15 Most Exciting Amusement Parks in Colorado

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amusement parks in colorado
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Amusement Parks are always among the most popular attractions in tourist destinations. The amusement parks in Colorado are also a favorite of visitors.

The parks are a place to spend fun and delightful time with your loved ones. Spending a day at the amusement parks in Colorado is sure to make your vacation worthwhile.

So be prepared to have your mind blown and fall in love with the vibrant assortment of rides, games, foods, gifts, and adventures packed in the most amazing collection of amusement parks in Colorado.

1. Get to Know Colorful Colorado

Before delving into the fun part – the amusement parks in Colorado, first, you should know a few things about the place.

The western state of the U.S.A., Colorado, has mainly been talked about for its colorful topography of mountain ranges, woodlands, high grasslands, valleys, plains, rivers, deserts, and historic attractions like Larimer Square and Trail Ridge Road.

The state is very aptly nicknamed ‘Colorful  Colorado.’ The word signifies Colorado’s grand, vivid and vibrant terrains, comprising its dense forests and sparkling blue lakes.

Colorado Flag
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The stunning nature of Colorado is not the only thing great about the place. Your stay here will not be complete unless you try the thrilling rides, water, alpine slide, and games at the amusement parks in Colorado.

The city of Denver is the soul and spirit of the state. The Mile High City is full of delights – roller coasters, climbing walls, water slides, and more. With the amusement parks in Colorado, especially Denver, you are promised to have a truly memorable and joyous ride.

2. 15 Most Exciting Amusement Parks in Colorado

If you are tired of the same old galleries, museums, and sightseeing tours, it’s time for a new adventure!

By spending a day at some of the most fun amusement parks in Colorado, your holiday will be full of thrill and excitement.

So to know your way to the best and most exciting amusement parks in Colorado, look at this list.

2.1) Lakeside Amusement Park

The Lakeside Amusement Park, located in western Downtown Denver, is family-owned and first began in 1908, making it one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States. Since then, it has steadily been ranked along the best amusement parks in Colorado.

As the name suggests, you can find the Lakeside Amusement Park on Lakeside. The park is full of amazing attractions like roller coasters and water slides.

The most loved of them are the Wild Chipmunk and the Cyclone Coaster.

2.2) Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Take a stroll through the doors of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park at Glenwood Springs and decide between rides that swing you above a valley or journeys that take you underground into the spooky caves.

Colorado’s largest show cave attractions include the fun bungee trampoline, family-friendly laser tag, a confusing maze, a delightful alpine ride, thrilling roller coasters, and a zip ride.

With these family rides, your loved ones will not experience a single dull moment in the colorful land of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Roller Coaster
Image by pnat from Pixabay Copyright 2017

2.3) Pirates Cove Water Park

This seasonal water park in Colorado is filled with lap pools, entertainment activities, and enjoyable rides. This park in Englewood highlights the city’s simple pleasures and beautiful nature.

2.4) North Pole – Santa’s Workshop

In Colorado’s fun parks, Christmas lasts for a long time. At the North Pole Santa’s Workshop outside Colorado Springs, the winter wonderland starts in May and continues through December.

You will never miss that unique holiday feeling with unique visits from Santa, magic events, goat and llama feeding, and the Candy Cane Coaster. Prepared to have your mind blown with the hand-blown glass ornament shows.

Among a host of amusement parks in Colorado with summer special events, every day will feel like Christmas with special holidays and fun things to do with your entire family.

There is also a very special elf show that will ensure you have a Wonderful Christmas Time.

2.5) Bananas Fun Park

The Bananas Fun Park is full of thrills in Grand Junction, Colorado. You will surely go wild with attractions like go-karts, bumper boats and cars, miniature golf, laser maze, arcade, and playland!

2.6) Fort Fun

Visit Fort Collins, Colorado, to enjoy a day with fun games, rides, and gorgeous views of the Blue Heron Lake.

Fort Fun has mini golf courses, a go-kart route, a laser tag area with impressive levels, batting arenas, a giant slide, an adventure train, bumper boats, and cars.

Make sure that you remember to try the B’loon Blast – a wonderful water balloon game of Fort Fun.

2.7) Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

The Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park is in the center of Denver. Colorado’s only amusement park that features a medley of theme and water parks. There is a little something for everyone.

With more than 50 rides in Elitch Gardens, you will surely find one that speaks to you.

Adventurous souls will not want to skip the Mind Eraser, a terrifying and fun suspension coaster that ascends ten stories and plummets downward at heart-thumping acceleration.

Other unique rides include The Half Pipe, which lasts only a short but intense sixty seconds, and Elitch’s XLR8R – the world’s loftiest free-fall swing.

Check out the Fright Fest if you are visiting Elitch Gardens in October. The whole park of the Mile High City undergoes a spooky transformation to give the best haunted Halloween experience.

2.8) Water World

One of the state’s largest water parks, Denver’s Water World is ranked among the Travel Channel’s Best Water Parks in America list.

In this part of Hyland Hills Park & Recreational District and just a short drive from Downtown Denver, you will experience high-speed chutes, water slides, huge wave pools, a kids’ funhouse, and the very popular Colorado Sun.

Water Park
Image by Max Romulus from Pixabay Copyright 2014

So keep the clear blue waters of Water World in mind while exploring Colorado’s amusement parks.

2.9) Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium in Denver is one of the best tourist attractions and amusement parks. Based on the theme of the Aquarium, this place is loved for its remarkable sea-life exhibits.

Downtown Aquarium arranges several shows and events yearly, displaying its gorgeous aquatic spirit to tourists.

The lovely dining faculties and the Nautilus Ballroom, with an incredible set and skilled culinary crew, are a bonus to an already perfect place.

2.10) Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Found next to the enormous Royal Gorge outside Cañon City, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is one of the best amusement parks in Colorado.

Take a daring trek across one of the world’s highest suspension bridges, rising over a thousand feet over the Arkansas River.

Next, visit the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park’s other delights, with attractions comprising the world’s lengthiest single-span air gondola, carousel, and zipline. Also, try the very special Royal Rush Skycoaster to complete your day on a high note.

2.11) Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Cave of the Winds is accessible year-round near the bottom of Pikes Peak. It has options like guided cave tours, amazing joy rides such as The Terror-Dactyl, and the Bat-A-Pult, and several more games and entertainments like the Gold Panning, along with a climbing wall, an adventure slide, and endless other thrills.

2.12) Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

If you are looking for an indoor water park, accommodations, dinners, and a few other recreations, the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is the place for you.

Water Slide
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay Copyright 2015

2.13) Boondocks Food & Fun Parker

With an arrangement of modern theme park luxuries, Boondocks Food and Fun Parker show off a go-kart course, laser tag arena, and bowling alleys. Fabulous fast-food centers and beverage shops are also available here.

2.14) Estes Park Ride-A-Kart

Another family-owned amusement park, Ride-A-Kart, highlights rides like go-karts, bumper boats and cars, batting cages, bungee trampoline, mini golf, and an arcade with several fun games.

2.15) Tiny Town & Railroad

It is a tiny village and railway with more than a hundred doll-sized architectures. Kids can have a tour of all the model buildings, shops and houses and even peer inside them for a glimpse of extraordinary details.

The tiny train leaves every half an hour, and the passage continues for about ten minutes. It lets you see portions of the park that cannot be accessed otherwise.

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So wait no more. If you are bored and tired of normal tours, treks, and sightseeing, get ready for a thrilling adventure.

Most of these parks are open year-round, but the summer months are the best time to visit.

Amusement Park
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay Copyright 2017

If you spend your vacation exploring the best water and theme parks in Colorado, you will surely experience the most exciting trip.

Take some fantastic rides, play at various arcades, try delicious snacks, and even win some souvenirs by playing different games. And with this list, you will know which parks will likely be perfect for your preferences.

So dare to step into the crazy world of thrills, rides, and games with the most fun and exciting amusement parks in Colorado.

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