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How Hard is the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Exam?

The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 test is designed for professionals who wish to show proficiency in delivering, installing, managing and administering Microsoft Azure software. It accredits applicants in identity and access management, application and network security, data protection, implementation of security rules, and security posture maintenance. A Microsoft Security Engineer’s job description is the basis for the exam, and with the help of this test, we can evaluate your technical job-related skills.


When you are prepared to enhance your skill set to move up the career ladder after passing the AZ 500 Exam. If so, having Microsoft credentials will help you achieve your goal. Having qualifications that confirm your skills and qualities is essential in today’s cutthroat economy. The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 is one of the certifications that Microsoft offers. It will attest to your security engineering skills. It is also an internationally recognised credential. With this degree, you can gain a better employment alternative and get paid more for your skills.


The AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam presumes that you are familiar with implementing security controls, maintaining compliance with security posture, managing personality and access, and protecting data, applications, and organisations. Look at the accompanying free pleasure to spend more money on this certification since it helped me comprehend the concepts rather than just reading.


The Azure certification test is extremely difficult to pass. You will have to use your special skills and perception. It will also take much time and effort to cover everything on the course schedule. Nevertheless, even though something is intense, it is possible to complete it. If you are dedicated and confident, you can succeed. Simply put, you must keep your efforts toward attaining your goals and acquiring appropriate arrangement assets.

Your learning resources will most influence the nature of your arrangements. Utilising reliable resources is essential as a result. However, if you put in the necessary effort and study the recommended material, you may get yourself ready to take the Azure AZ 500 test confidently.

  1. Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Training platform

The first thing you should do while looking for reliable resources is to go to the official Microsoft website. Additionally, you will receive assets that are trustworthy and real. Most of your questions about any test area can be answered by the material on this page. As a result, you should constantly check this page to stay informed about the azure training.

  1. Teacher-led AZ-500 Training

With the professor Azure 500 training from Microsoft, you can study independently under expert supervision. These online classes can be scheduled whenever it suits you. It will be simpler to acquire specialised skills and accurate information if the instructor is in charge of the course. You may also look at their online Azure course training classes for more guidance.

  1. AZ-500 Books

Guidebooks for the Azure 500 could be useful for those who like to study through reading. You can use the following books to analyse the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 configurations:  

  • Peter De Tender’s Master Azure Governance and Security  
  • Yuri Diogenes’ Microsoft Azure Security Infrastructure
  1. AZ-500 Practice Exams

When you have completed your preparations, it is time to demonstrate your knowledge and test it via practice exams. Although it is the final advance of your arrangements, this one is equally important to the others.

Tips And Techniques For Passing The AZ-500 Exam

1. It can lead to unhappy results if you avoid it. Furthermore, success will be guaranteed for you if you control this evolution. After that, it is advised that you verify your accuracy and speed by taking several Azure practice exams.

2. Microsoft has removed the COVID-19 pandemic-related active labs from the test.

3. Even so, it might be refuted later.

4. Going through the involved labs to understand how to implement Azure arrangements is strongly advised to pass the exam.

5. The character administrations are given much focus. These include confirmation and approval tools, working with Azure Active Directory, learning how to design PIM, contingent access strategies, personality security, MFA, and SSPR. In addition, questions from Azure Active Directory Connect Compute and Storage Security are also covered in the test. Finally, you want to concentrate on the distinctions between SAS and Access keys, SSH network choices, JIT architecture, and managed personality.

6. You may anticipate questions from Microsoft’s Database offerings on Azure, such as Azure SQL, Azure SQL managed events and Azure Synapse. In addition, understanding concepts like database access, database access, and several types of database encryption—including TDE and Always for Encryption—how to build start-to-finish encryption, database vulnerability assessment, and data concealment is necessary.

7. Additionally, you may find questions on the following topics in the exam: RBAC, overseen personas, application protections, Azure strategies, Azure overview, etc.

8. The current exam focuses heavily on combining Azure Sentinel and Azure security.

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