best Springdale places to stay best Springdale places to stay

15 Reliable Springdale Places to Stay for Every Traveler

A beautiful town nestled in Washington County, Utah, always calls for a vacation. With just a little over 500 residents, Springdale is a small town with one major attraction, the Zion National Park. 

In Springdale, if you walk through the cliff rows and the gardens right along the Virgin River, the Zion National Park welcomes people from all over the world. Over 200 square miles of pristine wilderness trails and adventure at the gateway to Zion, an undiscovered secret is just waiting to be found.

So every year, thousands of people visit the park to discover, learn, explore, or for vacations. Naturally, the first question that comes to your mind is about the Springdale places.

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This article provides you with the best Springdale places, like hotels, inns, vacation rentals, or suites.  Hotels in Springdale are a very common sight, and some give the best view, some comfort, and some stay. However, there are both luxury hotels and moderately priced hotels in Springdale.

Now you cannot just move to Utah or Springdale and take any places to stay that come your way, so this article has sorted some Springdale hotels to consider while visiting the Zion National Park.

This town is a town of gift shops, hotels, and inns, and all these mostly cater to the tourist footfall of Zion National Park. The hotels and small businesses, are mostly located along Zion Park Boulevard, which goes through the center of town by road to Zion’s South Entrance. A free shuttle service runs through Springdale for much of the year.

Geographically, Springdale is surrounded by Zion Canyon from the inside. The West Temple rises to the west, The Watchman rises to the east, and the Virgin River flows through the canyon’s center. The sandstone cliffs rising above the town add an air of magnificence to Springdale.

Enough about Springdale, because once you go there, you can explore it on your own.

Springdale places Luxury lodging

1. Pioneer Lodge                                   

Pioneer Lodge ​is a 3-star hotel and is one of the top places to stay. The pioneer lodge was built in the 1950s and subsequently became a full reservation in 2004. All the rooms have a Wi-Fi connection, a seasonal pool that opens from April through October, and a year-round hot tub.

The Pioneer Lodge has a full-service restaurant and an internet cafe. The lodge is situated just outside the Zion National Park, about a mile from the southwest entrance. In the high season months i.e.april through October, the Zion National Park shuttle runs, which is a delight for visitors.

2. Desert Pearl Inn

This Inn is mostly famous for its riverside view rooms. Each room has a private balcony which guests enjoy the most. The balconies have a couple of back chairs and little footrests so that you can sit, relax, and enjoy Zion National Park.

The Inn has all sorts of other types of rooms if you do not want a riverside view. The Inn has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, faux guest laundry, picnic area, and a business center. A great place to stay if you are here for a longer period. 

3. Best western plus Zion canyon inn and suites

The best Western plus Zion Canyon Inn and Suites is a newly built place in and around the Zion National Park. The Best Western Plus ​is very responsive to the worries of the visitors.

The room of the Zion Canyon Inn has a bed, closet, bathroom, a space counter with a microwave, a fridge, a TV, and a desk. The view overlooks the pool from the balcony, and you can catch a sight of Zion National Park too. 

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4. Cable Mountain Lodge

Approximately 60 seconds outside Zion Park is the Cable Mountain Lodge. This is a place to stay with really good pricing and beautiful suites in all different sizes. The internet is awesome, and the Virgin River is just a few steps outside of the door.

There are tons of stalls for recharging an electric car. The rooms have a refrigerator, microwave, and enough space for just about anybody.

The best thing is that it has its community and includes a spa, coffee shop, general store, grocery store, outdoor pool, and pub. The Zion Outfitters in the Cable Mountain Lodge have all your rental needs, like wetsuits and bicycles for the narrows.

But mostly, you do not need a bike or cycle. Rather you can walk right into the park in 10 seconds from the lodge.

5. Hampton Inn

Another option for visitors to stay in Springdale is the Hampton Inn Laquintas. They have the best Western holiday inns, tons of stop-off places for the shuttle, also a general store that includes souvenirs, frozen goods, and camp supplies.

Hampton Inn & Suites also legitimately has a supermarket that serves the community with tons of places to eat and many craft stores. Now, if this is your thing, then Springdale is the place to be.

6. Spring Hill Suites Marriot

The main building of the SpringHill Suites Marriot is a three-story property. It is located just one and a half miles from the entrance of Zion National Park, and the town of Springdale is just three miles away. The neighborhood has a steak house and a supermarket down the road. It is super convenient if you stay in this lodge.

If you are here to visit Zion National Park, the Zion shuttle picks you up right from the hotel to the park entrance. This is one of the best Springhill suites as it is built into the mountain and is very natural looking.

They have a pretty nice lobby with a fireplace and free wifi. They have got this neat outdoor fireplace, and the windows of the rooms look out to just an amazing view.

Inside the hotel in the courtyard is a swimming pool which is mostly closed in winter; instead, there is a hot tub that is open in winter and looks nice and toasty with the steam coming off it.

The rooms have a little kitchen, a little microwave, a coffee machine, and a mini-fridge, and the rooms’ decoration is West-inspired.

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7. Majestic View Lodge

The Majestic View Lodge is a 3-star hotel located at the entrance to Zion Canyon National Park, less than three miles from the south entrance. The lobby has an open yet rustic charm. There is a workstation for guests, a coffee juice bar, and water-filling fountains on the property.

There is a gift shop with a variety of snacks and a few souvenirs. The majestic view lodge boasts a restaurant that continues the theme of the outdoor adventure look.

There is a free museum in the hotel, but it will not be for long as the management contemplates using the space for something else. So if you are interested in visiting this museum, you better hurry up.

The rooms of Majestic View Lodge have a restroom and a getting ready room with a sink and basic amenities and the washroom with a shower and tub combo. The decor in the room is mountain decor. The best part about the hotel is the view that one can have from their rooms.

Springdale Hotels – Moderately Priced

1. Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express Springdale is a 2.5-star hotel chain in Utah. If you are looking for cheap hotels, then this is your place. The rooms in Holiday Inn Express have a vaulted ceiling, a fridge, and a microwave.

The holiday inn provides a seasonal outdoor pool, a children’s pool, a computer station, free wifi, breakfast, event facilities, gift shops/newsstands, a garden, and a 24-hour business center. 

This Holiday Inn Express Springdale does not allow smoking. The fitness center and breakfast make it an attractive hotel near Zion Park.

2. Zion Canyon Lodge

The rooms in Zion Canyon Lodge run from 220-284 dollars a night. They do not have wi-fi, and the Zion Canyon does not have cell coverage either. So you are kind of off the grid if you stay there. However, they have a restaurant and a cafe. Remember to have a reservation beforehand in case you decide to have dinner there.

You can reserve a room at Zion Lodge up to 13 months in advance, either through a vendor or a contractor. They do not allow pets there, so if you possess one, there is a doggy ranch in Springdale in which you can put your pet while you are vacationing.

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3. Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens

The Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens is a 3.5-star sunny hotel located close to the Zion National Park along the bank of the Virgin River in Springdale. At the Cliff Rose, you will be surrounded by the majesty of Zion’s towering cliffs while relaxing in this truly unique riverside boutique resort with five acres of beautifully manicured lawns and perennial gardens.

You will enjoy a serene place to play and enjoy nature as you stroll through the many paths and walkways weave through the grounds.

It is right in the heart of the Zion Canyon, only 200 yards walking distance to Zion National Park. You can call the Cliff Rose your home away from home and enjoy day trips to Bryce Canyon National Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Here at the hotel, you can enjoy Bistro H, an intimate dining experience with spectacular views, a full bar, and exquisite food. This is the perfect way to unwind after a fun day of adventure. If you are with a company of friends, then you can enjoy a front-row seat to the night shy around the campfire.

At the Cliff Rose lodging garments, you will find the most memorable vacation experience of your life. The luxurious rooms, suites, and business conference center offer a quiet and relaxing getaway. Each of these features a private balcony and patio. The Cliff Rose Lodge and gardens redefine paradise.

4. Driftwood Lodge

The Driftwood Lodge is a nice property where there is a river flowing down across it. It is in the mountains, and the rooms are really beautiful, and it has a little kitchenette area with a refrigerator and a microwave.

The bathroom is granite-made, with a shower stall and a tub along with a sink. The rooms are spacious and have high ceilings, nice furniture, and paintings. But the real kicker of the room is the view from the porch.

It also has an amazing view from the front window. The Driftwood Lodge is just minutes away from Zion National Park. The Driftwood Lodge contains a bar, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant, and free wifi.

5. Flanigan’s Inn

There are not too many Airbnb in Zion Canyon or around that area, and if there are, they are super expensive or too far away. Hence, I chose Flanigan’s Inn because it is a boutique hotel with a local feel to it, and it has been there for a few decades.

It is a very beautiful hotel with a 360-degree view; if you are staying in Flanigan’s Inn, there is always something to look at, like the canyon or the Zion National Park.

The entrance of the Zion National Park is less than a five-minute drive. There are a few shuttle stops, so you can take one of them if you want to. It is centrally located, and there are a lot of local restaurants, and gas stations.

The amenities you can take advantage of are the restaurants next door spa, a seasonal outdoor pool and a hot tub, a hiking trail, a meditation labyrinth, and a peaceful, relaxing area.

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6. La Quinta inn

The La Quinta Inn is located just one mile outside the south entrance of the gates of the Zion National Park and is one of the best places to stay. It also has a shuttle stop less than a block away.

Although the rooms are clean, they feel a little old. The amenities of La Quinta Inn are free breakfast, an outdoor pool with a kid’s area, free parking, and free wifi. La Quinta Inn is pet-friendly.

In the busy season, the average nightly price is 159 dollars. The La Quinta inn, however, does not provide any impressive outside view.

7. Quality inn

The Quality Hotel in Springdale is 0.8 miles from Zion National Park in Utah. 

The Quality Hotel in Springdale provides a to-go breakfast option also. A gym is available at the hotel, and the guests’ rooms include free wifi. A coffee facility is included in each room, and cable TV with pay-per-view movies is also available.

The microwaves and refrigerators are available upon request in the Quality Inn. Quality inn downtown salt lake city features a business center and laundry facilities.

8. Bumbleberry Inn

The Bumbleberry Inn at Zion National Park has been a landmark in Springdale for decades. You will find everything to make your stay in the Zion Park area comfortable and enjoyable.

Bumbleberry has 48 non-smoking rooms that have either one or two queen-size beds. The rooms come with satellite television, microwave oven, mini-fridge, and other standard amenities. The views are incredible, with each room having either a private balcony or patio.

The Inn is located in the heart of downtown Springdale close to several restaurants and gift shops, yet the rooms are set back off the main road to provide comfort and privacy with plenty of parking.

It provides convenient access to Zion’s free shuttle. There is a large swimming pool and in-ground hot tub with a pleasant waterfall to help you relax after an incredible day hiking zion national park. At the same time, enjoy your food at Wildcat Willie’s located on the premises.

Bumbleberry Inn gifts offer world-famous bumbleberry pie jams, jellies, syrup, ice cream, and pie holes at the city center. Make Bumbleberry Inn your home away from home while visiting Zion National Park.

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Closing Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit the beautiful town of Springdale on your next vacation. 

If you are visiting with family and friends, your first need will be to look for Springdale places that offer a nice, comfortable, and budget-friendly stay.

Hotels in Springdale takes care of your need and comfort.

This article listed the top cheap hotels and luxury lodging verified by travelers who stayed. Whenever you are visiting a place, it is very crucial where you stay. The place you stay should be budget-friendly and located in such an area that it is close to all tourist attractions and emergency places. 

And these places to stay that we have mentioned will offer you exactly that. So, choose wisely. 

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