10 Best Zoology Colleges in USA

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Zoology, or animal science, is a field of biology that focuses on the study of animals. Many institutions offer zoology majors, however not all zoology colleges educate the same way. Some provide a considerably better education than others.

We’ll show you the top 10 zoology colleges in the USA. But first, let’s take a look at what they exactly offer.

What Services do the Top Zoology Colleges provide?

The best zoology schools will guarantee a thorough understanding of the subject. There are numerous distinctions between learning at a prestigious school and learning at a regular school.

One of the most noticeable contrasts is the school’s faculty. The finest zoology college boasts world-class faculty, which are Nobel laureates.

Another distinction is the student-to-teacher ratio. When compared to ordinary colleges, prestigious colleges have much fewer students. As a result, the number of faculty outnumbers the number of students.

Harvard Museum of Natural History
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However, other differences make it difficult for a student to be admitted. The needed SAT and ACT exam scores are significantly higher.

The finest zoology college will be more selective, resulting in a low acceptance rate. Thus, a top zoology institution would provide you with the best education; yet, admission is competitive.

What to Expect?

Though course requirements vary per college, students can expect to study several of the following topics:

  • Cellular Biology
  • Biology of Invertebrates and Vertebrates
  • Physiology and Anatomy
  • Chemistry of Organic Compounds
  • Advanced Math and Physics

After completing the core prerequisites, you will take a few electives and maybe specialize in a field such as pre-veterinary science or animal conservation. Furthermore, some colleges will provide or require you to conduct research, fieldwork, or an internship.

You can choose from all of the top schools, colleges, and universities in the United States that specialize in the best Zoology programs to obtain your degree or certificate. Here’s a list of institutions that provide Zoology, along with information on admissions, price, rankings, and more.

1. Harvard University, USA

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Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the world’s most distinguished college. Harvard has 113 Nobel laureates in natural science.

This college has a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1. A pupil at this school receives highly customized care. Harvard University is a highly selective institution, with an admittance rate of under 5%. As a result, you must make significant efforts to gain admission to this college.

The brightest minds surround students studying here. As a result, they can only improve and advance in their careers.

Before you major in Zoology, you must first complete a fundamental course. The courses are divided into nine concentrations that investigate the diversity of biological sciences and systems.

Tuition for one year of study at Zoology Colleges is estimated to be $49,653. Scholarships are awarded to 55% of students, and students can learn without incurring debt. International students can apply for need-based financial help.

More information about Harvard University-best zoology colleges in the USA

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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MIT is one of the most regarded and renowned universities in the world. It is well-known for its rigorous curriculum, outstanding research, and faculty. There is one teacher for every three students, ensuring that each receives customized attention. However, this college’s acceptance rate is only 8%, making it highly selective.

The Life science program can help you get started on your path to a zoology degree at this college.

A year of undergraduate studies will cost around $53,790. International students with demonstrated financial need are eligible for need-based financial assistance. However, students should explore other sources of financial aid. In 2018-19, 59 percent of students got need-based scholarships, while 31 percent paid no tuition.

More information about Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Best Zoology colleges

3. University of Wisconsin Madison

The University of Wisconsin – Madison is an excellent choice for those interested in getting a degree in zoology. It is a prominent public university in Madison, Wisconsin. UW-Madison is one of the best zoology colleges in the USA, with a Best Schools ranking of #69 out of 2,576 colleges nationwide.

Students can also get involved in clubs like the Undergraduate Zoological Society to learn more about the broad topic of zoology. This association facilitates networking among primary students and provides supplemental education through community events.

In the most recent year for which data is available, around 85 zoology students graduated with this degree from UW – Madison.

The typical pay for zoology students earning a bachelor’s degree at UW – Madison is $25,800. This is more than the national median for all zoology bachelor’s degree recipients, $22,500.

More information about University of Wisconsin- Best Zoology colleges in the USA

4. University of Connecticut-Storrs, CT

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Every student interested in zoology should look into the University of Connecticut. UCONN is a prominent public university located in the Storrs suburbs. This university is ranked sixth out of 32 zoology colleges in Connecticut in terms of overall quality.

In the most recent year for which data is available, around 105 zoology students graduated with this degree from UCONN. When they enter the workforce, graduates of the University of Connecticut’s zoology degree program earn $3,975 more than the average college graduate in this field.

More information about University of Connecticut -Best Zoology colleges in the USA

5. Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Colorado State Institution is a public university in the midsize city of Fort Collins with a sizable student body. This university is ranked fifth out of 39 institutes in Colorado in terms of overall quality.

In the most recent year for which data are available, around 216 zoology students graduated from Colorado State. Colorado State University-Fort Collins zoology graduates make around $7,925 more than the national average.

More information about Colorado State University-Best Zoology colleges in the USA

6. University of California – Santa Barbara

UCSB is a large public university in Santa Barbara’s midsize suburb. UCSB is a fantastic university overall, with a Best Schools ranking of #93 out of 2,576 universities nationally.

In the most recent data year, approximately 24 zoology students graduated with this degree from UCSB. Graduates of the zoology program earn an average of $20,200 in their first year of employment.

More information about University of California- Best Zoology colleges in the USA

7. Ohio Wesleyan University -Delaware, OH

Ohio Wesleyan University has two departments dedicated to the study of wildlife. Botany & Microbiology and Zoology. Both provide a wide range of specialty courses and individualized student attention for effective learning.

Zoology students can apply their knowledge in various settings, such as zoos, veterinary clinics, wildlife centers, research laboratories, hospitals, and aquariums.

In addition, the department administers and maintains a research museum and two natural preserves to provide learning opportunities for students and the general public.

Teaching collections of insects, birds, mammals, and other species are available at the Brant Museum of Zoology at Ohio Wesleyan University.

In addition to attracting scholars from throughout the United States, this collection teaches children about taxonomic and evolutionary links.

More information about Ohio Wesleyan University- Best Zoology colleges in the USA

8. University of California, Davis

nischal malla wxUypmbVauA unsplash
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UC Davis is a large public institution located in the Davis suburbs. UC Davis is among the best zoology colleges with a Best Schools ranking of #112 out of 2,576 schools nationally.

Outside of the classroom, animal majors at UC Davis have numerous opportunities to learn. They can pick between faculty-led research programs and internships at various animal facilities, the School of Veterinary Medicine, or other institutions in adjacent communities.

Every year, the Department of Animal Science hosts a career symposium for students to learn about the various prospects.

In the most recent data year, roughly 95 zoology students graduated from UC Davis.

More information about University of California- Best Zoology colleges in the USA

9. the University of Oklahoma-Norman, OK

Based on enrollment, the University of Oklahoma is the most popular zoology college. In 2018, the school awarded 193 degrees, a 5% increase over the previous year. Furthermore, zoology students make 5.2 percent more than the average graduate, indicating a wise investment.

The program’s success has created many opportunities for students in the department. They are encouraged to explore their scientific interests, whether in evolutionary biology, animal behavior, or cell biology. Faculty will assist students in publishing their work or presenting at national and even international conferences.

There are also several groups and initiatives available to assist zoology students in succeeding and making connections within their field. The Biology Aid Program pairs upperclassmen tutors with younger students enrolled in Introductory Zoology, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership.

More information about University of Oklahoma- Best Zoology colleges in the USA

10. Michigan State University-Lansing, MI

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Students at Michigan State University can major in integrative biology or zoology. Integrative biology students receive a broader education by taking classes from various disciplines, whereas zoology students study classic areas like ecology, animal behavior, and marine biology.

Furthermore, students in the zoology major can customize their studies by selecting one or more concentrations. Animal biology and neurobiology, ecology, evolution, organismal biology, marine biology, zoo, and aquarium science are among the available concentrations.

This configuration enables students to personalize the curriculum to their professional interests, making them more competitive in the job market.

Alumni work as animal caregivers, biology assistants, cytogenetic technicians, teachers, park naturalists, and museum managers, utilizing their specific skills.
Students at the College of Natural Science can also pursue a dual degree, earning a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in the same or distinct areas.

More information about Michigan State University-Best Zoology colleges in the USA


Wildlife research is dangerous, but it can be rewarding if professional training. Undergraduates are applied to health care professions such as medical laboratory, veterinary medicine, and public health in various regions.

On the other hand, others wish to pursue advanced degrees and a profession in zoology.

However, if you want to make the most of your job, you must enroll in an accredited and well-known university.

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