Why It Is Smart To Become A Nutritionist Or Registered Dietician In The US

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Modern dietologist african woman sitting at workplace and recommending fresh oranges.
Modern dietologist african woman sitting at workplace and recommending fresh oranges. Source: Depositphotos

Health is at the forefront of our society at the moment. Fad diets are seeming to fade out, but this is mainly due to people adopting their diet as a lifestyle choice, not just something to get a hot summer body. There have been many iterations of fashionable diets, but with so many people wanting to make the permanent shift to a healthy lifestyle catered to their unique body, budget, and lifestyle choices, nutritionists and dieticians are more popular than ever.

Employment opportunities with a degree

When you have a degree in nutrition and are a registered dietician there are a plethora of employment opportunities right now. Getting an online master’s in nutrition can boost your validity, desirability, and even salary range exponentially. The annual average salary a nutritionist or dietitian can expect to earn is between $51,000 and $77,180.

As with everything, salaries vary greatly based on experience, location, and specialty, but there is plenty of room to grow in the industry, which is something that makes it so incredibly desirable. You can work in a health care setting, at a private practice, or even start your own business.

There is a huge demand for food and nutrition management in industry settings. In this sort of setting, you would be expected to help an organization meet the various food regulation standards put in place by health and food regulatory bodies. You might even have the opportunity to participate in product development.

You can embrace your interest in food in a healthy way

As we said in the beginning, more and more people are paying attention to what they put into their bodies. This includes not only where their food comes from, but they are paying attention to how different kinds of food play a crucial role in our health. A career in nutrition and as a dietician allows you to turn your curiosity into a career path that can help you stay informed and can enable you to help others lead a healthy lifestyle.

The industry is growing quickly

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it is estimated that there will be a 15% job growth between 2016 to 2026 for dieticians and nutritionists. This is a crazy amount of growth and outpaces most other occupations. Demand is increasing as people continue to age and become more aware of the importance of nutrition in the prevention of various diseases, as well as their treatment.

You get to help people

Clinical nutritionists provide and develop individual meal plans based on an individual’s health care needs and take into account a variety of different factors. This can be life-changing for a client who is dealing with a variety of underlying diseases that they were not aware of. You can do this in a public, or private capacity, depending on where your passion lies.

Due to the fast-growing nature of the industry now is the perfect time to become a nutritionist or a registered dietician. There is plenty of opportunity for job growth and is a deeply satisfying career choice.

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