What is Vue.Js and How to Get Vue.js Developers For Hire

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Vue.js (pronounced like the word “view”) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Developers love Vue because it’s very adaptable and can be integrated with existing projects. This article will look at what Vue.js is and where to find Vue.js developers for hire. 

What is Vue.Js?

Before we get into how to hire Vue js developer, we’ll look at Vue itself. Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework used to build UIs and single-page applications (SPAs). It’s quick to pick up and approachable so that if your developers have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they can pick it very quickly. Vue.js is very versatile if you are building substantial web apps and optimizing for speed or SEO. 

When you hire Vue developers, you are looking for UI developers to build web UIs and customized apps for desktop and mobile apps. Vue.js is popular because your developers can structure their applications better and achieve smooth and scalable development.

Choosing Vue.js Developer For Hire  

Whenever you hire Vue.js developer, you want to look for the right combination of skills. This includes the hard technical skills they will need for programming and soft skills (like emotional intelligence and the ability to work as a team). 

Technical Skills You Need in a Vue.js Developer 

First things first, your candidates have to execute the actual build and have the right experience and knowledge. Even though Vue.js is easy to learn, you should try to have several senior developers on the team to guide the more junior developers that are still picking up the necessary skills. 

Your candidates should know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should also be familiar with the new standards and enhanced capabilities for JavaScript, like ES6 and ES7, and Git, an open-source version control system. They should also have real-world experience in Vue and JS library Query. Most backend and full-stack developers that use Vue.js use Laravel as the PHP framework.

Your Vue.js developer should also be able to communicate well in English or the most commonly used language at your organization. Some developers use Slack as their primary communication channel instead of video chat or in-person meetings, so make sure their written skills are also up to scratch. (Their grammar and spelling don’t have to be perfect, but they should be able to make themselves understood). 

Soft Skills To Consider When You Hire Vue.js Developer 

Your Vue.js developer doesn’t just need an impressive technical and educational resume. They should also be able to innovate and think on their feet, adapt to change, speak their mind, and handle conflict and work in a team. 

How to Attract the Right Talent

When you try to hire a Vue.js programmer, you’ll find out that you face an uphill battle with many companies competing for the same talent pool. Try to make your offer as compelling as possible. Most developers expect some perks, including:

  • A good salary: Developers in the US can expect at least $100-$150 per hour. If that is too steep, look at countries like Ukraine that charge a third of that price. 
  • Equity: Many developers expect shares in the company they work for as part of the perks. Consider introducing an equity program at work to purchase shares at a lower price if that’s nothat’sption. 
  • Time Off: US developers expect at least 20 days of personal time off per year, so make sure to include that. 
  • Remote working: Since the pandemic, many developers prefer working from home, and it’s considered a real perk. If you can accommodate this request, you should consider at least a hybrid model of working. 


Vue.js will only become more popular, and finding Vue.js developers for hire will only get more complex. Ensure that you are interviewing candidates properly, evaluating their technical and soft skills, and offering the right perks to draw the suitable candidates from the start. 

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