11 Exciting Things To Do At The Little River Marina

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Situated in Lake Allatoona, in the Northwest area of metro Atlanta, Little River Marina is definitely one of the lake’s most beautiful and famous marinas. Aesthetic Blue Ridge Mountain foothills are always an attraction for tourists.

Little River Marina never loses its popularity, an ideal place for boating, with 270 miles of shoreline and 12,000 acres of water. To get out of your busy schedules and enjoy some valuable time with family and friends, you must visit this marina.

During vacations, one always wishes to find peace and happiness. You can check out this marina to create beautiful memories with your friends or family.

Choosing a marina is not an easy task. You have to check the facilities on-shore. Access to facilities like fuel and food is vital. Little River Marina provides all the services that you need.

There is 8 full-service marina along the shores of Lake Allatoona. With so much variety and options, this marina and the lake together can satisfy your adventure desires.

Little River Marina, which is a full-service marina, is conveniently located in Lake Allatoona. Enjoy the scenic beauty and the soothing side of the lake, with a little adventure that your heart craves.

Little river marina
Photo by Athena/Pexels. Copyright 2020

You will find yourself completely in awe of the beauty and the services provided at the marina. No one will leave the place without heartwarming memories. It is a place to live life to the fullest, with a great many opportunities to rekindle your inner aspirations and much more!

Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona is a perfect place for exploring. It is a famous spot for camping, boating and adventure. Fishing is also a great attraction.

There are two yacht clubs and several marinas.

Click here to Know more about Lake Allatoona.

Facilities at Little River Marina

Little River Marina is the most convenient and one of the best customer service providers in Lake Allatoona. The marina provides a lot of services.

Storage Areas

Owning a boat is a risk, especially if you don’t have adequate space to store it when unused. An amazing thing about the Marina is that it has a lot of storage areas for your boats.

Your boat will be protected from wind, rain and any other damages by keeping it in the storage areas. It has wet slips and dry storage spaces. You can keep your boat safe and secure in this marina.

Fuel Dock

The marina has a fuel dock. So if you ever run out of fuel, you can rely on the fuel dock at the marina. It is active during the day.

Boat Rentals

You can rent a boat or a pontoon or a ski boat from the marina. To discover the lake, it is best to take a long cruise on a boat.

Fishing with family and friends will give you the best memories. Many of us don’t want to own a boat, so renting is the coolest option. You can rent a boat or a pontoon at an affordable rate.

To know more about boat rentals, click here!


The marina has a ship store. You can approach the ship store to get ropes, supplies for cleaning your boat or water boards. Maintenance materials are also provided.

Boat Club

Join the boat club to know more about boating and to discover your passion for boating!

Little river marina
Photo by Athena/Pexels. Copyright 2020

Introduce boating to your lifestyle by ensuring a membership at the boat club. Online reservation services are also available. Check it out and be a part of the boat club.

Highlights of Little River Marina

There are a lot of activities to do and things to experience at this marina.

1. Festivals of Little River

One must never miss the festivities at this marina. The two major festivals are the shrimp fest –  during October and the majestic blue crab fest during May.

This is the seafood festival, and if you are a seafood lover, this is the best experience you can get. For an optimal experience, you can sit enjoy the delicacies of this place during these festivals.

2. Ski boats

Explore the water in the best way, using a guided jet ski tour. To enjoy the scenic beauty and to have fun, ski boats are a must. See the dolphins and find out more about the inner coastal water!

A two-hour trip can really give you total satisfaction and help you find more about the lake and its history.

3. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities to do at Little River Marina. It’s said that if you didn’t go fishing, then you have never been to the marina. You can catch several fish from the water. Baits and fishing equipment are available at the stores.

If you are good enough, you can even catch big fish, which is not only exciting but will also give you that feeling of success! Engage yourself in a little meditation by fishing.

4. The Beaches

Who doesn’t love a beach? Whether you are on your own, with your friends, or with your family, a beach promises fun and excitement! Though the Little River doesn’t have its own beaches, it is near beaches like Sunset Beach, Cherry Grove. And North Myrtle Beach.

Visiting these beaches can give you the most mesmerizing time. A suitable place to be with family and friends, a beach is always full of surprises.

You can watch the sunsets, relax, celebrate yourself with water sports, or enjoy a swim.

5. Vereen Gardens

This is an ideal place to meditate and relax. You can walk through the forests, listen to the sounds of birds, and enjoy the beautiful site. There is stunning marsh land. Once you go up to 1500 feet, you will be able to witness the intercoastal beauty.

Little river marina
Photo by Chris F/ Pexels. Copyright 2018

Being with nature can always get this creative side of you. It is necessary to take adequate breaks from a scheduled life by visiting places like this.

6. Riverside Dining

How heartwarming is it to look at the waters and enjoy a meal?  This marina presents you with several varieties of seafood and breathtaking places to enjoy the food.

Have the local seafood experience facing the river. Riverside dining, as always, gives you a feeling of tranquility. You can enjoy the delicious food in peace.

7. Kayaking and Crabbing

See the beautiful rock formations along the river. Kayaking and crabbing in the river are some of the best ways to explore. The majestic blue crab is the specialty of the area.

If you don’t see the crab, you are definitely missing out on the major attraction of the place. Catch a few crabs and cook for your beloved. Spend some quality time by kayaking and crabbing.

Improve your fitness with this wonderful outdoor activity. Kayaking is such a simple sport that even beginners will find it comfortable.

8. Big Casino Boat

It is the only gambling ship in the river. You can enjoy good food and beverages. If you are lucky enough, you can gamble too! Usually, there are four departures daily, if the weather is fine.

9. Golf

There are a lot of golf courses in the area. You can enjoy the sport and engage yourself in a little adventure.

10. Sea Screamer Tour

This tour is a great way to see Little River Marina. You can meet up with shrimp boats and see the dolphins. Get the whole sea experience.

11. Camping

Many campgrounds are located along the shores of Lake Allatoona. Also, they provide services like picnic tables, grills, laundry facilities and other amenities.

Spend some time on the shores for recreation. Entertain yourself by grilling with your friends or family.

Seeing the lake and sleeping beside the water is a magical experience.


Little River Marina. as a whole, is an experience that one should have at least once in their lifetime. Highlighting that human lives are so much connected to rivers and other water bodies, people should frequently visit places like this.

Visiting marinas can get you to know about your own roots. You will find yourself asking how everything evolved, how the planet developed, and other questions usually unanswered since only nature knows those answers.

Connecting ourselves with our mother nature is the only way for peaceful sustenance. Show your children how to look into nature and feel it, and then they will never harm the earth.

Little river marina can give you everything you want. This is the right place for every seafood lover. To grow your passion for seafood, explore the varieties offered by the marina.

Everyone has got a little kid in them. Enjoy the little big things at the marina with the mind of a child. Thus, find out your new passions. You may never know your passion for boating or fishing unless you let your inner child out.

Take your favorite people for a little adventure. Anyone, irrespective of their age, can enjoy the litter river marina. One can find true happiness by engaging themselves in so many activities.

The plenty of services at the Little River Marina will make your vacation easy and comfortable. With many storage facilities and boat rentals, make your holidays brighter and enjoyable.

Keep your boats nice and clean, find boats at a reasonable price and have a great time at the marina. The exemplary service and hospitality will always give you a fulfilled feeling.

Unwind your deepest desires with a positive outlook, and the marina will not disappoint you. Enrich your mind with the incredible views of the lake.

Totally, the marina is your happy place to find peace and your passion.  Spend your holidays wisely. Visit the place and rediscover yourself!

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