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Just a few short years ago, if you wanted to enjoy table games at an online casino you were stuck with the traditional boring video formats of games. Games such as Video poker and video Blackjack were all those online casinos had. Whilst they captured the gameplay of these popular casino games well, they didn’t have the atmosphere or excitement of the traditional, land-based versions of the game.

Fast forward to the modern day and live dealer games are all the rage. The online casinos you can find at slotsource.com host plenty of different versions of these hit table games, all in the live format. Let’s take a more in-depth look at live casino games and why you should try them if you haven’t.

Why choose live dealer games

Many gamblers often worry about the legitimacy of RNG machines – such as online slots and video versions of table games. When you’re playing the live counterpart, you can be absolutely certain no funny business is going on – everything is down to pure luck, not computer programming. 

Many of the games will come with different camera angles allowing you to see the action from all sides. You can see the dealer at all times, how all the hands are dealt and more – some games even have 13 different angles so you never miss a piece of the action.


Popular games at live casinos

You can get a huge selection of different live software to enjoy in the live gaming section, including:




Live Blackjack is the second most played game at online casinos and it’s for good reason – it’s got an incredibly low house edge. You can find plenty of different variations on the classic game and there will be different side bets you can take.




Baccarat was reserved for the more experienced casino player before live casinos became popular. Now players of all levels can enjoy this banker vs player style table game. The game is like a more in-depth version of Blackjack and features bets on the banker as well as strategic gameplay.




Roulette is a great game to help players get to grips with live casino games. It has incredibly simple rules and is pretty much exactly the same as the version found in land-based casinos. They have thankfully sped up the process of the game a bit for the online version but everything else – including the tension of waiting to see where the ball lands – is there.




The ultimate table game for competitive players, you can find pretty much all of the classic versions of poker available in live format: Three Card, Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em etc. If you get good enough you can even enter huge tournaments where the winnings can go up to the millions!


What are the advantages of playing live casino games?


Playing these live games offers a whole host of advantages – namely, they capture the atmosphere of playing in a real land-based casino hall. Other advantages include:


  • You can see every move of the croupier or dealer


Thanks to the numerous camera angles, you can be sure the legitimacy of every hand is 100%.


  • The backgrounds and sets are often ultra-realistic to add to the ambience


Some of the biggest live game studios often budget a tonne of money to make sure their sets look as close to a real casino as possible. Some software developers have even got deals to stream from real casinos – you can’t get closer to the action than that!


  • Streams are high quality with interactive elements

Thanks to improved tech, you can interact with dealers and other players live – whether playing on your desktop or a mobile device such as your iPhone. Many of the game’s lobbies will have a lobby chat function allowing players to congratulate each other and give helpful advice. 

  • No RNG computer systems involved

You know each result is down to pure luck and not the fact a computer algorithm decided you should lose that hand.


  • Strategic gameplay allows for a lower house edge

Many table games have unique strategies you can develop and work on to help boost your chances of winning. Some games such as Blackjack even have handy cheat sheets you can use whilst you’re playing to help guide your decisions.

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