What Does The Immune System Do? Get a Detailed Idea

Your immune system1 is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your body. From birth, it works incredibly hard to protect you against illnesses and keep your health in good check.

But, while we are reminded of this often, many of us don’t know how this process actually works. Read on to discover everything you need about the immune system and how it works!

1. What Is The Immune System?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what the immune system actually is.

Your immune system is a complex body composed of proteins, cells, and organs. It uses two mechanisms (the innate immune system2 and the adaptive immune system3) to fight off harmful substances.

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2. What Is The Innate Immune System?

The innate immune system is what you are born with. Whenever an outside invader makes contact with your body, the innate immune system gets to work on fighting it off. It does this by surrounding it and using cells to engulf it.

3. What Is Your Adaptive Immune System?

The adaptive immune system is perhaps one of the most clever parts of your body. As the name suggests, it adapts and learns whenever it comes into contact with outside invaders. This means that it “remembers” what it’s been in contact with, ensuring that the invaders don’t cause havoc again.

4. Where To Find The Immune System

We’ve mentioned that the immune system comprises different organs, cells, and proteins. But where exactly can it be found?

Your immune system can be found everywhere, from your tonsils to bone marrow4, spleen, and lymph nodes. This is important as your whole body needs protecting – especially around the nose and mouth area where most invaders enter.

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5. Supporting Your Immune System

While your immune system is super clever, like most other body parts, it will need support to perform optimally. The easiest way to support your immune system is through a balanced lifestyle, ensuring you eat healthy foods to get those all-important vitamins.

Many people take vitamin D supplements to further support your immune system. Unlike many other vitamins, this is because vitamin D cannot be found too richly in foods. Instead, it is generated by your skin in sunlight.

The UK sun, in particular, isn’t always strong enough to support your sufficient vitamin D 5levels. This is where supplements can save the day!

To Summarise

How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE

Without your immune system, there’s no telling how your body will react when exposed to viruses and other invaders. This is why it is so important to ensure that you look after your body as much as possible and treat it how it deserves! It’s safe to say that it will repay you.

If you show signs of a weakened immune system, visit your doctor immediately. They will be able to run some tests to determine the cause. 

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