10 best coffee shops in Portland you need to check out

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10 best coffee shops in Portland
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Portland is the largest city in Oregon and is known for many things from beer to bicycling. The city is known for small businesses, especially in food and drinks so it is safe to say that is a safe haven for foodies. Not unknown to many Portland is famous for its coffee scene just like Seattle. If you’re a tourist or a local, one is bound to notice the ocean of coffee spots in the city and want to explore the varieties the place has to offer, just like Chicago. Here is a comprehensive list of the best coffee shops in Chicago for you.

In Portland, Oregon with so many options, it is likely for one to get confused, and to save you that, here is a list of the 10 best coffee shops in Portland which is also called the hub of Third-wave coffee. With mastering infinite stops from roasters to shops, Portland takes the game of coffee very seriously. So without any delay, let’s dive into it!

1. Coava Coffee Roasters

Started in 2008 in Matt Higgin’s garage roaster, Coava coffee roasters now has four locations in Portland and one in San Diego, California, and is undeniably the best coffee shop in Portland, Oregon.

Located South of Portland, they are known for their location and extraordinary roasted coffee taste which has taken the bar of coffee lovers way too high and baristas. It is common for multiple cafes in Portland to source from Coava beans like Albina Press.

All of the Coava coffee roasters’ in Portland are large and the tables have enough space so customers don’t feel suffocated and ventilation is taken good care of.

The flagship store on Grand Avenue is the most famous of all Coava Coffee Roasters as it has an industrial vibe or what one might categorize as a modern coffee shop as it has a rustic vibe and a cozy atmosphere with exposed wood and if that wasn’t enough, natural light but for the record, every Coava shop has this décor giving everybody a chance to experience their specialty.

The friendly baristas always are polite keeping a welcoming and respectful atmosphere. Their skilled hand makes it one of the best coffee shops in Portland making it a must-visit for not only locals but also tourists.

If you’re of environmental concern and a coffee addict, Coava is a must-visit as they source sustainably and every delicious coffee cup is ethical to the environment. It is all about quality and it also hosts free coffee cuppings giving all caffeine addicts a chance to feed their addiction!

From the menu, visitors often recommend trying out the Kilenso coffee- it is a type of Ethiopian Coffee it is made through a natural process and people describe it as drinking a strawberry.

Every Coava store menu has two filter coffee options which are different and also 2 espresso options beside that it also is special when it comes to latte art. In the famous flagship on Grand Avenue store in SE, the filter coffees are made on Chemex and not batch brewed.

Coava Coffee Roasters Website

2. Good Coffee

Standing up for their name- the only thing they can never go wrong about is serving a delicious cup of their own coffee or what their regulars call it- excellent.

Another thing good about them besides coffee is that they partner with NGOs and local organizations for the better future of Portland. They do this in a way where they make special coffee bags and tell about an organization’s story on a cup of coffee and donate 20% of that price to the organization!!

I mean that’s a bargain, to have coffee AND support development and inclusive community for all the coffee lovers.

Their space is big with comfortable seats and a natural atmosphere which gives homely feelings. One can visit this place if in a cozy mood as it has warm décor and a welcoming atmosphere with plants all around making the place feel dreamy as some people put it.

One can either relax here or even work if they prefer as it is equal to working from ‘home’ except you have a ‘good’ coffee and are supporting the Portland development.

Even if one is not local and is simply visiting, you can also take a look and get yourself a souvenir of mugs made by hand by locals.

All five locations of this café adhere to the promise of good coffee. The five are modern and ventilated where one can work or catch up with their friends or even read books as the place has dreamy vibes anyway and on top of that, one can either choose inside or outside to enjoy their menu order.

Good Coffee’s roastery is in Troutdale and although nothing from the menu can disappoint, it is recommended to try anything in a latte or drip coffee. Specifically, one can go for Tamarind Date coffee soda- it is a Colombian coffee that is cold brewed for almost 22 hours and dates and tamarind fruit.

With its high-quality beans, one can even buy a bag for themselves or order online by subscribing and getting the ‘good’ beans at the doorstep.

Good Coffee Website

3. Proud Mary Cafe

Both a restaurant and a roaster, Proud Mary is indeed one of the best coffee shops in Portland, Oregon. This Melbourne-based company is located in NorthEast Alberta only which makes it a must-visit for people living in Portland and around.

Proud Mary is the best coffee in Portland and their coffee can be found all over the city for example Cathedral Coffee in North Portland.

The café has brought the Aussie style coffee shops by including the brunch and it has an outdoor seating full of greenery. Despite the high price, every cup you order includes an explanation of bean origin and information on the farmers that harvested them on a card making it worth the money.

The long menu does look confusing as hell but if you feel adventurous, no need to worry cause there is nothing disappointing on it. Proud Mary is aware of the long menu and for your convenience, it is categorized into three, namely wild, mild/deluxe, and curious.

Besides brunch, this best coffee shop also has breakfast and pastries available so you can enjoy a little snack beside your little dose of caffeine. Even though everything is delicious and worth trying here are a few things one can try if super-confused.

Proud Mary has the options of avocado toast, flat-white, new-to-you coffee bean, filter coffee, pour-over (which is usually temperamental but theirs is fruity, acidic, and bright, chocolate-dusted cappuccino, tea (chai/loose-leaf), avocado toast, Dungeness crab omelet, any espresso, sourdough toast with koji cultured butter and chickpea fries.

One can also order and subscribe to get their whole beans at home and make a brew making it a perfect place that just wants to serve the best coffee and bring the Australian culture to the USA.

Proud Mary Website

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

With multiple locations (four in toto) across Portland, Stumptown Roasters is the place no one wants to miss the opportunity of visiting. Starting in 1999 in Portland, it has raised the bar for good coffee to the level that no one other than Starbucks broke throughout the world. But till today it is considered the OG and the best coffee in Portland.

The popularity of this roaster and its coffee can be easily noticed by the fact that one can get it from any local place in Portland and can be also found in other places around the USA like New York City. Cause of this people also says that Stumptown had led to a mini-revolution during the third wave of coffee shops.

One of Stumptown coffee roasters stores which is also a hotel- The Ace is fairly popular too! And with its quality and popularity, it also has stores in cities like Seattle.

Despite the development of a new coffee place on every corner of a street, Stumptown is still the god of all and is treated with the same devotion by the locals.

Currently, Peet’s Coffee owns it. This world-known roaster is known for its professionalism and the coffee quality with variety. The baristas here are friendly and if you have an issue with deciding what to order they readily suggest or answer your doubts. If it’s not rush hour you can sit and chat with them too!

best coffee shops in Portland
By: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

One can try a light and fruity single origin, a dark roast, any latte cause of their perfect latte art, cold brews, or any of the espresso drinks at the Stumptown coffee shop.

You can also purchase their beans and get to make it according to your own taste in your comfort since it’s all about the quality which the gem-like Stumptown has mastered in.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Website

5. Water Avenue Coffee Company

This roaster café started in 2009. Despite being new in the pool of coffee shops in Portland, Oregon it has made its reputation throughout Portland as one of the best places for coffee.

Popular amongst the locals, water avenue coffee is popular for taking care of the environment, and economic and social issues.

Water Ave coffee shop delivers to its partners their coffee within a 50 miles radius which also includes Bean Box.

The south–eastern café of Water Avenue Coffee in Portland is located near the Williamette River giving a totally different vibe to the customers. The place used to be an industrial area and so the café has similar theme décor.  Another café of it in 2016 opened in the downtown location of Portland which shows its demand.

This place is perfect for any event, from casual office meetings to friend reunions or reading that unfinished book.

Besides the best coffee in Portland, you can also try their breakfast which is equally amazing as the popular coffee. They serve the very famous BAKESHOP pastry. One can also try the breakfast bowl. Amongst coffee options, smooth pours are more famous than cream drinks. One of the unique options which set Water Ave apart from most coffee shops is bean Mexico Guienashi which originates from South Oaxaca. Due to the popular roasting quality, any of their espressos especially won’t disappoint.

You can also get a subscription and get their personal seasonal brews too!

Water Avenue Coffee Company Website

6. Heart Coffee Roasters

With the founders from Finland, this roaster has Nordic vibes. It was started by a couple who began roasting coffee beans at their home but now it has grown big enough to have its own supply chain.

They source their beans from all around the world like Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mexico. Due to the high quality of these beans, heart coffee roasters have made a special spot at the heart of their customers.

With several locations in Portland, Oregon they are said to be minimal and hygienic. The places are perfect for any activity from meetings to solitary activities. The cafes are majorly famous for the chic interior which is readily considered Instagram-worthy by the Gen-Z apart from their excellent coffee.

The thing that sets Heart coffee apart making it the best coffee in Portland among the countless coffee roasters in Portland is the report on Transparency. Unlike other commercial companies, Heart Coffee took this job and has been doing it pretty perfectly. The report includes Heart coffee’s impact on supply chains by including things like exact prices paid by the company for the coffee and farmers they buy from.  The report is the evidence of how much care and effort is put into a single cup of coffee and it also helps the corporate have good and direct relationships with the farmers, something which is uncommon usually.

Heart Coffee shop has also gained appreciation from popular critics like Conde Nast. Of all three locations, Eastside café is most popular for again an ‘Instagram’ worthy picture due to its centerpiece of a coffee roaster.

With Scandinavian décor, the three cafés make every cup with precision and quality. Brews like Chemex are normal here which makes the customer come back.

Heart Coffee Roasters Website

7. Never Coffee

The small shops in Belmont in the East and one downtown Portland are fun places to spend your time as it is one of the best Portland coffee scenes. Unlike the name, this place always serves coffee and the ‘?’ is to keep you excited for the unexpected surprises inside.

Each colorful coffee bag has different flavors with the funniest descriptions. One can have a look at those through their website as it is bound to make you smile and want to visit this place.

Despite the name which is off-beat, in the list of the best cafes, this one is bright and full of energy cause of its pastel indoor décor. The neon sign near the door gives a retro vibe which is Instagram perfect and gives a glimpse of what you can expect.

These tiny cafes are also known for serving in vibrant cups which are an important part of the caffeine experience and get ignored usually by other companies.

The coffee at the Never coffee is the best besides the service. The barista here is said to be friendly making you feel comfortable but are equally professional. Their precision hands will definitely brew you your favorite cup.

10 best coffee shops in Portland
by: Ketut Subiyato/Pexels

Never coffee also has seasonal flavors like fennel and shishito peppers which are made creatively and perfectly. This artisan-like and innovative place which also serves drinks with cocoa and herbs is said to be less of a coffee shop and more like a lab due to the diversity in coffee.

Their specialty coffee is said to be creative as they have traditional to many innovative flavors which one can hardly try at other places. One can also choose non-dairy milk.

If feeling too indecisive, you can always choose from the recommendations from their customers which includes hug- a spicy mocha, Oregon- made with dulce de leche, cascade hops, and Jacobsen Sea Salt, Rich Kid- combined with saffron, cardamom, and rose water and lastly the oat milk latte.

These special names with funky descriptions make one bound to try anything they haven’t tried before and it’s never disappointing.

One can order an amazing coffee package at their home which is also delivered with a free prize.

Never Coffee Website

8. Prince Coffee

10 best coffee shops in Portland
by: Chevanon Photography/Pexels

This Dutch-inspired café was made possible when the owner started loving Holland and tried introducing their culture when settling in Portland.

Prince coffee gets its beans from many roasters in Portland including Proud Mary- another gem of the best coffee in Portland because of this they are often categorized by people as curators are shops that source beans from different roasters which are usually local. There are very few best cafes in this category and Prince tops this one undoubtedly.

Due to being locally sourced, one can get experience and a taste of the diversity that Portland has to offer in terms of coffee.

Coffee at Prince is as extravagant as the name. One can try made in-house stroopwafels (waffles with the filling of caramel) and Stroop latte- the most Dutch things, Anijsmelk Latte- a Dutch recipe which is made by mixing anise syrup with warm milk, espresso, and nutmeg. One can also try Tanglewood chai

It also has its own kitchen on the site and served baked goods like pastries, bagels, and sandwiches.

Prince Coffee Website

9. Roseline Coffee

Roseline is popular in Portland, Oregon, and owes its name to two origins- Portland is known as ‘rose City’ and rosetta- a latte art.

Apart from serving excellent coffee it is a small roster and is famous for its own different coffees of single origins and sweet options like lemon, apricot, and honey.

The most famous drink here is Rose Honey Latte which is topped with cardamom and rose petal garnish. If not, one can always try decaf macchiato or any of their pour-overs and single-origin offerings. Besides coffee one can also get pastries for their sugar tooth.

10. Ovation Coffee and Tea

This well-lit and spacious coffee place have its own uniqueness which sets it apart from the ocean of coffee shops at every corner of Portland and makes Ovation Coffee of value.

Known for its great coffee it has a huge diversity when it comes to coffee. It also has options for tea drinks.

If you’re visiting and confused about the long menu of quality coffee, Rosie Sun, Bean Box E-Commerce Fulfillment Manager recommends Spiced Matcha Latte and Moroccan Pistachio Latte (customers recommend trying it with homemade scones) as they are their specialty coffee. If these two don’t work for you, you can always try any of the espresso-based drinks and cappuccinos but the Moroccon spice is its specialty.

Ovation Coffee and Tea Website


Portland is the place to visit if you’re a coffee addict. From ambiance to options, it never disappoints. Being home to world-known supply chains, the Portland coffee scene is no joke. If you want to host a party, get together, have a meeting, read a book, have a date, or simply feed your addiction, you can get a good coffee within walking distance. Hopefully, this list of the 10 best coffee spots was helpful for you to sort out your must-visit places for coffee.

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