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10 Things to Buy Before Moving to Alaska

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What are the things to buy before moving to Alaska?
Alaska, the last frontier, is the northernmost state of the USA. Here’s a fun fact- Alaska was once a part of Russia, but The USA purchased it later for a price of $7.2 million. A major part of it is in the Arctic circle.
Due to its geographical location is freezing on the outer side and warmer on the interior side. It has days and nights for 6 months each, making winters dark and summers very bright. Due to its low-density population, Alaska has many peaceful places to visit. It’s quite a paradise for an introvert.

The Complete Guide on Moving to Alaska

Why moving to Alaska is an excellent decision? What are the things to buy before moving to Alaska? How many summer outfits should I pack? This article will satisfy all your queries!

Why moving to Alaska is a great decision?

steve halama ylXEoOGH8VQ unsplash scaled
Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Wow, good job, you made an incredible decision! Moving to Alaska is the new black. Nowadays, many people are not only traveling to but are also considering living in Alaska because of the manifold reasons, including-
  • Breath-taking beauty it holds,
  • Adventurous lifestyle,
  • Northern lights,
  • Good air quality,
  • No state income tax,
  • and of course, free money! You must have heard Alaska residents get a Permanent Fund Dividend which is around $1,100.
It must be exhilarating to move to Alaska. Before moving to Alaska, you need to do the tiring but significant task of shopping. So, are you ready to pack your bags?

Don’t forget these 10 Things to Buy Before Moving to Alaska

1. Heavy winter coats

It’s going to be really, really cold out there. Winter temperatures in Alaska range from 0°F to -30°F (-18°C to -35°C) and Summer temperatures range from 40°F to 60°F (4°C – 15°C). You have to dress up for comfort and weather.
Buy huge furry coats to look like an Alaskan and, of course, to save yourself from the harsh climate. The coats are one of the most important things to buy before moving to Alaska.

2. Eye Mask

sd scaled
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

In Summers, the Sun will be out for most of the time. You will only get a few hours of darkness. Buy an eye mask to get quality sleep for longer. You can also buy dark-colored curtains. They will help in shutting out the natural light.

3. Hiking Kit

There are many hiking trails in Alaska, including, Kenai River trail, Winner Creek, Mount Baldy, and many more. Is it worth living in Alaska if you don’t explore it through adventuresome excursions? Get yourself hiking pants, bag pack, compass, trekking poles, and good boots to enjoy the adventure!

4. Mosquito repellents

there are many mosquitoes in alaska

The marshy lands, frequent precipitation, and temperature of Alaska create a suitable environment for breeding mosquitoes. The state bird of Alaska is the ‘willow ptarmigan,’ but as a joke, mosquitoes are called the state bird of Alaska! Buy mosquito repellents, preferable DEET (although not eco-friendly), and repellent bands to avoid irritation.

5. A four-wheeler

sv scaled
Photo by Maksym Tymchyk on Unsplash

Markets are not at a walkable distance, and the roads are not walker-friendly. There are many places that you can reach only by driving. Buy a four-wheeler. If it’s a truck, SUV, or ATV, it’s even better.
Make sure you empty the fuel before sending your car to ship, as most moving companies do not allow it. Also, you have to hone your driving skills in the hilly areas to avoid severe circumstances.

6. A Bear Spray

Do you know how many bears are there in Alaska? 30,000. They may come across your path a few times. Make sure you have a bear spray to tackle any attack. It’s advisable to learn a few safety tricks as well.

7. Duct Tape

Wasilla, the sixth-largest city in Alaska, was named the Duct Tape Capital of the World. 5,469 residents of Wasilla purchased more than 325 miles of duct tape in 2002 to lead the nation, according to Duck(R) brand duct tape. Alaskans obsess over duct tapes. Any problem? One solution! Duct Tape! It’s quite useful as well. Anything broken can be fixed with duct tape.

8. Ice Scraper

There will be a lot of ice! An ice scraper would be a savior in such circumstances. Buy it to avoid future panic attacks.

9. Fishing License


Unlike most of the states, Alaska has water all around it. In the north, it has the Arctic Ocean. To the South, it has the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of Alaska. To the west, there is the Bering Sea. Hence, there is great potential for fishing. It is a major commercial activity in Alaska. Some people fish to earn extra money. You can order an online fishing license.

10. Essential clothing items

The best tip to survive the winters of Alaska is to wear layers of clothes. Take with you-

  • A couple of pairs of wool socks,
  • A warm hat,
  • gloves, mittens,
  • thermal underwear,
  • woolen scarf,
  • warm trousers,
  • sweaters,
  • and so on to save yourself from the climate. Do not forget boots. In a frigid climate, rainy weather, and sturdy treks, boots will be your best friends in Alaska.
Before moving to Alaska, there are many other things to buy but don’t spend all your money on it. Remember, Alaska is one of the most expensive states in The United States of America.
The cost of living is high in Alaska in comparison to even the larger cities of the U.S.A. Education, healthcare, grocery items, transportation, etc., are quite costly. Read about the real cost of living in Alaska.
So, with all these things, you also need a lot of money to survive in the 49th state of the U.S.A!
Packing is not only about what to keep but also about what to discard. Sadly, you cannot have so many things to buy before moving to Alaska because moving costs to Alaska are not cheap due to its remote location.

Here are the things you probably don’t need in Alaska

1. So many lovely outfits

No one worries much about fashion here so that you can be one of them too. Additionally, the temperature will not allow you to wear some outfits most of the time. But if you are a fashion enthusiast and nothing can stop you from wearing good clothes, pack a few of your dresses and abandon the rest.

2. A trailer

tl scaled
Photo by Caleb Ruiter on Unsplash

If you have planned to live a nomad lifestyle in a trailer in Anchorage, I am sorry you have to cancel that plan. It is illegal for a person to drive and live in a trailer in Anchorage.

3. Slingshots

Even if you love them so much, you have to leave them behind as Haines banned slingshots.

4. Summer Outfits

Do not leave all your summer outfits, though. There will be summers. But you need to pack bulky layers for winters, leaving lesser space for your summer outfits.

5. Anything that you can buy later in Alaska.

You don’t have to buy so many things before moving to Alaska. Alaska has a good market to meet all your requirements. Although it is high-priced, it will still be cheaper than the moving cost.

What to eat in Alaska?

shekina yeo 6riJN3haBhE unsplash scaled
Photo by Shekina Yeo on Unsplash

The major concern of some you must be the food. There are some arctic places infamous for their food. Is Alaska one of them too?
No, Alaska has many mouth-watering dishes like-

Is there any food item you need to pack with you?

Almost everything is available. Even if you are vegan, restaurants have enough vegan options for you. So, in the things to buy before moving to Alaska list, food items do not have much importance.
If you want to take something with you, make sure it’s solid and packed in a zip-lock or a tight container to avoid the mess. 
So, finally, you are almost done with your shopping. Congratulations!

More Things to Buy Before Moving To Alaska

  • It’s advisable to talk to a moving company in advance and learn about the cost of moving. This will help you manage your funds.
  • The best time to move to Alaska is in Summer (June to August, July is the hottest month). If possible, you should move in the Summer season. The temperature is warmer, and contrary to winters, summers have abundant sunlight.
  • Learn basic safety tricks. Owing to the adventurous life in Alaska, there are a few dangers. One of them is wildlife encounters, especially bear attacks.
  • Have a job waiting for you. The unemployment rate in Alaska is 6.2%, which is the highest in the nation. Agriculture is seasonal, and there is not much work availability in manufacturing. To survive in this costly state, you need a job. If you are moving to Alaska without a job, make sure you have enough money for expenses of at least 3-4 months.
  • Have you decided where you are going to live? Talk to a real estate agency. Real estate prices are lower than in other states.
  • Try visiting Alaska in different seasons before moving. It will help you assess the weather in Alaska and realize your comfort with the weather.
That’s it. If you feel exhausted from a long week of planning and packing, do not worry. Alaska has many coffee stalls around the streets to help you fight your fatigue!
I hope this blog post on ‘things to buy before moving to Alaska‘ helped you make your workload a little lesser. Is there something else you would like to add? Do share in the comments section.
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