What You Can Do with Your Spare Cannabis Seeds

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So, have you got some spare weed seeds and don’t know what to do with them? Hang on. You can make the most of them with these below-mentioned tips.

All marijuana should be valued, so if you have some spare seeds and think they have no purpose, reconsider this. Cannabis seeds can be used in a number of manners, from cooking delicious recipes and snacks to planting them and creating a new generation of plants. Nonetheless, it’s up to you. Depending on how many seeds you have, consider using them purposefully and wisely. But never throw them away. Remember that one’s trash is another one’s treasure. Marijuana is a treasure itself since it has many medical and recreational benefits. Purchasing and growing it has even become the regular way for many individuals wanting to either further sell or consume it. Besides, it’s much more advantageous for people to grow their own cannabis than buy it at a double price from retailers.

Are you one of those proud growers of marijuana? Here’s what you can do with the leftover seeds!

Experiment with various growing methods

One of the most preferred ways to use cannabis seeds is to plant them. Marijuana is no exception when it comes to growing a new generation of plants, and enthusiasts know this well. So, if you’re a weed grower looking for ways to reuse your seeds, consider experimenting with some growing setups and see what happens. After all, what bad can happen?

For instance, consider a guerrilla grow or a hydroponics setup as an inexpensive manner to grow cannabis. The hydroponics route is a great start, as it allows you to grow your plants without the fear that something might happen to them or that you waste precious seeds if things aren’t going as expected. As for guerrilla growth, it implies planting weed seeds in a place like the middle of the woods. However, this method is more costly than hydroponics, so we only recommend it if you have the budget.

As a general rule for planting seeds to produce marijuana, ensure you discard all male plants as you spot them. Remember that this practice requires serious care, including the right temperature and moisture conditions. As long as you nurture the seeds regularly and adequately, you will soon be able to harvest.

Turn spare seeds into a mouth-watering snack

Like hemp seeds, cannabis seeds are incredibly beneficial for one’s health. These seeds are rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E, minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, vital unsaturated fats (omega-3 and omega-6 oils), fibre, and protein. The fact that they contain such a diverse range of proteins and amino acids makes them some of the most nutritious seeds out there, so if you’ve ever wondered if they’re good to eat, learn that they’re more than good – they’re necessary!

Cannabis seeds can be eaten raw or roasted, depending on your taste. Besides, you can eat them as such or use them in tasty recipes or as a garnish. Some famous recipes with cannabis include the so-called ‘cannamilk’ and ‘cannabutter’, which are, in fact, cannabis-infused milk and butter. Other worth-trying delicacies are brownies, cannabis-infused olive oil, smoothies, and pasta. Marijuana lovers also consume hemp hearts after shelling seeds adequately.

Give the seeds to your pet

No, these seeds aren’t an excellent snack just for you – your furry companion can also indulge in cannabis foods and reap the benefits of all the proteins and amino acids mentioned above. All you have to do is combine the seeds with their regular food and let them do the rest. Nevertheless, pay attention to the amount used and don’t exaggerate with these seeds. Just like in the case of human use, pets shouldn’t consume marijuana chaotically. Even better, consult a vet before giving weed seeds to your pet.

Sell them or pass them on

Some growers choose to sell their autoflowering seeds for returns, while some choose to give them to their friends. If you take the former route, you should know that it requires certification from a trustworthy seed bank so that people will know that what they buy is safe, legal, and qualitative. Now, it all depends on the laws and regulations in your specific zone, so be sure you always take these into account and never – but never – turn to the black market to sell your seeds. Another variant, this time less risky, is to pass your extra seeds on to your friends and include no financial transaction. Maybe this is also your chance to find a marijuana-growing buddy and share your hobby with someone else. However, transparency is the key factor in this regard – the individual who is to purchase from you needs to know where you sourced the seeds.

Be an artist

Cannabis seeds naturally come in various colours, such as green, cream, and white, when they are not mature. Seeds that reached maturity, on the other hand, are found in hues such as nearly black, brown, and tan. Now, you may wonder what this has to do with being an artist. Well, a lot, if we’re to allude to the hundreds of ways you can take pictures of these natural beauties and experiment with the macro images. Many photographers are making good money selling stock photos, that is, images licensed for commercial purposes. If you’re inventive enough, you can create an amazing 420-inspired mosaic that you can sell to enthusiasts.

Moreover, you can create hand-crafted goods, such as necklaces and earrings, made from pot seeds. This kind of jewellery is perfect for those in the boho-chic style, but it’s also ideal for anyone wanting to add a usual touch to their outfits. Platforms like Etsy are no strangers to such arts and crafts, so if you’re one of those thriving to create, feel free to do so.


These are some of the most common purposes of spare cannabis seeds. We hope we have convinced you not to waste those precious seeds anymore.


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