10 Delightful Lincoln Highway Attractions

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lincoln highway attractions
Lincoln highway attractions

The Lincoln Highway is one of the transcontinental highways that connect between continents of the United States of America and has many attractions known as the Lincoln highway attractions. This highway from new york will help you get to places while enjoying a road trip.

If you plan to travel across two continents and do so through the Lincoln highway routes, you must stop and enjoy all of the Lincoln highway attractions.

The Lincoln Highway was built on the 31st of October, 1913 by the lincoln highway association, LHA – an association established on July 1, 1913.

Many tours are organized across the Lincoln highway that features race cars, vintage cars, and many other cars. You could be a part of this tour as well.

Given below is a list of a few Lincoln highway attractions that you must stop and visit.

Top 10 Lincoln Highway Attractions

1) National Museum of The American Coverlet

lincoln highway
A coverlet design from the museum

This amazing museum is one of the Lincoln highway attractions that depicts American history and tells us stories about the beautifully woven coverlets.

The museum provides proper identification to the coverlets that the traditional Americans weaved with hard work and dedication.

The museum is located in a Bedford, at a previous common school building that was a prehistoric Pennsylvania.

The museum has over 80 to 100 coverlets on display and includes displays of historic handlooms, spindles, handlooms, and other items for weaving the coverlets.

The charges for tickets are 10 $ per adult, and children below 12 years are free. You could inquire about group rates as well.

2) Old Bedford Village

lincoln highway
Experience the Bedford Villages History

A must visit Lincoln highway attractions for people interested in archaeology, and the old Bedford village is an ancient 18th-century archaeological site located in central Bedford County in Pennsylvania.

Learn about Bedford’s colorful historical past with the help of the periodically clothed men and women who put on a show to depict the history.

You could go around the village on a horse or a buggy ride and stop at the village taphouse for a tasty snack or drink.

They host a lot of special events for their guests to enjoy. Do check their events calendar for the same.

3) Fort Bedford Museum

lincoln highway
The fort Bedford museum features many ancient relics from Bedford

Another museum on the list of the Lincoln highway attractions.

The fort Bedford museum was built in 1858 by the then residents of Bedford to celebrate and appreciate the building of the French and Indian war fort in 1758.

There are approximately 4000 things and objects that depict Bedford’s past.

The museum displayed its items just like any other museum – in wooden boxes and glass shelves, for almost 58 years, but soon in 2015, the Bedford heritage trust decided to renovate it.

The renovation caused updates in the exhibits and also included educational programs and managing practices.

In 2016, a new exhibit display opened up in the museum known as the becoming Bedford and in 2017, the cave empire. In 2019 another new exhibit opened up – the story of Indian eve Ernst.

4) The Haines Shoe House

lincoln highway attractions
Haines Show House

Take a glimpse of one of these unique Lincoln highway attractions. The Haines shoe house is a seasonal attraction, and hence do make sure to check with the opening days and timings.

A guided tour of the 5 floors of the air-conditioned Haines shoe house helps you explore all the unique aspects and designs inside the shoe house.

Enjoy the many delicious snacks from the eateries and snack bars that offer ice-creams, beverages, sandwiches, and many other snacks. You could also bring a picnic and have a delightful lunch at the picnic tables here at the shoe house.

Take souvenirs for your loved ones from the gift shops.

Children can play outside the shoe house in the playing area.

5) The Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway

lincoln highway
Watch lives car races at the speed grounds

The Bedford fairgrounds speedway is the oldest dirt race track that is still active.

All the speedsters and car race lovers should visit this exciting place as a part of the Lincoln highway attractions. Many race events take place seasonally and occasionally.

The championships are very exciting and thrilling to watch. A few of the famous championship races include – Bedford keystone cup, Bedford fall fest, and many more.

There are test and tune sessions, a four-division race program that features the late models, and many other events.

The race ground has been associated with the famous carl fisher and henry b joy.

Do check out their events calendar to get new updates about championships and races so that you could be fortunate enough to spectate one.

6) Koontz Coffee Pot

lincoln highway
Koontz coffee pot

This gigantic kettle shaped building is another one of the fancy Lincoln highway attractions.

The history of this unique looking building dates back to 1927 when David burton Koontz opened this kettle shaped building next to his service station.

The pot was used for various things for a very long duration – a diner, a bus station, and a bar but soon was shut down.

In 2003, it opened up again as a tourist attraction and had been flourishing since then.

It now serves as a museum for Bedford and as an attraction for people who love art and want to stop at the Lincoln highway.

7) Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

lincoln highway
Southern Alleghenies Museum of art

The southern Alleghenies museum of art opened its fifth branch in May 2018 in Bedford.

This 2000-year-old landmark holds some of the state-of-the-art exhibits which some renowned painters and artists make.

For all the artisans and art lovers out there, if you are looking to spend some quality time while you take a pit stop at the Lincoln Highway, the southern Alleghenies museum of art is the right place for you.

Other attractions include a children’s based art studio and a virtual web-based audio tour. At the rear end of the museum is the mouse Myers grass memorial garden with many shrubs, plants, and other trees and perennials to look for.

8) Balyeat’s Restaurant Van Wert Ohio

lincoln highway
Balyeat’s Coffeeshop

This cute little coffee shop is next on the list of Lincoln highway attractions.

Enjoy a variety of tasty snacks from fried chicken and waffles to your favorite sandwiches, along with a steaming pot of coffee.

The best place to rest and refill in between a long drive along the Lincoln Highway, this coffee shop will help you feel fresh and full in no time.

Order something tasty off their long menu as well as from the beverages: Americano, latte, espresso, and many more. You name one, and they get that coffee for you right away.

The catchy sign on the outside will help you easily locate the coffee shop. The friendly managers and waiters always make you feel welcome and treat you like a priority.

Do visit this historic coffee shop on your way through the Lincoln highway.

9) Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium

lincoln highway
Taste the heavenly candies at the candy emporium

This amazing and unique attraction of Gettysburg is one of our favorites of the Lincoln highway attractions.

The candy emporium is like candy heaven for kids as well as adults. Indulge and buy lots and lots of assorted candies from this attraction. The emporium sells approximately 900 varieties of candies and more than 100 flavors of fudge.

Try their roasted peanuts and old-time candy. They also have gardens out front with a variety of themes.

After getting over the frenzy at the candy emporium, the next stop is the elephant museum.

The museum features almost 12000 varieties of elephant figurines and circus souvenirs.

Everything looks colorful and unique. There are also several elephant themed toys on display.

A must-visit for all age groups!

10) The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

lincoln highway
Lincoln highway corridors

The Lincoln highway heritage corridor embarks and depicts and celebrates all of the Lincoln highway attractions and tourism. You could also take part in celebrating the anniversary of the lincoln highway. center

The corridor’s main aim is to unite visitors and tourists and preach to them about the Lincoln Highway’s ancient history from 1913 to the present.

So many different occasions and different situations gave rise to the now monuments and tourist attractions.

Each attraction tells its own story and history. There are many state parks along the Lincoln Highway corridor that you could visit and have a delightful family picnic and create lovely memories.

The beautiful two-laned roads make you fall in love with the journey more than the destination.

Enjoy the small-town charm and the quirky yet unique roadside attractions at the Lincoln Highway corridor.

Don’t forget to click pictures for your scrapbook of fun and memories made during your road trip along the Lincoln highway!

Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway has perfect roads that are by far the smoothest roads made in all of America. Going on a road trip through the Lincoln highway is very exciting, and a must experience for all.

The list we mentioned above were a few of our favorite Lincoln highway attractions that you must visit.  There are many more attractions that you could discover on the way.

Grab an official road guide and get going! Be it sierra Nevada, county Iowa, york city and san, or any other place.

Collect souvenirs and memoirs and click tons of pictures as you visit each of the Lincoln highway attractions with your family and friends, and make sure to comment on your experience below!

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