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The Top 10 Incredible Dog Sledding Alaska Adventures to Explore

Dog sledding Alaska adventures are a popular sport that has been practiced for many generations, so why should you not partake in it when out on an expedition, correct?

During the summer season in Alaska, the dogs are trained by pulling sleds on wheels, and the Alaskan sled dog teams help each other by working in unison.

You can experience the dog sledding adventure both in winter and summer, but the thrill of experiencing it in winter is unbelievable and memorable.  

10 Best Dog Sledding Alaska Adventures

1. Kenai Fjords National Park and Dog Sledding Alaska Adventure

Kenai Fjords National Park is an unforgettable experience you will always remember.

The Alaskan tour has its roots in Seward, as the seaside of Alaska is most famous for the start of the Iditarod dog sledding Alaska adventure.

The glacier is already an amazing adventure; when you add on a dog sled ride, you will make your memory last a lifetime.

When you think of an Alaska trip, the vision of mushing through the snow is wonderful. You must experience its gorgeous, dramatic scenery while riding or driving the team of dogs in front of you into the wildness!

A woman standing on a sled and huskies running during a dog sledding race in Alaska.
Source: By Gillmar on Shutterstock

2. Mendenhall Glacier and Helicopter Rides

You can have the best view of dog sledding tours/ adventures in Mendenhall. Adding the thrill of dog mushing through the beautiful ice-blue snow can make it unforgettable.

When you arrive at the heliport, you will be given glacier-over boots and board the helicopter for your flight over the glacier of Mendenhall.  

The pilot sets down the helicopter near the dog sled camp, where you will meet professional mushers with their dogs. After you learn how to handle the dogs, then you will be taken to your fellow mushers, who will be working with the dog teams. 

3. Juneau Ice Field Dog Sledding Alaska

Just imagine being able to drive behind a team of professional dog sledders between the mountains of the Juneau ice field. Well, at this Ice Field, your dreams can become a reality!

The helicopter ride over the glaciers and between the mountain peaks is only the beginning of the Alaskan journey.

After riding by helicopter, you will arrive at the dog sled camps. You will then have the delightful highlight of Juneau: the dog sledding Alaska adventure.

4. Denali Iditarod Husky Homestead Tour and Dog Race

A black and white picture of dogs running with a sled tied behind in Denali, during a dog sledding Alaska adventure during winter.
Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash Copyrights 2018

Iditarod dog sledding Alaska Adventure has a long-distance dog race run starting in March from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.

Iditarod is the premier event in the dog sledding race. This race is very important and a world-famous event in Alaska. The race course is about 1,100 miles long where the mushers participate, and only one becomes the Iditarod champion.

5. Skagway Dog Sledding Adventure

Skagway dog sledding Alaska Adventure and mushers camp is one of the best-offered dog sled races.

You will ride with 16 powerful huskies in the family-friendly Skagway sled dog and mushers camp. The scenic 11-mile drive along the beautiful coastline to the musher’s camp in Dyea is worth the trip alone.

6. Rod’s Dog Sled or North Pole Alaska Dog Sledding Adventure

It would be best if you planned about an hour of Rod’shis dog sledding Alaska adventure. You will first have to spend 15 minutes putting on warm clothes.

Then, you will spend about 20 minutes meeting the dogs, cuddling with the puppies, and chatting with the mushers. For the next 20-25 minutes, the team of 12 dogs will pull you up 5 miles into the gorgeous Alaskan forest.

7. Alpine or Zip Line Air Alaska Glacier Dog Sledding

The Alpine Air dog sledding Alaska adventure is operated along with the Seavey’s Iditarod sled dog tours. Everyone who wants the chance to drive should travel the loop, depending on the weather.

The helicopters are flexible with weather conditions, so you can switch to the helicopter if the weather worsens. The people riding the helicopter will have a scenic flight along with their dog sledding adventure.

8. Anchorage Glacier Dog Sledding Alaska Adventure via Helicopter Tour

A close-up of dog sledding on a trail in Anchorage Alaska.
Photo by Riley Edwards on Unsplash Copyrights 2018

In Anchorage, you can experience a pack of huge huskies pulling the sleds and the mushers along the snow-packed way. This is a quintessential Alaska dog sledding adventure that fulfills the daydreams of many travelers.

It is not compulsory to drive the sled in the winter only. You should get a taste of the Greatest Northern tour in summer too! 

The helicopter ride over the snow White Glacier is beautiful, where the dog teams and drivers await. You can stand on the sled and drive the dogs yourself or sit in the sled and enjoy riding the team of dogs.

9. Yukon Quest Dog Sledding Alaska Adventure

Yukon Quest dog sledding Alaska is designed for the international sled dog race. It is considered the toughest sled dog race in the world.

The competitors travel almost 1600km from Fairbanks to Whitehorse in 10 days. The most amazing part is the crowds cheering at the end of the race for the teams crossing the finish line.

10. Snow Hooks Kennel and Helicopter Tour over the Glacier

A helicopter flying at a low height during winters over the dog sledding base in Alaska.
Photo by PixieMe on Shutterstock

The dog sledding Alaska adventure and helicopter tour takes place in the summer. You will take a helicopter over the glacier and then experience two thrills in one!

Snow Hook is owned by real racers who have won many championships and competitions. You will take a thrill run of 4-5 miles through the wildness in the sled pulled by the team of dogs ahead of you.

After your 2-3 hours tour, you will have the chance to play with the dogs and their puppies and spend time around the campfire.

Closing Thoughts

Dog Sledding in Alaska will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

Whether you like an adrenaline rush or want to experience the beautiful Alaskan sights, there is no reason not to try these tours. So, book your dog sledding tour today!

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