Why Sex Life Shouldn’t Be a Taboo Topic

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Portrait of a young, smart couple.
Portrait of a young, smart couple. Source: Depositphotos

Your sex life doesn’t have to be a taboo topic. Unfortunately though, for many people it is. You should be proud of who you are sexual. After all, your sexuality is a very integral part of your identity.

In order to become more open about your sexuality, you first need to discover it. Discovering and learning about your sexuality will help you to become more confident.

But how are you supposed to discover your sexuality, you might be asking yourself? This post will answer that for you, telling you once and for all how to explore your sexuality.

Adult Chatting

Adult chatting is without a doubt one of this list’s most effective forms of sexual exploration. The reason that adult chatting is so good is that it allows you to talk to other people who’re interested in the same things as you. By talking to such people, you are able to learn new things, make friends, and bring yourself to orgasm. In particular, VR adult chats are a great way of adult chatting. The reason for this is that VR adult chatting is a very immersive experience. It can be made better with the use of sex toys. The only downside to adult chatting is that it is usually randomized, which means you end up talking to people from all over the world. Talking to people from different countries means you can’t turn your relationship with them physically.

Using Pornography

Pornography can be a good way of exploring your sexuality too. One of the best things about pornography is that it’s something you can view privately. You don’t have to worry about being judged because of your interests. You can view porn without anybody knowing, which means you can look at more or less anything, within reason. If you do intend on using porn, then bear in mind that in order to view some types of porn you will need a subscription. If you sign up for a platform like OnlyFans, then you can actually have custom porn made for you.

Exploring Physically

The digital space isn’t the only place you should consider exploring, you should also try and explore your sexuality physically. It’s not always easy exploring one’s sexuality physically because it often means that you have to find people to have sex with. If you are not the most confident person and have trouble attracting sexual mates, then you could hire an escort. An escort is a professional sex worker, who can come to your house and service you for a fee. Exploring your sexuality physically could be an effective way of figuring out exactly what you want.

Open Conversations

If you are in a relationship but still want to explore your sexuality, then have an open conversation with your partner and explain what you want to do. As long as your partner is not asexual or disinterested in sex, they should be open to exploring with you. However, they may not want to participate in sex that involves another person, which is perfectly fine. If this is the case, then you two can try new positions and fetishes together and could use sex toys. You could also watch pornography together. Watching porn with your partner is a great way to have fun and build tension.

Internet Forums

The use of internet forums is not as common as it once was. In fact, many internet forums are dying. That said, some still do remain.  If you are interested in exploring your sexuality, then consider signing up for an internet forum and speaking to the people that frequent it. Ideally, you should select forums dedicated exclusively to your fetishes. Alternatively, you can use forums designed to help people who’re exploring their sexualities to come together and form ideas. On some of these forums, you could even find people who’re interested in meeting up.

Hiring Escorts

An escort is a sex worker, as already mentioned. As long as escorting is legalized where you live, it’s worth hiring one. You can find escorts that specialize in lots of different things. If you do plan on hiring an escort, then you need to make sure that they are verified, authentic, and most importantly, clean. STDs and STIs can be spread very easily through sex, so make sure that you wear protection too. Not wearing protection could lead to you picking something up from the escort that you have hired.

Sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic. If you have never explored your sexuality before, then now’s the time. Exploring your sexuality will help you to figure out who you are, so you can then lead a more fulfilling life sexually.


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