10 Best Portland Oregon Bookstores

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best portland oregon bookstore

Oregon is one of the US states that have the most prevalent reading habits. The 10 Best Portland Oregon Bookstores stand as vivid examples.

Portland offers a variety of cultural activities through several festivals. Live music, theatre, craft, and literary activities are synonymous with Portland culture.

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It is an urban society with an inclination towards art and reading habits. With some iconic bookstores, Portland is a haven for book lovers.

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Have a Look at the 10 Best Portland Oregon Bookstore List.

1. Powell’s City of Books

With over 3500 sections and an entire block housed with over 1 million books, Powell’s City of Books is unarguably the largest independent bookstore in the world. It is located in Portland’s Pearl District, where acclaimed writers and celebrities visit each month.

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Here you would find the largest collection of new and used books. It deals in fiction, philosophy, graphic novels, science fiction, hobbies, health, entertainment, and nearly every genre.

Basil Hallward Gallery and Rare Book Room offer a remarkable collection of autographed first edition books. You can also avail paid parking facility at this best Portland, Oregon bookstore.

2. Broadway Books

Founded in 1992, Broadway Books is known for its remarkable service. It is a locally-owned bookstore that provides independent services in dealing with books for every need.

It is located at 1714 NE Broadway, Portland, and was established by two friends as a family enterprise. It is another best Portland, Oregon bookstore that has witnessed changes in the book industry.

Broadway Books offers Gift Certificates and hosts several book events. Digital audiobooks and e-books, which are available 24X7, are two attractions of this bookstore. You will also find an impressive collection of books in numerous genres.

3. Daedalus Books

Daedalus Bookstore is primarily a used bookstore that also deals in a variety of new books. Located in 2074 NW Flanders St., Portland, it has an impressive selection of art, music, literature, and philosophy books.

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Books on humanities find special attention at this bookstore. It is one of the best Portland Oregon bookstores, run by true bibliophiles.

Daedalus Books has a collaboration with online bookseller giant AbeBooks. It has been selling used and new books in more than 50 countries since 1996.

4. Annie Bloom’s Book

Portland bookstore Annie Bloom’s Book has been spreading the joy of reading since 1978 in the Multnomah Village. It is a beautiful and independent bookstore located at 7834 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland.

Annie Bloom's Book

It sells only new books ranging from fiction to travel and children’s books to cooking. Some other attractions include magazines, puzzles, art supplies, and an astounding collection of cards.

It pays attention to customer satisfaction and frequently provides sale books for buyers. The friendly staff helps you find the right book at the best prices.

5. Chaparral Books

Chaparral Books steals your attention for its impressive selection of rare books searching for the best Portland Oregon, bookstore. It has a vibrant selection of Native American, Western Americana, and pop culture books to support local Portland culture.

Located at 5210 S Corbett Avenue, Portland, it exhibits some rare and out-of-print collections of used books. Elephants Deli on Corbett is the nearest landmark.

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Chaparral Books’ finest genres include:

  1. Women authors in American West
  2. Railroads
  3. Birds
  4. Remarkable local authors
  5. Poetry
  6. Biographies
  7. Western Art

Graphic novels, children’s books, hobbies, architecture, and drama are some mentionable genres available at this bookstore.

6. Green Bean Books

Green Bean Books is the best Portland, Oregon bookstore purely dedicated to children’s literature. It is a wild and whimsical community-based, independent bookstore that deals in new and used children’s books.

Located at 1600 NE Alberta Street, Portland, a beautiful garden hosts regular reading sessions for kids. The beautiful umbrella tree in the garden attracts children as well as adults.

You would find an astounding selection of picture books, chapter books, and interactive books for all ages. Some highlights of Green Bean Books are:

  1. Regular story-times in multiple languages
  2. Kaleidoscope kits
  3. Birthday cards
  4. Poetry slams
  5. Summer camps

7. Floating World Comics

Floating World Comics is unarguably the best Portland Oregon bookstore for artists, readers, and comic lovers. Readers of all ages love this independent bookstore, located at 400 NW Couch Street, Portland.

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This Portland bookstore has been part of the city’s renowned art community since 2006. It has hosted numerous events, performances, and readings within the shop area.

Its comic genres include superheroes, horror, crime, drama, action, romance, and others. Floating World’s impressive selection of classic and contemporary children’s books and YA graphic novels will catch your attention.

8. Wallace Books

Wallace Books is located in the heart of Portland’s Westmoreland neighborhood. It deals in both new and used books.

It is a small book store with a dedicated staff who have diverse reading interests. There is a separate bookshelf having titles recommended by its staff.

Buyers rate it as a wonderful neighborhood bookstore for its used and new books’ selection. It’s quite spacious on the inside with several children’s books, poetry, fiction, and several other genres.

9. Secret Forest Books

The next name in the best Portland Oregon bookstore list is Secret Forest Books, located at 3561 SE Division St, Portland. It is quite well known for its Ecofeminist selection of books and the Art Gallery.

This peculiar Portland bookstore is purely nature-focused. You’d find an impressive selection of metaphysical, eco-feminism, local art, and cooking books.

The impressive collection of artworks and books on science and feminism create a forest’s environment as you step in. You can also shop for candles, tarots, incense, and wands.

10. Cameron’s Books And Magazines

The final inclusion in the best Portland Oregon bookstore list is the oldest Portland bookstore, Cameron’s Books And Magazines. It has seen the World Wars and witnessed the flowering of Portland as a book haven since 1938.

It is known for selling good used books and magazines at reasonable prices. It has collaborated with AbeBooks and Biblio to provide various selections of books.

This best Portland Oregon bookstore is located at 336 SW Third Ave, Portland. You can relinquish books and magazines on aviation, art, astronomy, fiction, gardening, music, politics, and many more.

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Preserving the reading culture of the city, the best Portland Oregon Bookstore names provide used and new books from different genres. Interestingly, Portland is the place of the world’s largest bookstore. Come and visit these bookstores to see the power of books and associated activities.

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