Exploring the 10 Best Restaurants in Denver, Sorted by Style

Denver, also known as the mile-high city, is one of the best cities in the United States of America, known for its fantastic food and nightlife. If you are looking for the best restaurants here are some best Denver restaurants that offer fine dining and great food with unique flavors.

Top 10 Best Restaurants to Visit in Denver, Colorado | USA - English

1.1 Best-Rated Restaurants In Denver

If you are visiting Denver Co, or you live there and are searching for the best restaurants then this list is for you! These restaurants do not only offer great food but have a fantastic ambiance and a wine bar as well. The dining rooms of these restaurants are incredibly hygienic and spacious.

1.1. El Taco De Mexico

El Taco de Mexico is one of the best restaurants Co for getting authentic Mexican food. They add green chile to food for authentic flavors of Mexico. The thing that attracts

people to this restaurant is its hospitality. Since a family owns this restaurant industry, they make sure that everyone who comes to eat there feels homely. Better than any food truck, this sleek restaurant is perfect for finding and try out weird combinations.  You can go to this restaurant for breakfast or lunch; it will be a treat for your taste buds.

Food To Try

Some of the dishes you must try from their menu are the breakfast burrito, the special burrito, the Chile Relleno burrito, and the Mexican authentic like Enchiladas, quesadillas, and sincronizadas. The restaurant opens at seven in the morning and closes at nine at night every day. The food hall of the place is large enough to accommodate many people.

1.2. Barolo Grill

If you are a fan of handmade pasta, then this Italian restaurant is a must-visit for you. Barolo Grill is mainly known for its authentic Italian cuisine and serves delicious handmade pasta. The dining room of this restaurant is huge and can seat many people, and it also offers A la carte dining on weekdays upon request.

Reasons To Visit

This restaurant serves a variety of food and has a separate dining menu and a curbside menu. If you like to enjoy wine with your food, this restaurant also has a great wine bar. The restaurant is located on East Sixth Avenue, Denver, Co.

Americatus is another restaurant located in St. Denver Co, which specializes in handmade pasta.

Other Italian Restaurants

If you are fond of pizzas and want to try the naturally leavened sourdough pizza, you must go to Redeemer Pizza, located in St Denver, Co. This restaurant is open all seven days. You can visit this restaurant even for a square meal, and you will feel fulfilled. Redeemer Pizza also serves cocktails, beers, and wines.

1.3. Hop Alley

Hop Alley serves authentic Chinese cuisine. It is located in St. Denver Co and is open on all days except Sundays. The times of the place are from five in the evening to ten at night.

They serve great fried rice. The flavours of the fried rice are rich as seasonal ingredients are used. The restaurant also features craft beers and cocktails with a clever twist and is a great place to grab lunch or dinner.

Uncle Ramen

It is the sister restaurant of Hop Alley and serves excellent Japanese cuisine like sushi rolls or French onion soup dumplings. As the name suggests, it specializes in ramen. This is also closed on Sundays. Their other specialties are pork belly and pork schnitzel.

1.4. Comal Heritage Food Incubator

This heritage food incubator provides support to immigrants and refugees in Denver. It has also supported several small businesses. They serve highly healthy and affordable food. They also ensure that no food is wasted and believe in sustainability.

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1.5. Prohibition

That offers delicious and authentic American food with bold flavors. It is a beautiful rustic restaurant with a spacious dining room. The bar bites of this restaurant served with their signature cocktails are a must-try. This restaurant is closed on two days of the week and open on the rest.

Must-Try Food

If you decide to visit this restaurant, then you must try the Mexican street corn, which is served at dinner as well as during happy hour. Another thing that attracts people to restaurants is that they serve all sandwiches with fries. The drinks and food are quite affordable.

1.6. Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

As the name suggests, it is a hot dog restaurant in St. Denver Co. Their effort to present hot dogs in a new manner has been successful as they serve a variety of hotdogs. The Jack-A-Lope is a must-try as it is sweet as well as spicy.

1.7. African Grill And Bar

African Grill and Bar serves delicious grilled beef tongues. This restaurant also offers a tasting menu. It is closed on Sundays and the times on other days are from eleven in the morning to nine at night. The restaurant does not offer lunch on Saturdays particularly its famous dishes like grilled beef tongue, chicken fried eggs or duck confit. It would be best if you tried the avocado toast at this restaurant.

Best Sushi in Las Vegas
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1.8. Sushi Den

Located in St Denver, Co, Sushi Den, The restaurant is closed on Mondays. One of the things that makes this restaurant unique is that it serves sushi with black garlic sauce.

This black garlic sauce gives a better taste and flavour to the sushi. If you are a vegetarian, then also you can visit this restaurant as it serves vegetarian sushi and rolls too.

1.9. Lucy’s Burger Bar

Located in Tennyson, St Denver, Co, this restaurant, as the name suggests, specializes in hamburgers. The times of place are from eleven in the morning to eleven at night, and it is open all seven days of the week.

1.10. The Wolf’s Tailor

The Wolf’s Tailor is open all days except Mondays from five in the evening to nine at night. The Wolf’s Tailor Diner offers both Italian and Asian cuisine. It is a spacious place where you can also host any event. To do so, you must register, and the place will respond to you within two days.

2. Best Restaurants For Date Night

The food and wine magazine called Denver Co the new Sonoma. This is because it offers heavenly dining services. If you are looking for a romantic date night, then here is a list of a few of them.

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2.1. Safta

It has a gorgeous covered patio which makes it even more romantic place for couples. Safta is the first restaurant to serve Israeli cuisine in Denver, which makes it worth visiting once. Hummus and pita are the most selling food here.

2.2. Mezcal

Mezcal is a perfect romantic restaurant that offers Mexican food. It is located on Colfax Ave, Denver Co. They add green chile to their spicy food for that authentic Mexican flavor. It also has a great wine bar. The food of this restaurant is not very expensive.

Other Restaurants on Colfax Ave

Misfit Snack Bar is an excellent restaurant in Denver. It serves delicious fried sweet plantains and is mainly known for serving great lunch and dinner. However, one of the drawbacks of this place is that it does not offer delivery.

2.3. Bistro Vendome

If you like to try global cuisines, then this restaurant is. It mainly offers French cuisine, and its specialty is roasted bone marrow toast. The bone marrow toast is grilled and seasoned well with spices.

It would be best if you tried foie gras at this restaurant. The prices of foie gras vary according to the ingredients. You should also visit this restaurant if you are fond of cheese, as French cheese is delicious.

2.4. Hillstone

Located in Cherry Creek, Denver Hillstone is one of the most romantic restaurants there, and it has a seasonal menu. The chef cooks live at the chef’s counter. The dining room of this restaurant is not very spacious, but it is incredibly comfortable. The food of this restaurant is delicious and has rich flavours.

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Wine Bar Of Hillstone

The wine bar of this restaurant often provides an attire standard. For instance, the restaurant believes that tank tops and flip-flops are too casual for the restaurant. The restaurant also provides other dining guidelines. For instance, it is recommended not to visit this restaurant in a large group due to the size of the dining hall.

2.5.ChoLon Bistro

This restaurant is located in St. Denver Co and is mainly known for its pork belly potstickers and pork belly buns. You can go to this restaurant for lunch or dinner. They have an ever-changing menu based on the availability of the ingredients.

They have a small plates menu too, and from this menu, you must try the sizzling Saigon crepes and tandoori lamb chops. They also have a special happy hour menu.

Seasonal Menu

Apart from offering great architecture, this restaurant also offers a seasonal menu. They believe in serving food that is fresh and has all flavours intact. The drinks menu also changes according to the season. This attracts customers a lot.

3. Restaurants By The Best Chefs

3.1. Basta

Chef Kelly Whitaker opened this restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, which is really near Denver. This restaurant uses traditional and modern techniques to prepare your food; for instance, it only uses a wood-burning oven.

The cheese curds and the ice cream sandwiches of this restaurant are a must-try. This is mainly known for its seasonal creations, and the chef exclusively prepares seasonal dishes and small plates.

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3.2. Mercantile Dining And Provision

Located in Union Station near St Denver Co, opened by Chef Alex Seidel. It is a fantastic American restaurant that has a barista bar as well.

You can grab your breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner at this restaurant. The Korean fried chicken burger is one of the must-try. If you do not like fried chicken and prefer roasted over fried, then you must try the roast chicken salad.

Dining Room

The dining hall of this restaurant located in Union Station is highly spacious and can be used for gatherings. You can walk in and reserve a table, but it is suggested to make a reservation online for surety. Another feature of the hall that makes it attractive is that it is really aesthetic.

3.3. Chook Charcoal Chicken

The rotisserie chicken is served with green tomatoes. They get fresh meat from the butcher shop and season it well.

This makes their chicken taste delicious and fresh. Some of the dishes you must try if you visit this restaurant are mac and cheese, cucumber salad, and miso broccoli.

Another restaurant in Denver that was really popular was Acorn. Chef Caroline Glover spent some years in the Acorn restaurant before she launched her own restaurant, Annette. but it has been closed permanently now. One of the best parts about Annette, located in Dallas, USA, is seeing the chef cook at the chef’s counter.

Closing Thoughts

Also known as the mile-high city. If you decide to visit Denver Co or live there, visit these restaurants for the best experience, and they even have a seasonal menu. Smashburger is opening for the first time in Denver with a full bar. It is going to be the first restaurant with such a bar.

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