White Sands New Mexico And 10 Remarkable Reasons To Visit

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White Sands New Mexico
Image Source : Photo By Mobilus In Mobili From Flickr

White Sands New Mexico is a distinguished charming gem of the United States of America.

The glistening charm of this divine art of nature is primarily the outstretch of white sand. With many agreeing on this point, it would not be an exaggeration to accept that it is one such place that makes one experience the feeling of heaven on earth.

White Sands New Mexico
Image Source: Photo By Mobilus In Mobili From Flickr

White Sands National Park is based in the northern Chihuahuan Desert, New Mexico, in the U.S. It is a 275 square miles glittering white sands desert, dazzling in the heart of the Tularosa Basin. Also, this national park is circumjacent to White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base.

Under the management of the U.S. National Park Service, White Sands National Park is the most engaging spot in New Mexico. Its world-renowned attraction makes it a worthy place for tourists.

Here is a video depicting the magnificence of the White Sands National Park, New Mexico.


White Sands National Park: The Historical Science Behind

It was long ago, dating back to around 12,000 years ago, when Tularosa Basin was a beautiful collaboration of lakes, ice age mammals, streams, and grasslands.

But this diversely beguiling beauty of the Tularosa Basin went through drastic transformations, and consequently, with the changing natural conditions, the plight of Tularosa changed too.

The continuous warming of the climatic arena made rain and melted snow dissolve gypsum in the basin. This process further led to the formation of selenite crystals due to gradual evaporation and drying of the basin. And these crystals were broken by the force of strong winds and led to the gypsum dunes of the present time.

  • Notable Fact: The primary source of gypsum granulated sand were two mountains, namely, San Andres and Sacramento mountains, surrounding this region of the Tularosa Basin.

White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Park that we know today was historically explored and known by White Sands National Monument. Then-President Herbert Hoover gave the White Sands National Monument on the 18th of January, 1933.

However, with the changing course of time, White Sands National Monument was again given new birth by the Congress of the United States, when it renamed it the White Sands National Park, adding on the number 62 to the list of National Parks in the United States.

10 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Visit White Sands National Park Of New Mexico

White Sands New Mexico is undoubtedly an incredible national park. It stands prominent in the most ravishing natural wonders on this planet, located at the northern end of the Chihuahuan Desert. According to the U.S. National Park Service, the place attracts a huge number of visitors every single year.

White Sands New Mexico
Image Source: Photo By SK from Flickr

The visitors are attracted to the unique white desert and many opportunities for adventurous activities, White Sands National Park’s topography offers.

Among a mountain of meritorious reasons to visit White Sands New Mexico, here are some most rewarding ones :

1. Largest Gypsum Dune Field In the World

White Sands National Park is on the top globally, with the world’s largest gypsum dunes. These white dunes along the lake Lucero of the Tularosa basin stretch over 275 square miles.

Being this measureless, White Sands New Mexico also sustains life in the form of habitat to thousands of plants and animals, prominently forty-five species of endemic moths.


  • Notable Fact: Like most of the sand particles are composed of silica, the sand at White Sands National Park is purely composed of gypsum.

2. The Adventure of Backcountry Camping

Backcountry Camping in White Sands, New Mexico, is one of the most thrilling activities for adventurers.

Backcountry Camping, in literal terms, is all about camping in isolated areas with a complete set of required material and involves being well prepared and well equipped for every phase of camping.

There are ten backcountry camping sites in the White Sands New Mexico or the White Sands National Park. Each one of these requires a hike of one mile to enter it.

The point to be amazed here is that, during this backcountry camping, pets are also allowed to be taken along, but they should be in your proper control.

So, if your pet is adventure friendly, White Sands National Park is the perfect adventure waiting for you!


3. The Outstanding Dunes Drive

In the great White Sands of New Mexico, there is a 16-mile round trip Dunes Drive road, leading from the visitor center to the core of the dune fields, which is an eye-catching path to have the marvelous view of the White Sands National Monument.

On the way to this dunes drive, there are three spots to enjoy a picnic with your companions. So, along the drive, you can take breaks at these picnic settings to relax with your companions.


4. The Exceptional White Sands Balloon Festival

White Sands Balloon Festival is characteristic of the fanciable balloon launch when the clock struck 7 in the morning. This festival is organized annually by Alamogordo in September.

White Sands Balloon Festival gives rainbow-like colorful pleasure to the hearts of all the visitors eagerly coming to enjoy this festival at White Sands New Mexico.


5. The Thrilling Adventure Of Hiking

Hiking is the most exciting activity and is the focal reason for visiting White Sands, New Mexico for most of the visitors. The National Park is a place with many uncountable opportunities to hike, being an exclusive place for hiking with its five official hiking trails.

Here are some of the joyful types of hiking, which suits best in the dunes of White Sands National Park :

1. Alkali Flat Trail –

Alkali Flat Trail is the most difficult hike at White Sands National Park. With arduous treks along the white dunes at the national park, alkali flat is a 5 miles trip marked with a red trail.

2. Backcountry Camping Trail –

The backcountry camping trail is a marked orange trail of 2 miles. This trail is an experience brimming with one of the most eye-pleasing views of steep dunes.

3. Interdune Boardwalk –

Interdune Boardwalk is as short as point 4 miles and is also wheelchair accessible. This is about hiking in between the white-colored dunes with the help of a wooden boardwalk.

4. Playa Trail –

Playa Trail is point 5 miles hiking through the playa. It is a hiking trail that is marked by trail markers that are green in color.

5. Dune Life Nature Trail –

Dune Life Nature Trail is a 1-mile roundtrip hike through the white dunes of the National Park. To identify the dune life nature trail, it should be remembered that blue-colored trail markers recognize it.


6. The Startling Park Ranger Programs

White Sands National Park offers its visitors some exceptional ranger programs that make the experience of visiting White Sands New Mexico more heartfelt.

These National Park Ranger Programs are specific for people in different age groups. Some of these are :

1. Full Moon Hike –

A full moon hike is a hiking program under the dreamy sky of full moon nights from April to November.

2. The Tour Of Lake Lucero –

The tours of Lake Lucero are allowed for visitors from October to March. These tours are often viewed as the best way to get accustomed to the scientific history of forming the gypsum dune fields at White Sands National Park.

3. Junior Ranger Program –

Junior Ranger program is by and large organized for children with utter curiosity and a love for adventure. Notably, this program is financed by the funds raised by the National Park Service; therefore, it is free of cost for the general folks.

4.MothaPalooza –

MothaPalooza is a family-friendly program in the White Sands National Park, which is primarily organized for glorifying the diverse and unique ecology of the White Sands New Mexico.

5. Community Events –

White Sands National Park is a part of several community events that take place throughout the year.


7. The Alluring Sunset Views

With one of the most epic sunset views, the White Sands National Park offers its visitors a specific park ranger program called Sunset Stroll.

The Sunset Stroll commences an hour before sunset. It is guided by a park ranger and involves taking a leisure walk. For one and all, it is indeed a mesmerizing view for the fortunate eyes at the White Sands New Mexico.

The sunsets radiating beauty from the cores of this vibrant white sands desert capture hearts forever!


8. The Heavenly Stargazing

Just like you are standing under the illuminating galaxies, the night skies at White Sands National Park are breathtaking for all alike. The stargazing at this white desert is a heavenly view, beautiful enough to bliss the eyes and enchant the heart.

The stargazing at White Sands National Park is a worth it miracle for the lovers of stars, moonlight, night skies, and pacifying peace.


9. The Mind-Blowing Activity Of Dune Sledding

Dune sledding is one such fun activity at White Sands, New Mexico, that both adults and kids equally admire. With the white sands dunes at this national park, they offer subtle slopes to ride down with the sleds.

So, in one way or the other, White Sands National Park is the best site for you, where you can enjoy activities like dune sledding that involve playing on the sand, and if it’s white sand, then the experience becomes more cherishing.


10. The Amenities For Comfortable Stay

The ancient White Sands National Monument has been a well-known tourist spot across the world. Therefore, the localities around White Sands, New Mexico, have plenty of amenities that assure a comfortable stay for the tourists.

There are two cities, namely, ALAMOGORDO and LAS CRUCES, which are the center of attraction to find comfortable places to spend relaxing moments.

The town of Alamogordo has many hotels, shops to buy any required stuff, and restaurants serving delicious food, coming up as a city accommodating quite a large band of tourists positively.

Similarly, Las Cruces is a large city, a little far from the White Sands National Park. Las Cruces is a city with great hotel options to make the tourists’ stay safe and full of comfort.


Some Pre-Requisites to make the tour to White Sands New Mexico More Amusing

The location of White Sands National Park is such that along with the relishing experience one gets, the tour to White Sands New Mexico with the prior need of some safety pre-requisites. These are relevant to make the tour more relishing as well as safer.

  • Notable Fact: The best time to visit White Sands National Park can be most days throughout the year. However, it is also suggested to avoid the visit in spring, as it is the time for heavy winds in this desert.

Here are some of the pre-requisites to visit White Sands, National Park :

1. Take your own food as well as water :

Food and water are primarily crucial for the survival of all of us, especially when you visit adventurous locations like that of White Sands National Park. They are recognized for their uncertain atmospheric conditions.

On a similar note, since the dunes at White Sands, New Mexico, stretch over a considerable number of square miles, you need enough energy to sustain yourself throughout the tour.

Therefore, keeping a bag full of edible stuff and bottles of water is always a good idea.

2. Avoid being lost :

White Sands New Mexico is known worldwide for its vastness. This vastness always has a hidden apprehension regarding getting lost amongst the white dunes.

If any, you and your companions ( if any ) need to keep track of the path you take to move around the White Sands National Park.

To avoid getting lost, the White Sands National National Park offers several fundamental programs to make the trip to these white dunes more lively and easier.

So, you can openly show a thumbs up to them!

3. Keep yourself hydrated :

As the endless dunes of White Sands, New Mexico, with strenuous activities like hiking and many more, ask for a lot of boost from within. So, keeping yourself hydrated becomes highly beneficial.

Precisely, if you visit the White Sands National Park in the months of summer, when the scorching sun shines just above your head, keeping yourself hydrated is the point you should keep on top of your priorities.

4. Some important items to be taken along :

If you plan to visit White Sands National Park, taking the following items along will surely make your trip comfier.

1. Sunglasses :

To protect your eyes from the blowing white sands all around, sunglasses are a must at White Sands National Park.

2. Food and Water

To keep yourself strongly energized throughout, a nutritious intake of food and plenty of water is vital.

3. Hat or Cap

To keep your hair not get due to the windy atmosphere of the White Sands National Park, wearing a cap or a hat will make you feel relaxed throughout.

4. Camera

White Sands New Mexico, is an amazingly photogenic place. So, capturing your precious moments here is important too. For that, do not forget to take a camera along.

  • Notable Fact: The sand of White Sands New Mexico, unlike other deserts, is cool to the touch. The reason behind this is the high rate of evaporation of surface moisture, and the sand reflects more heat than it absorbs.

The Tantalizing Natural Wonder

White Sands New Mexico
Image Source: Photo By Daniel Knieper From Flickr

Starting from the Visitor Center at the National Park to the farthest corners of White Sands New Mexico, every single feature of these white dune fields amazes every individual.

  • Notable Fact: The Visitor Centre at White Sands National Park is exclusively beautiful and known for its historical Spanish Structure with many fascinating exhibits.

Years ago, after nature changed the destiny of the streaming water in the Tularosa Basin and the warm climatic forces turned it into a land of glazing gypsum dunes, a place named White Sands National Monument was discovered. And the glory of this place is still the same today in the name of White Sands National Park.

With its beauty of glossy white dunes and the spark of adventurous zest offering prospects like hiking, backcountry camping, White Sands National Park is a jaw-dropping experience in itself.

With its unsurpassed festivities like the White Sands Balloon Festival, White Sands New Mexico is a celebration in itself.

With its matchless views of glimmering sunsets and bright night skies full of twinkling stars, White Sands National Park is a universe in itself.

With its heavenly tranquility and the real epitome of all the magical glimpses of nature aligned together, White Sands National Park is the tantalizing natural wonder of this world.

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