Yellowstone Falls: 7 Best Lookout Points

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Yellowstone Falls
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Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, deep in the lush mountains, you will find yourself in the fairytale-like place of Yellowstone falls. As soon as one arrives at the Yellowstone Falls, they are undoubtedly enthralled by its beauty, making it quite difficult to depart when the time calls for it. Yellowstone Falls are an absolute must-see if you ever intend to visit Yellowstone National Park.

In addition to being the first national park in the United States, Yellowstone National Park is usually considered the first national park ever created. The park is famed for its biodiversity and several geothermal phenomena, with the Old Faithful geyser being one of its most popular. The Yellowstone National park has more than 200 waterfalls. Among them, Yellowstone falls are one of the most renowned waterfalls.

Well, what makes Yellowstone Falls the most well-known of all the waterfalls in Yellowstone? Continue reading to discover the answer and everything there is to know about Yellowstone Falls.

About Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone Falls is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming state of the United States. It consists of two major waterfalls, the Lower and the Upper Falls, which are areas of exceptional scenic beauty.

These spectacular and magnificent waterfalls in the Yellowstone area are created when the great Yellowstone River overflows two enormous rocks just south of Canyon Junction. The Yellowstone River, which rises from Yellowstone Lake, first plunges into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone at Upper Yellowstone Falls, followed by Lower Falls.

The Lower Yellowstone Falls are located a quarter mile downstream of Upper Falls, where the Yellowstone River exits the Hayden Valley as it runs north from Yellowstone Lake and enters the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Since the Lower fall plunges from a far higher height (94 meters as opposed to 33 meters for the Upper waterfall), creating a much grander backdrop, it is by far the most picturesque and well-liked by tourists of the two falls. The two Yellowstone falls give spectacle views that are impossible to miss at Yellowstone National Park.

The Majestic Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

Yellowstone Falls
Source: PDPhotos / Pixabay Copyrights 2010

Just to the east of Canyon Village is where you’ll find Lower Yellowstone Falls. You may reach the edge of the Grand Canyon via a one-way loop drive that gives four vistas, with the final stop being the route that ascends to the top of the Falls. The Lower Yellowstone Falls are perhaps the most visited waterfall in Yellowstone National Park and may very well be considered the park’s emblematic waterfall.

With a volume that ensured it would be seen and heard throughout the Grand Canyon and a breathtaking descent of some 308 feet during the year, it gives off an awe-inspiring beauty. Without a doubt, the most well-known feature of the Park is Lower Falls, the largest waterfall in Yellowstone. It is also among the most photographed spot in Yellowstone National Park.

Best Viewpoints to see the Lower Falls

1) Lookout point

Views of Lower Falls on the North Rim are most easily accessed from the Lookout Point. With the elevation change of just 25 feet, you must follow the trail that starts at the Lookout Point signs, bearing left at the fork, for a complete view of Lower Falls. Once you are at the parking area for Lookout Point, it is a short walk on a well-paved path to where you will be able to get a complete view of the Lower Falls.

This viewpoint was a favorite for many of the first guests to the Yellowstone National park. Superintendent P.W. Norris built a railing here in 1880 after observing that it received frequent visits; as a result, the area has been known as Lookout Point ever since. This was probably the location’s preferred moniker, according to the superintendent. Before 1880, it had various names, including Prospect Point, Lookout Rock, Mount Lookout, and Point Lookout.

This viewpoint is quite popular since it is so simple to gain a nice view of the Lower Falls, but it tends to get overly crowded.

2) Red Rock Point

If you are up for an adventure, this spot is for you! With the elevation change of about 490 feet, it is quite knackering to climb up to this spot.

A paved trail descended steeply to Red Rock Point from the same pullout as Lookout Point. It’s fairly taxing and involves climbing a lot of steps. The walk begins at Lookout Point, where you can see the stair part far down and the red rocks, after which the trail is named. It ends at a narrow ridge with a lookout deck that gives an amazing view of the Lower Falls.

This spot is considerably calmer but by no means empty of people to admire the waterfall. Since it is quite a strenuous hike, the view from the top gives a feeling of satisfaction and a cool calmness.

Note: People with lung, heart, or other medical issues are not advised to hike to this viewpoint.

3) Uncle Tom’s trail

Yellowstone Falls
Source: GeorgeB2 / Pixabay Copyrights 2020

Uncle Tom’s Trail is another strenuous trail with an elevation rise of around 500 feet. Uncle Tom’s Trail leads from the rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone to the base of the 308-foot-tall Lower Falls. A rainbow almost always splits through the strong splash and mist of the falls. Just keep in mind that you have to climb back up after descending the 328 steps.

Given how well-liked this trail was, this location frequently gets crowded. This viewing area probably provides the closest frontal view of the Lower Yellowstone Falls with appropriate safety. Hikers should wear comfortable shoes.

The walk ends at a platform where visitors can view, hear, and physically experience the majestic force of the Lower Falls, which has often been described as an unparalleled experience.

Note: People with lung, heart or other medical issues are not advised to hike to the Uncle Tom’s Trail.

4) Artist Point

It is another short climb with a small elevation of around 50 feet to a viewing platform. It is known as Artist Point because of the breathtaking, frequently photographed view of the Yellowstone River’s drop beginning at Lower Falls, which is framed by the many color differences of the canyon walls with a scattering of the forest.

Visitors can ascend the promontory from the observation platform and enjoy the expansive vista. Though this location is the furthest, it is one of the ideal spots for photography.

5) The Brink of the Lower Falls

Yellowstone Falls
Source: MikeGoad / Pixabay Copyrights 2018

It is a two-way trail, and the visitors can either choose the easy climb to the top of the viewpoint or the difficult one to the bottom of the trail.

The top of the trail offers a good view, but the hikers to the bottom of the trail can see the mighty waterfall crashing into the Canyon’s interior. Although it can be challenging, many hikers think this spot offers the best view of the Lower Falls.

Note: The bottom of the trail is not recommended for people with lung, heart, or other medical issues.

The Powerful Upper falls of the Grand Canyon

Yellowstone Falls
Source: Steppinstars / Pixabay Copyrights 2012

Upper Yellowstone Falls is one of several waterfalls that adorn the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. Although the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone’s Upper Falls is considerably smaller than its Lower Falls, they are just as stunning. Admire the Upper Falls’ roaring water thunderously cascades into the Yellowstone River from a bluff. At the southern edge of the Grand Canyon, the waterfall rises to a height of 109 feet.

Even though the Upper Falls are not as popular as the Lower Falls, they are nevertheless a very impressive and powerful sight as they plunge high over a cliff of volcanic rock. The viewpoints for this waterfall are rarely overcrowded, which is quite pleasing if you are looking to enjoy nature and its music.

Best Viewpoints to see the Upper Falls

1) The Brink of Upper Falls

This stunning vantage point is pretty simple to reach. To visit the Brink of the Upper Falls, head south from Canyon Village and turn left immediately before the exit for the South Rim Drive. A little hike will take you to the viewpoint.

Hear the sound of the falls rushing water as you reach the viewpoint. After that, descend the stairs and turn around to see the merging river gushing over the ledge. Approach the spectacular tumbler’s edge and look over its 109 feet of rumbling water. If you are lucky, you may even see rainbows in the afternoon.

2) Upper Falls Viewpoint

Yellowstone Falls
Source: Simon Hurry / Unsplash Copyrights 2021

From Canyon Village, go south and make a left onto South Rim Drive. Walk west to the Upper Falls Viewpoint after parking in the first major parking space.

With fewer risky drop-offs than the North Rim Trail, this quick detour from the South Rim Trail leads hikers to two vistas of the Upper Falls. Visitors can view the former Canyon Bridge, which is now a part of the North Rim Trail, upstream of the waterfall. Look downstream from the viewpoint to the left of the falls to catch a glimpse of Crystal Falls across the Canyon.

In the End

Yellowstone Falls
Source: 12019 / Pixabay Copyrights 2016

Yellowstone Falls are surely something that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Yellowstone National Park. The magnificence of Upper and Lower Falls will let your souls sink in nature and let you experience its bewitching beauty. While plenty of spots like Firehole Canyon and Tower Roosevelt draw the attention of most people, visiting Yellowstone Falls will give you a more tranquil experience.

Well, Yellowstone Falls are really good but don’t forget that this is the place where there are plenty of things and hundreds of waterfalls. There are many other nearby attractions, including Grand Loop Road, Tower Fall, Cascade Creek, Undine Falls, and many more. The list is quite long! Comment what places are your favorite or would like to visit on a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

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