range of symptoms. Considering the benefits of using cbd pre rolls for anxiety, the goal is to regulate neurotransmitter uptake and release in the brain. Though some people use both THC and CBD, alternatively, it is safer to use the latter because THC is intoxicating and can worsen anxiety symptoms. 

Is it Safe to Double Up- Use CBD Alongside Anxiety Medications?

As mentioned earlier, people hope to treat their anxiety symptoms differently. While some predominantly use cannabidiol products, some dabble in more than one. A Harvard Medical School article argues that doubling up is unhealthy and unsafe. Their main point of argument is that due to the side effects of the compound, the anxiety symptoms can get worse. 

Regardless of their awareness that doubling up on CBD and medication is unsafe, some people still dabble in cannabidiol and other medicinal options. What exactly is wrong with doubling up? Ideally, the use of cannabidiol alongside anxiety medication should lead to a reduction of the symptoms. The opposite is actually true. Considering that both compounds have their side effects, using them together is more likely to increase the manifestation of the side effects. 

When CBD gets used in high doses, it can result in headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, and the like. In the mentioned article, there is an analysis of various information, including how cannabidiol pre-rolls interact with different medications. When used with opioids and anti-depressants, the comprehensive effects could include increased fatigue and sleepiness. This also applies to the use of opioids and CBD. 

The sense of sedation can increase when the pre-rolls get paired with other supplements such as melatonin and kava. This sedation could get as bad as causing accidental falls. You can visit the website hyperlinked above for more information on what doubling up can result in. 

Safer Alternatives You Can Pair with CBD Pre-Rolls for Anxiety Reduction

The information above shows there is no safe way to use CBD pre-rolls alongside medication for anxiety. This aspect does not mean you cannot use them with other anxiety reduction strategies. There are certain strategies that offer alternative processes that help with stress and other issues. As expected, none contain advice on pairing the pre-rolls with other medication. All of the strategies below have a basis in activities. The following are common methods to reduce your anxiety while smoking CBD joints. 

Physical Activity

There has been ample research pointing to the benefits of exercising for mental health conditions. People suffering from anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and other conditions can greatly improve their symptoms with a little exercise. Doctors advise people to engage in physical activity to reduce negative symptoms and improve their mental health. 

Besides aiding in reducing anxiety symptoms, CBD can also increase people’s ability to engage in physical activity. Smoking a joint before running or hitting the gym makes them more likely to run or work out longer. Applying the benefits of both CBD and physical activity ensures people with anxiety can work off their negative symptoms. 

Try Being Artistic and Creative

One of the activities that can result in feeling better when going through a panic is taking up an artistic outlet. This artistic outlet could be anything from singing to dancing or even painting. How this can prove effective is that it distracts your mind from the fact that you are feeling anxious or stressed. What it has you focusing on is whatever is in front of you. 

Pairing this relaxation technique with a CBD pre-roll will make you more likely to feel calm faster. It may take some time for the CBD to relax and calm you, but as you get more engrossed in your artistic outlet, you will not realize when it starts working. The goal of using these two techniques together is to ensure that you are busy and not concentrating on being overly anxious. 


Meditation has been one of the major techniques people have been using to calm down and feel more at peace with themselves. The way meditation works is that it distracts a person from their thoughts. Though it may be hard to start meditating when you are feeling anxious or stressed, it is better to try because the chance of feeling better increases when you start. 

In conjunction with CBD joints, meditation can help calm you when anxious or stressed. Cannabidiol produces calmness due to its reaction with the brain’s neurotransmitters. This results in the sense of calm that does away with the feelings of anxiety. Meditation can help make the process of calming down faster. 


We have all heard of massages with CBD oil and their effectiveness. People with Generalized anxiety Disorder benefit from massages because it helps them relax. When done regularly, these massages can help people with anxiety overcome stress and deal with it healthily. 

Smoking a CBD pre-roll and getting massaged reduces the chances of one being overly anxious all of the time. Some users say their negative symptoms reduce significantly after a few sessions of CBD oil with CBD joint pairings. 

Music Therapy

Several people swear on music, helping them through difficult situations. These people do not know that music therapy is a way to help people deal with stress and anxiety. Certain kinds of music help people calm down, especially if they are their favorite genre. Psychotherapists have used these music techniques to help people suffering from anxiety conditions like ADHD, OCD, PTSD, and more. 

Pairing music with CBD pre-rolls increases the chances of relaxing and feeling increasingly calm—the two work by accumulating the effects to create a sense of calm all around. Sitting in a calming environment, listening to relaxing music, and enjoying a joint will more likely induce anxiety reduction faster. 


Anxiety often manifests in negative symptoms, from profuse sweating to panic attacks. To treat these symptoms, people engage in various techniques and sometimes medication. Pairing medication and CBD can result in more side effects than using the two individually. This feature does not mean you cannot pair cannabidiol joints with other anxiety-reducing techniques. With activity-driven techniques such as meditation, exercising, and the like, CBD joints can reduce anxiety symptoms significantly.

This article is the work of Lana Braslavka, a well-informed specialist who has dealt with cannabis and AskGrowers for years. Her life passion has been facilitating the engagement of cannabis products to make them more acceptable to everyone. With this article, she intended to offer helpful and safe information to people who need CBD and its other products in dealing with mental health problems such as anxiety. 

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