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Kauai’s Aerial Wonders: 13 Unforgettable Helicopter Tours

Ah, Kauai! It is the perfect paradise found on Earth for beach lovers and people wanting to de-stress after a long week. But how about you explore this paradise from the sky? Yes, we are talking about the Kauai helicopter tours!

Helicopter tours are amazing and exciting, and the best tours are no doubt the Kauai helicopter tours. Listed below are a few of the best Kauai helicopter tours that you must try when you visit Hawaii.

Kauai helicopter tours
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List of Top Stunning Kauai Helicopter Tours

1. Island Helicopters Kauai

Enjoy the most elite of the Kauai helicopter tours as this agency takes you through the tour and view of the gigantic Manawaiopuna Falls.

The unique thing about this waterfall is that it was made famous by the Steven Spielberg movies – Jurassic Park and Jurassic Falls. The tour lasts for almost 75-80 minutes and lets you explore the Na Pali coast, the Olokele Canyon, and Mt Waialeale’s crater.

2. Kauai Helicopter Tours

The Kauai Helicopter Tours is a helicopter agency in Wailua homesteads that will take you through a thrilling adventure and ride. Explore the huge mountains, beaches, and plateaus from up above while you gasp at the Hawaiian scenic beauty.

The agency gives amazing service while following all the safety protocols while flying and has skilled pilots to operate the helicopters; it is situated on Lokelani Road, Kapaa, Hawaii.

Kauai helicopter tours
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3. Safari Helicopters

A part of the Kauai helicopter tours, Safari helicopters help you look at the beautiful Hawaiian Islands from a different perspective.

They offer tours across two islands – the Kauai helicopter tours and the big island helicopter tours.

The Kauai helicopter tours include tours across the whole of Kauai island, where you get to see the preserve landing, the na pali, the Waialeale, and the Waimea Canyon. The tour is approximately 70-90 minutes long.

The big island tours, also known as the Volcanoes National Park safari – are a 55-minute ride through the rainforests, the black sand beaches, the cinder cones, the national park overview, and the vents.

4. Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours

The Mauna Loa helicopter tours of the Kauai helicopter tours is a private agency that enables you to explore the Hawaiian Islands from high above.

Enjoy the view of the splendid islands as you fly across the sky. Choose from three different islands – Kauai Island, Oahu Island, and Hawaii Island.

The Kauai helicopter tours, also called the garden island tours – will take you across an adventure and exploratory journey through Mt’s beautiful waterfalls. Waialeale, Waimea Canyon, and the Na Pali coast.

The Oahu Tours involves the journey across Honolulu and the north shore, along with mesmerizing beaches.

The Hawaii island tour takes you across the volcanoes, black sand beaches, thick forests, and mountains across Hawaii.

Kauai helicopter tours
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5. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

An amazing Kauai helicopter tour agency in Lihue, Hawaii.

Explore the Hawaiian archipelago and its exotic landmarks; the tour involves the exploration of 4 main and larger islands and 4 smaller islands.

Explore the vast lands that have lush green forests and the amazing cascading waterfalls that make into ponds of crystal-clear water along with the Hanapepe Valley.

The black sand beaches look astounding from such a height, and the gigantic mountains look like little dunes of mud.

6. Jack Harter Helicopters

The Jack Harter Helicopters agency has over 50 years of experience and can be trusted to provide you with the best Kauai helicopter tours of all.

Fly in a luxuriously big aircraft or experience the thrill of riding in a helicopter without doors—the best way to experience the scenic beauty of Hawaii by the sky.

You will feel the wind and cool breeze slapping across your face as you embark on an amazing exploratory journey of the islands through the sky.

The tour lasts for almost 55-60 minutes and can carry 4 people at a time.

Kauai helicopter tours
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7. Ali’I Kauai Air Tours and Charters

Experience the ultimate Kauai helicopter tours by flying with all Kauai air tours and charters.

You can enjoy either door-off or door-on helicopter tours according to your level of thrill and adventure.

The main helicopter used is the Robinson R44 Helicopter – which is the best for flying private tours and accommodates 3 passengers.

Fly across the Garden Island, also known as the Kauai island tours, involves massive waterfalls, the rocky Napali coast, and the grand Waimea Canyon.

8. Sunshine Helicopters. Inc

The Sunshine Helicopter Tours company involves Kauai helicopter tours, Maui helicopter tours, and big island helicopter tours.

The Kauai helicopter tour takes you across an unreachable and unexplorable journey through beautiful island natural beauties. It involves an ultimate Kauai flying adventure across the well-known Garden Island.

Enjoy sightseeing from a unique perspective, make unforgettable memories, and spectate the breathtaking view.

Kauai helicopter tours
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9. Maverick Helicopters

This helicopter agency enables you to access the normally inaccessible grounds.

Fly above and across the beautiful Kauai islands, otherwise nicknamed Garden Isle,  and explore the terrains, including the plateaus and the mountains. The beautiful sights like the waterfalls and the beaches make it even more beautiful.

The combination of the dense dark green forest and the clear blue waters make the scenery even more unforgettable.

10. Wings Over Kauai

An elite Kauai helicopter tour agency takes you for a ride over the rugged Napali coast and the Pacific Sea. Here, you will encircle the mountains and canyons while the breeze sweeps across your face and hair.

They promise to provide dedicated services and give attention to detail regarding their clients and the safety of their clients.

11. Kauai Vacation Tours

A local touring company that lets you embark on an unforgettable journey through and above the island of Kauai, it is worth the money.

The doors of the helicopter tour also ensure that you have proper glimpses of the whole island.

Kauai helicopter tours
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12. Niihau Helicopter Inc.

This helicopter tour of Kauai helps you explore Hawaii’s private islands while giving you the experience of a thrilling adventure.

The pilot also tells you about the island’s myths and histories while elaborating on Hawaii’s legends. You could also land on many secluded beaches and sunbathe along the coast.

Collect beautiful beach shells or go snorkeling and swim with a few of the tropical fishes. Here, half-day tours include a journey to the Forbidden Islands and an aerial tour across the Niihau islands.

13. Air Tour Kauai

Get ready to be stunned and mesmerized as this helicopter tour agency takes you on an outstanding journey through the island.

And guess what? This company offers helicopter tours and many other activities like the zip line across Kauai’s treetops, taking up a skydiving adventure, or spending a relaxing evening at the sunset Napali cruise.

Do make sure to check out their tour packages and combos before visiting.

Closing Thoughts

Listed above are the best Kauai helicopter tours that would help you achieve your wish to fly in a helicopter and experience an adventure tour across the exotic Hawaiian island. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the canyon landing safari and helicopter rides

Don’t miss out on the chance, and book your tour now!

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