17 Best Things to Do in Laurel Highlands

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Laurel Highlands is just the place for the people who love a bit of nature and serenity. These gorgeous, green highlands have something for everyone and are well worth the visit!

Life can be chaotic and demanding at times. All around the world, people of every gender and race keep running around in a monotonous cycle, working day and night. Sometimes, all one needs is a calm and cozy vacation to smoothen things out.

Some people dig the beach and the heat, while some might just need a tranquil scene of the mountains outside their window. In any case, there is no better place to unwind than Laurel Highlands

Laurel highlands

All About Laurel Highlands!

The Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania are made up of three beautiful territories, which are called the Fayette County, Somerset County, and Westmoreland County. According to the last census, the population of this region is likely to be around 600,000. The region is located approximately fifty-five miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The Highlands center upon Laurel Hill and The Chestnut Ridge of the Allegheny Mountains.

The highest point of Pennsylvania is located at Mount Davis, at Somerset County, and the mountains of The Laurel Highlands are the highest of the entire state. Owing to the high altitude, the weather is usually cooler and wetter, compared to the other parts of the state. Apart from providing a great experience of a wonderful vacation, there are many things the Laurel Highlands are well known for.

A Vacation at the Laurel Highlands

Apart from the great scenery, ancient landmarks, and outstanding restaurants and hotels, many locations and pastimes will keep your mind and body fresh and energised.

Some of the well-known places of the Highlands include the famous Ohiopyle State Park. It is popularly known for the adventurous pastimes it offers, like the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, which is a part of the Laurel Ridge State Park, and the Roaring Run Resort.

There are many historic landmarks too, that include Friendship Hill, The Bushy Run Battlefield, and The Staple Bend Tunnel. The Highlands is abundant in architecture, amusement parks and resorts, and even Downhill ski areas, where the popular Hidden Valley Four Seasons Resort is located.

It is a premier vacation destination for many tourists as it offers something for everyone, despite the change of seasons throughout the year. It provides a highly memorable and authentic experience for anybody with a love for the countryside.

17 Best Things to Explore in The Laurel Highlands

The Laurel Highlands offers great recreations, both in summer and winter. Some of the sought after pastimes in the Highlands include –

1. White Water Rafting Tours –

The Laurel Highlands Rafting Tours is an exciting experience for people of any age group, including both kids and adults. It is not a commonly known fact that Ohiopyle State Park is the birthplace of Rafting on the East Coast.

The cruising helps people enjoy the calmness of the Highlands and creates a happy memory as well.

2. Hiking Trails –

The Pleasing yet challenging Hiking Trails of the Highlands offer an adventurous pastime and an athletic experience that keeps you dynamic and fresh. The Highland occupies nearly 120,000 acres of parks and trails, and offers a great hiking trail in the summer.

Laurel highlands

3. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater –

A Visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater leaves you in awe of the architectural beauty of the Highlands. Its perching position on top of the Famous BearRun Falls induces more admiration and a visit to the museum located there offers you a pint of knowledge. The trip is usually finished with a bite of great food at the Falling Water Cafe.

4. A Visit to The Cucumber Falls –

The Cucumber Falls is a miraculous beauty that is convenient to visit since it is centrally located. It is a 30 foot fall, mystical beauty, and a feast for your eyes.

5. The Westmoreland Museum of American Art –

Visiting the Westmoreland Museum of American Art is indeed great. On an unfortunate rainy day, the tourist can treat themselves with a visit to the museum. The exhibits are updated every alternate month, with a wide collection of objects and art that define the rich and extensive culture of The Laurel Highlands.

6. Seven Springs Mountain Resort or The Hidden Valley –

For an amusing day in winter, a visit to the Seven Springs Mountain Resort or The Hidden Valley is highly recommended. It is the best way to spend a day on the snowy slopes of the Highlands.

Laurel highlands

7. Aesthetic Jimberg Village –

A visit to the aesthetic Jimberg Village will give you a taste of the country-made Jimberg Maple syrup that is definitely worth your time.

8. Enjoying the Winter Festivals –

Relishing in the Winter Festivals and Holiday events of the Laurel Highlands are highly recommended, especially if you visit the place in winter.

9. Flight 93 National Memorial –

One of the best things to do in this highland is to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial. It belongs among the best places to visit in the place.

10. Kentuck Knob –

A ride along the countryside to visit the Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright House is also a familiar and good thing to do if you visit the place.

11. Ohiopyle State Park –

If you want to roam around, and go shopping, Ohiopyle State Park is the best place for you. It accommodates swimming and hiking facilities as well.

Laurel highlands

12. Wilderness Voyageurs –

Another magnificent thing to do in these highlands is experiencing the mindblowing rafting facilities at the Wilderness Voyageurs

13. Fort Necessity of National Battlefield –

Another place to visit and enjoy with your friends, and family, is the Fort Necessity of National Battlefield. It has beautiful scenery, so don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the views.

14. The Winery at Sandhill –

Lovers of Food and Wine must visit the Greendance Winery at Sandhill to enjoy the apple orchard and amphitheater experience.

15. Wooden Door Winery –

Wooden Door Winery, is a very renowned place to visit. Don’t forget to check out this place, to make your trip worth it.

16. Oak Lodge –

What could be better than a lavish bed and breakfast in the Oak Lodge, along with a splendid view of the rising sun on the private screened porch? It is one of the most comfortable and exotic hotels of The Laurel Highlands.

17. Laurel Caverns –

Die hard golf fans can visit Laurel Caverbs to experience the miniature golf matches and to have a great cave experience as well.

Laurel highlands

Vacations can be confusing. Since People spend a lot of money for a few days of travel and adventure, they expect it to make a fine memory. To experience a fine trip of luxury and comfort, make sure you choose the right location and preferable pastimes according to your interests.

The Laurel Highlands is one of the most scenic and exotic locations in the world and it is a place worth visiting. If you love the mountains and crave a week of peace, The Highlands is your first choice. Cheers to a wonderful vacation.

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