Why has the popularity of CBD vapes skyrocketed? Find out

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It has become common to spot people with vapes. The same is the case with CBD vapes too. Since its advent in the drug industry, CBD has seen an enormous growth rate. Both offline and online vendors are constantly on the lookout to make CBD products more innovative and efficient. Among the several CBD products in the market, vapes are becoming increasingly popular every day. 

What contributes to the increasing popularity of cbd vape pens and vape oils? What are the health benefits of vaping CBD? How are they different from the other CBD products? Let’s find out. 

Why have CBD vapes become so popular? 

We are well aware that CBD is in use around the globe. It all started with anecdotal evidence of CBD helping an infant with Dravet syndrome. Ever since then, many researchers have been studying the effects of CBD. Even now, we need more concrete proof to use CBD for treating severe health conditions. 

Also, since the 2018 US farm bill legalized hemp farming, people have started using hemp CBD products. According to 2020 reports, more than 30 percent of Americans have used CBD products at least once in their lives. Most CBD users are from the 18-29 age group. 

Another reason for CBD’s popularity is its recreational benefits. The recreational uses of CBD  are not the same as medical uses. CBD products fit for medicinal uses do not contain high levels of THC. THC is the psychoactive element that is present in Cannabis that gets the user high. Overdosing on THC can cause severe side effects. 

With such health benefits, CBD vapes are making a revolution in the vape industry. Let us understand how CBD vapes can help the user. 


How can CBD benefit the user? 

CBD has many notable health benefits. People can use CBD to self-treat conditions that are less severe. Also, regulated and regular usage of CBD can help the user in several ways. 

CBD for pain and inflammation 

Most people turn to CBD for treating inflammation and related pain. Marijuana has been in use for treating pain for a long time. After several studies, scientists found that CBD has similar pain-relieving properties. 

How does CBD work for pain? Our body contains what we call the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for various bodily functions. The ECS regulates appetite, sleep, and immune response. Our body produces compounds called endocannabinoids that interact with cannabinoid receptors. 

Endocannabinoids bind to receptors in the central nervous system and produce mind-altering effects. CBD works by impacting the receptor activity of the endocannabinoid system. The combination of CBD and THC is more effective according to the users. 

CBD for anxiety and mental health problems 

Both anxiety and depression can have severe impacts on the health of an individual. According to reports, depression contributes to several disabilities as well. The pharmaceutical prescription drugs that people use to treat anxiety and depression have associated side effects. Some known side effects of using prescription drugs include improper sleep, fatigue, and sexual problems.  

People turn to CBD to cut off these side effects. CBD has anti-depressant and pleasure-producing effects that help in relieving depression. Consuming CBD can help in easing the symptoms of anxiety disorders like PTSD and SAD. CBD can also help with seizures and other neuropathic illnesses. 

CBD for cancer treatment 

Pain and inflammation are two common effects of cancer that can be unbearable for some patients. CBD can help in assisting cancer treatment by relieving symptoms like nausea and pain. 

Congestion of internal organs and inflammation are two causes of cancer-related pain. With its anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant properties, consuming CBD can reduce pain in cancer patients. Oral consumption of CBD combined with THC can reduce feelings of nausea and reduce vomiting. A study also found that orally spraying CBD can be an effective way to reduce nausea. 

Another animal study found that CBD reduced the spreading of cancer cells in mice with breast cancer. 

Other potential benefits 

CBD is effective in regulating blood sugar levels. It reduces insulin resistance and thus can be helpful for people with diabetes. 

Acne affects around 9 % of the population. By harboring several infectious bacterias, acne can lead to poor skin health and other skin diseases. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the spreading of acne. Topical CBD creams on application act on the infected areas and reduce breakouts and acne. 

Apart from this, CBD also can reduce sebum levels of the skin. 

Why CBD vapes? 

With so many CBD products around, why should you choose vapes? 

CBD vapes are easy and convenient to consume. Different kinds of vapes are available in the market currently. The type of vape can differ with the user. It is more convenient to use than other forms of CBD. Especially for smokers, CBD vapes make the process less complicated. 

One can carry CBD vapes anywhere and use them at any time. Vaping increases CBD’s rate of absorption. Also, vaping CBD produces results almost immediately.

Vapes are economical and are worth the money. One can use a vape pen for months by refilling it according to the needs of the consumer. Vaping has become socially acceptable in many societies. So, users do not have to worry about unwanted attention while using vapes. 

Side effects of vaping CBD 

Though vaping has several health benefits, it still has some associated side effects. Some common side effects of overdosing on CBD include: 

  • Tiredness and exhaustion 
  • Lack of sleep and insomnia 
  • Cough and respiratory problems 
  • Gastrointestinal issues and diarrhea 

It is essential to be careful while consuming CBD through vapes as they are immediate in action. In some, vaping can lead to shortness of breath and headaches. 

Users can take some measures from their end to cut off these side effects to an extent. 

  • Choosing a reputable vendor to ensure that the products are safe to use.
  • Going for a third-party lab testing if not sure about the ingredients or effects.
  • Researching about a product before buying it to avoid unwanted side effects. 
  • Checking the ingredients and label before buying a product. 


Bottom line 

With its effectiveness, CBD vapes can do good to the consumer when consumed in proper amounts. To avoid over consuming, users can check their dosages frequently. 

It is advisable to consult a physician or take advice from a professional to make the process smooth. 


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