What is Magento Commerce and Its Key Features?

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Magento commerce
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Magento Commerce, aka Adobe Commerce, is the paid version of the popular open-source E-commerce solution for small and large merchants all over the world. Adobe Commerce builds advanced functionalities, acquires smooth integration with other third parties, and offers unlimited customizability to provide an excellent shopping experience for customers. 

A business’ Gross Merchandise Value can be changed when determining the price of the service, which generally starts from $1,600 per month. Thus this pricing model indicates the subscription amount is not fixed and may increase with sales.

Magento Commerce comes in two editions; one is an on-premise solution, and the other is Magento Commerce Cloud. In terms of core functionalities, the two editions are almost the same. The on-promise demands manual updates, whereas the cloud edition can receive automatic upgradation.  

Many shop owners like to stick to the Magento open source due to its low cost and open nature. However, Magento Commerce integrates some advanced features to run any e-commerce business successfully and efficiently you can try. 

Business intelligence dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards offer incredible facilities for merchants to perform better in their business. For example, a Magento business intelligence account allows the user to keep a record of all data in its dashboard by using a single point of access. So that you can monitor all the tasks like visualizing and analyzing the data and comparing different reports to get a better understanding of your business condition anytime. 

Provides B2B functionality

The B2B functionality of Magento Commerce comes with features like supporting customer quotes, negotiating the price, and also streamlining the quoting workflow. Moreover, you can regulate all these features either by the Magento admin panel or by the external system using APIs. Additionally, a variety of internal organizational structures and multiple buyers can be configured for their company accounts with it.

Content staging 

Creating, previewing, and scheduling content updates through the admin panel is simple by using the content staging feature. It is also possible to update or alter items, purchasing rules, blocks, and CMS pages on schedule all around the year. Moreover, the best part about this is that users can schedule the programs and promotions; if it expires, they will automatically change back to their previous promotion state. 

WYSIWYG page builder

With the recently published WYSIWYG page builder, you can easily customize the design pages and manage the content without taking help from developers. It offers a visual drag-and-drop solution to make any kind of changes and design your content smoothly and effectively. In addition, merchants can save a lot of time by reusing the dynamic blocks, saving the pages, and using the content layout as templates to regulate and develop the site content, instead of doing this all over again. 

Product Recommendations

Product recommendation is an effective and strong marketing tool business owners can use to increase sales, improve conversions, and build customer engagement. Magento’s new version integrates Adobe Sensei’s AI-based product recommendations tool to analyze product similarity, customer behaviors, and famous trends

Product recommendations help businesses to grow and make their customer happy and compel them to stay on the website more than they want. This AL-based tool is effective in boosting the impact of digital merchandising efforts. It also does not include any manual work to identify the product affinities. Not to mention only applicable to Adope Commerce users. 

Google Tag Manager

Magento Commerce comes with Google Tag Manager as its built-in feature. With this tool, you can easily regulate snippets of codes and different tags for multiple marketing campaign events  you run. And to get a better overview of your business performance, you can even directly transfers the data to Google Analytics and other third-party analytics whenever you want. 

Store Credit 

Store credit makes the purchasing process a lot easier for customers. It is the amount that customers can restore to their accounts, and administrators can use it to issue cash refunds. Moreover, it is even possible to convert gift cards into store credit and keep them in their account instead of using them to buy products.  

Bottom line 

Magento Commerce has incredible features that help business owners deliver beneficial shopping experiences to their customers. Not to mention, it also supports shop owners in running their businesses successfully. From integrating the AI-powered Adope Sensei tools and advanced functionality to using a strong page builder, Magento Commerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms you should try. 

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