What to Expect at the Belmont Mansion Tour in Nashville? What to Expect at the Belmont Mansion Tour in Nashville?

What to Expect at the Belmont Mansion Tour in Nashville?

The Belmont Mansion Tour in Nashville is your opportunity to explore the rich history of Belmont Mansion, and the tour is open to the public on various dates throughout the year.

Take this tour of the Belmont Mansion and explore the rich and interesting history of the Civil War and the events that led it. 

Buy your tickets from Fever and get ready to have an insightful tour of the popular mansion. Get to know the A to Z of this architectural wonder.

Nashville Sites at the Belmont Mansion

On this tour, you also get to explore the insides of the Belmont mansion for about one hour. Besides, you will also get to witness the historic artifacts that are stored in the museum. 

Planning your tour to the Belmont Mansion is not a problem as you get various flexible tour dates on Fever to choose from.

About Belmont Mansion

This Belmont Mansion was originally built in 1854, one of the most architecturally significant houses of the 19th century and the foundation of this Italian-style summer mansion was laid down by  Adelicia and Joseph Acklen.

A lesser-known fact about this mansion is that it is also known as the Acklen Mansion, which was designed by William Strickland and is the biggest house constructed in Tennessee before the Civil War.

It is located on the campus of Belmont University and its prime location makes it all the more worth visiting. 

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Inside the Belmont Mansion

Belmont Mansion tour is a self-guided tour where you will get to explore the entire area of the Belmont Mansion. 

Every part of the mansion has a story to offer you. Apart from the astonishing structure and the architecture of the mansion, unveil the historical background behind the construction of the mansion.

Besides this, explore the mansion’s gardens and the grounds that carry a rich historical significance. With enchanting flowers and greenery, the gardens are another beautiful area of the mansion that you shouldn’t forget to explore.

Do not forget to check out the old furniture and the art pieces in the mansion and get insights about the ongoing research and restoration work for preserving the historic tale of the mansion.

Full Tour of Belmont Mansion in Nashville, TN.

General Information about the Tour

Multiple dates are available for the Belmont Mansion tour and you can pick a date for your visit according to your convenience; check out the ticket selector on Fever to get more details of the available dates

The time duration of the visit will be between 45 minutes to one hour and since this is a self-guided tour you can either go alone, visit with your family, or join a group of friends. 

The Belmont Mansion is located in Tennessee and the exact location of the mansion is the Belmont University campus, settled at the corner of Acklen Avenue & Belmont Blvd, behind Freeman Hall, at Nashiville’s 1901 15th Avenue South.

You will not be allowed to touch any art pieces in the museum. If you want to visit the gift shops then you will have to get your bags and large items checked. 

Belmont Mansion and Bell Tower


The tickets for the Belmont Mansion tour in Nashville are available on the Fever website.

Multiple types of tickets are available for this tour and the price of the tickets varies accordingly; you can check the Fever ticket selector. 

Get Your Tickets Now for the Tour of the Historic Belmont Mansion in Nashville

  • What: Belmont Mansion Tour. 
  • When: Multiple dates are available. 
  • Where: Belmont University campus, behind Freeman Hall, at the corner of Acklen Avenue & Belmont Blvd, at Nashville’s 1901 15th Avenue South.
  • Time: The duration of the visit is to be between 45 minutes to one hour. 
  • Tickets: Get your tickets from Fever.

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