10 Fun Durham Breweries You Must Visit

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If you plan on visiting Durham any time soon, you have got to visit the Durham breweries as well.

Durham has many amazing breweries to chill out and enjoy the ambiance. The Durham breweries are just a part of the many awesome things to do in Durham. It is a city in North Carolina that is famous for its technology companies and institutions with a very scholarly reputation.

Things To Do In Durham

Durham is full of monuments, chapels, museums, restaurants, and of course, their own Durham breweries. You could visit their state-of-the-art museum to take a peek at their cultural side and heritage or you could visit the museum of science + life to explore the scientific displays.

There are many beautiful chapels in Durham that denote the religious side of this city. You could rake a tour of the famous duke university and scourge its long grounds while admiring the architecture of the university building.

There are so many things to do in Durham. And as for the food – Durham has some amazing restaurants. A few of the Durham breweries serve meals as well, along with their tap menu.

Durham breweries brew ales for local as well as commercial use. A lot of these brews are transported to other cities and are loved by a large population of North Carolina. The best part about Durham breweries is that all of them have a fun and energetic vibe to them and would help you have a good time.

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Durham breweries have plenty to offer to their guests and make sure they satisfy every connoisseur of beer who visits them. Durham also hosts the Annual world beer festival. The event features brews from Durham breweries and many other national and international breweries as well.

And not just ale, they also feature great food and music, and they promise to help you make great memories. Getting back to Durham breweries, here is a list of some of the must-visit Durham breweries.

Best Of Durham Breweries

1) Ponysaurus Brewing Company

This one of the Durham breweries has a drive-through and a beautiful taproom, and outside seating arrangements with outdoor heaters in the patio and beer gardens.

Along with beers, they also serve hot drinks and non-alcoholic cider, fit for all age groups. It is located in downtown Durham, swing by with your group for a good time.

2) Fullsteam Brewery

Their mission is to craft the best southern beer and support the southern beer economy and the local farmers. Fullsteam Brewery is a part of the Durham breweries that believe in using local ingredients to brew the best local ales and sour beer.

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They are great supporters f the food producers of North Carolina. Established in 2010, they have a variety of tasty ales. You could order one of their locally brewed ales along with a snack from their food menu and enjoy the vibes in the taproom.

This brewery is located on Rigsbee Ave.

3) Durty Bull Brewing Company

Next on the Durham breweries list is the Durty Bull brewing company that brews unconventional ales and beers. They brew their beers with creativity and old-fashioned techniques and make sure they are barrel-aged and sour.

They have a taproom with a number of locally brewed beers on tap and to go as well. You could also order your can of locally brewed ale online. Enjoy the number of events that take place at this lively brewery.

Check out their event calendar to know more about the events. It is located on Broadway street.

4) Barrel Culture Brewing and Blending

Barrel culture brewing and blending focus on making beer that is perfect in all aspects. Be it the bottle design, taste, texture, or color of the beer. This one of the Durham breweries is passionate about making the perfect beer of all.

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Visit their taproom and order a beer bottle or can. Participate in some of their many events and have a guaranteed great time. They tend to have a new theme every day.  You could also ask them to pack your ales to go.

5) Bull Durham Beer Company

They make very good German and American brews. They make their brews with passion and creativity and use the best ingredients while doing so. This one of the Durham breweries believes in working independently.

They have a team of skilled workers who work hard to craft delicious beers. Do try their famous light ales and Kolsch.

6) Hi-Wire Brewing

This is one of the Durham breweries that believes in crafting traditional-style beer to pay homage to the brewing heritage. But they also keep in mind the new cultures of crafting and brewing and work upon that.

Who doesn’t like a bit of old school in today’s culture? And what do you want more when you get to taste that in a can of locally brewed ale? The taproom was established in 2015 and is very spacious with a patio and beer garden.

You could either sit in the indoor seating and enjoy the energetic-themed taproom or you could sit outside in the garden under the sky. They have a recreation space where you could play many indoor games like table tennis, soccer pool table and many more.

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Even though the taproom is family-friendly, they only entertain 21 + after 8 pm.

7) Bull City Burger and Brewery

This is not just one of the Durham breweries. It is also famous for its pasture-raised beef as well. They also serve delicious pizzas, pasta, gelato ice-creams, and other snacks.

As for beverages, apart from their tasty locally brewed ales, they also serve wine. Also, worry not, you vegetarians! They also serve delicious veggie burgers and other veggie snacks.

They cater to all types of needs, be it food or drinks. As for the brewery, they call themselves the champions of the true-to-style beer. Be the judge of that by visiting them and ordering off their menu anytime soon.

8) The Glass Jug Beer Lab

Stop by at this liveliest of the Durham breweries. They offer a massive selection of locally crafted brews and claim to use the finest ingredients. Their main motto is to brew high-quality beer using beer crafting science while educating beer drinkers and building a better community for breweries.

They host several events and beer tasting rounds. You could also enjoy food from the food trucks parked outside and sip on a chilled pint sitting in the garden seating area.

They have a very modern themed taproom and an amiable working staff who are always happy to help you choose your new favorite flavored ale from various local and guest taps.

9) Clouds Brewing

Durham Brewery’s next entrée is a sports taproom with exposed brick-designed walls. They craft new American brew variants along with many German-inspired ales and European brews as well.

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They have 18 taps and also serve wines and ciders as well. Established in 2016, they make sure their customers have a fun time while sipping brews made by them. You could also enjoy a match played on the TV in the taproom.

They have an outside seating arrangement and a soccer pool area for recreation. Sign up for various events that take place on specific days. Check out their events calendar for more.

10) Beer Study Durham

This one of the Durham breweries has a bottle shop selling their craft beers besides brewing local ales. They have a very hip and modern type of taproom with leather couches and a separate gaming arcade for recreation.

They have 38 constantly rotating taps and serve cider and wine for those who are not much into beers. They have an arcade with many classic old games like pinball, skeeball, and many more.

You can also rent the arcade room for private parties. You could drink beer, shop beer and play all at the same place. Check out their events in the event calendar, and make sure to be a part of any one of them the next time you plan on visiting.

The Best Of The Durham Breweries

Durham breweries are not just about brewing ales but are also the best in their services and keeping their customers happy. Do visit any or all of these awesome Durham breweries if you plan on going to Durham, North Carolina, anytime soon.

You could also visit the other breweries in North Carolina. And as for the level of enjoyment, do go there and check that out for yourself. Do note, most of the restaurants allow only 21 and above. Make sure to check with the staff if you plan on taking kids there.

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