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What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are small metal coins, usually with the insignia or emblem of an organization, that are carried by members of the organization to prove their membership and boost morale.

It is also customary for service members and law enforcement officers to collect challenge coins. Historically, the first challenge coins have a sacred tradition as a key means of identifying downed pilots to recognize unit members for exceptional achievements.

Modern challenge coins may have more pop culture attributes or organizational values. Modern challenge coins can be designed in a variety of sizes and are often designed and produced using popular elements, including popular events and other well-known figures.

Fire departments, police, government, non-profit organizations, and private businesses now produce their own coins for a variety of uses.

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1. Main Types of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are used in a variety of scenarios, such as military, fire departments, general civilian companies, schools, various organizations, and more. The following are a few common ways to use challenge coins.

1.1 Challenge Coins for the Navy

Challenge coins are popular in the Navy as a gift between admirals, commanders, and other leaders. When a sailor impresses leadership by excelling in some positive way, Navy Challenge Coins may be issued to that sailor.

Many Navy challenge coins will have the official seal of a ship or fleet, the motto. Pride and loyalty are some of the qualities minted into Navy Challenge Coins.

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1.2 Challenge Coins for Army

Army Challenge Coins are designed for specific reward achievements and commemorative events. In the Army, commanders have personal challenge coins that they distribute to soldiers for a job well done.

Sometimes, a handshake and a challenge coin can change the direction of a young soldier’s career. Many commanders put their official logo and motto on one side of the challenge coin and use the Army seal on the other.

Many commanders put their official logo and motto on one side of the challenge coin and the Army seal design on the other. Individual units, groups of friends, or soldiers for specific events can design their own unofficial level coins.

1.3 Others

Organizations outside of the Army may also own and use challenge coins. For example, if you are part of a fire department or police department, you will likely receive firefighter challenge coins, and police challenge coins.

Civilian companies can own and use challenge coins. In these cases, the purpose of challenge coins is to build a brand. They are distributed at events, conferences, etc.

Challenge coins this time function similarly to business cards, but will be more impressive and memorable. Even sports teams and schools have their challenge coins with their logos or mascots on them.

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2. How To Customize Your Own Challenge Coin?

 If you want to get started on creating your challenge coins for your organization or just for yourself, the customization process is quite easy and can be done quickly by following just a few steps to produce your design.

In order to make your first design perfect, here are a few things you need to consider before you start making your first challenge coin. 

  1. Color: Customizing your coin requires choosing the right color.You want to make sure it is striking enough to give a lasting, unique impression. 
  2. Edges for custom challenge coins: The shape of the coin’s edges is also important. It is well known that different edges can create the perfect effect. Some people will want to choose smooth edges, while others prefer the look of a raised design on the outside, which helps make your custom challenge coins more unique. 
  3. Single-sided or double-sided: Finally, it is essential to decide whether you want a single-sided or double-sided challenge coin. A double-sided challenge coin may generate more interest because the patterns on both sides are definitely different.
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