10 Best Fort Wayne Breweries To Visit With Friend!

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Fort Wayne Breweries
Enjoy the authentic ales here at Fort Wayne breweries

Breweries are an excellent place to hang out with your loved ones. If, by any chance, you plan on visiting Fort Wayne, you must visit the below-mentioned Fort Wayne Breweries. Fort Wayne is located in Indiana, and Fort Wayne breweries produce beer for local use and market across the country. The Fort Wayne breweries are a part of the North American beer trail.

The Fort Wayne breweries produce different types and styles of ales and beers, and the volume of production depends upon the size of the brewing company, from Nano breweries to huge macro breweries. The Fort Wayne breweries employ many locals and are a significant source of income for the town.

Some breweries also serve other beverages like cocktails alongside handcrafted beer and ales. Though there are many Fort Wayne breweries, here is a list of the ten best of them you should visit.

10 Best Fort Wayne Breweries

1. 2 Toms Brewing

Photo by Daniel Vogel on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

Tom Carpenter founded this Fort Wayne brewery due to his passion for food and wine, and he came up with the idea of ale production. They have a brewery, a taproom, as well as a restaurant.

The brewery is quite aesthetic with an open atmosphere, and a brewpub is a great place with friendly staff members who will detail to you the many authentic beer flavours made there to choose your favourite.

This craft brewery serves IPAs, stout beer, sour fruit, and traditional beers. They keep developing new flavours with chocolate-roasted coffee, among other things. You can also join a particular club to avail of their special offers exclusively for their club members.

1.2. Portlandia Brewing Company

This brewery is Fort Wayne’s first Nano brewery. They produce various beers, namely -lager, wheat, sour, IPA, stout, and porter. They have a taproom to sit, sip on a cold glass of ale, and carry a bottle back home.

Although they do not serve food at the site but have several food trucks parked outside. They have a proper parking space in case you choose to drive. This nano-brewery was set up by 5 friends with their fantastic beer recipe.

1.3. Summit City Brewers

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

This is one of the Fort Wayne breweries that serve 30+ taps of unique in-house brews. They also have locally made wines.

You could dine indoors or outdoors on the patio. They have a variety of seating arrangements, from tables and booths to a large custom granite bar. They have several indoor games like pool and darts and live music.

They serve a wide variety of brews: special Brewerks beer, lagers, light ales, pale ales, IPA’s, browns and ambers, stouts, dark ales, sour ales, and Belgian ales, high gravity ales, malty ales as well as non-alcoholic root beers.

They also have a few other local companies brews that are gluten-free. You could try one of their locally made wines as well.

They also serve soft drinks for anyone who is not into drinking and varied menu dinner and brunch menus.

1.4. Hop River Brewing Company

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

This brewing company is pet friendly, unlike the other Fort Wayne breweries.

They have a separate pet-friendly area on the outdoor patio where you can sit and relax with your furry friend with a glass of their brew. Or you could also dine in at their taproom tables.

They provide a free beer delivery service and have ten local house beers and two local guest taps and have a  15-barrel production micro-brewery and many fun indoor games.

They also serve local hard ciders for those who do not drink and have local wine available. They serve light beers, IPAs, stout, hefeweizen, porter, and amber. They have a separate list for rotating beers like IPA -7.5%0, Pale ale, and many more. Also, check out their seasonal beer menu that comprises dry Irish, Scottish ale, east coast pale ale, and many more.

1.5. Junk Ditch Brewing Company

This brewing company was established in 2015 in the old Korte paper company warehouse by three hospitality-loving individuals. They have the policy to make everything from scratch, and the hard work can be seen in the quality of their craft beer.

They serve in-house beer – Vienna Lager, Cream Ale, ESB, Belgian Dubbel, Saison, Oatmeal IPA, Czech Pilsner, Pepper Kolsch, Blackberry Gose, Hazy IPA, Stout Imperial, and Stout Maibock.

They have separate brunch, lunch, and dinner menus if you wish to dine in their dine-in area.

1.6. Gnometown Brewing Co.

This brewery lets its customers brew their beers to pick their flavour, style, and ingredients and brew their patent beers.

The brewing process takes about 2-3 hours, and then the brew is set aside for fermentation by yeast for up to 2 weeks. Afterward, you could either keg your brew or bottle it up with a custom label.

This brewery has communal-themed tables with a bar and can seat up to 54 customers and have 10 extra seats. You can host a small party or function at this brewery. They also have a private dining space to accommodate 24 guests if you plan on having a very intimate party.

They serve a wide range of beers from red ale to IPA American and pilsner – German and so much more. Make sure to give a good read at the beer menu to select your favourite flavour and style of their authentic ale.

1.7. Trubble Brewing

Trouble brewing has a dog-friendly outdoor patio that is very pleasant and beautiful. They have a small water fountain on the patio.

This is the only one of the Fort Wayne breweries that make in-house dog snacks, provides water bowls, and gives dog beds for your furry friend to lay and sleep on, making it a very animal-friendly and pet-friendly zone.

The indoor taproom welcomes everyone of all age groups. They also sell gift cards at the store to all those tourists who might have forgotten to take souvenirs for their loved ones back home.

This brewery uses simple ingredients, namely -water, barley, hops, and yeast, and has a motto to balance the malty hop bitterness while preserving the carbonation, colour, and mouthfeel of your beer.

They serve summer beers as well as winter beers. Indulge in their catering services and order from various dishes found on their lunch and dinner menus along with many pizza varieties.

They also serve yellow cup coffee – a local to Fort Wayne.

1.8. Mad Anthony Brewing Co.

You could grab a can or a pint of some of the best brews of all the other for Wayne breweries here at the Mad Anthony brewing co.

They have a relaxed and chilled atmosphere that is ideal for hanging out after a heavy day’s work or after a whole day of travelling.

They have weekly live music for all the music lovers with good food and other drinks. They claim to offer the best Chicago-style pizza along with their famous unwraps and many other delicious snacks, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

They also entertain and host parties and gatherings and provide outstanding catering services. They serve various ales and lagers, seasonal beers, and craft cocktails and beverages made right there in their brewery.

1.9. Chapman’s Brewing Company

Besides Fort Wayne, they have branches in Angola and Columbia City. They produce the most authentic American and European style with class, quality ingredients, and expertise.

You could consider taking a trip to any taprooms with your groups and enjoy a pint of their ale while spending quality time with your loved ones.

The Fort Wayne taprooms have indoor and outdoor seating, amiable staff, and a great ambience. You could order anything from – brown ale to red rye ale or a single-hop IPA.

1.10. Granite City Food and Brewery-

Have a good time at this brewery with good food and their local brewed ales that come in different flavours. You could also host an event or party at this eatery cum brewery, and they provide excellent service.

Order from their wide variety of lunch and dinner menus to accompany your drinks. With their significant german heritage, artisan brews their own beer.

They serve varieties of ales from German bock, pale ale, and American ale to seasonal beers like bourbon brown ale to solid Belgian ale. They also serve craft seltzer, which is a malt-flavoured beverage.

Closing Thoughts

These are the ten best Fort Wayne breweries that you must visit.

If not beer, many also serve other non-alcoholic beverages and have great food you can enjoy. You need to be at least 21 years of age or more to order an alcoholic beverage in most of these places.

Whether you are looking for craft beers, premium branded beer cans, or local beers from the nearby best breweries, these top 10 places are all you need! While you are there, you can also try out local delicious food And other regional food menu item from fort Wayne’s history.

The Fort Wayne breweries also have brewpubs, taprooms, and restaurants with a fantastic ambience. You could go out for drinks with your colleagues, have an excellent time with your family, or plan a vacation to explore them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I keep in mind when visiting Fort Wayne Breweries?

A: It’s important to remember that most breweries have a minimum age requirement, usually 21 years or older. Be sure to bring a valid ID and check the hours of operation before visiting. Also, wearing comfortable shoes and clothing is recommended, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking and touring the brewery. Some breweries may also have a dress code, so it’s best to check beforehand.

2. Can I bring my own food to Fort Wayne Breweries?

A: It varies from brewery to brewery. Some breweries like mad anthony brewing company, fortlandia brewing, line brewing company and summit city brewerks.  have their food options available on-site. In contrast, others allow you to bring your own food or have food trucks available. It’s best to check with the brewery in advance to see if they have any restrictions.

3. Can I bring my own alcohol to Fort Wayne Breweries?

A: No, it is not allowed to bring any other alcoholic beverages to the brewery.

4. How can I have the most fun when visiting Fort Wayne Breweries?

A: To have the most fun when visiting Fort Wayne Breweries, it’s recommended to try a variety of different beers and learn about the brewing process. Many breweries offer tours and tastings, which can be a great way to learn more about the brewery and the beers they produce.

You can bring friends and family or make new friends at the brewery. Also, check the brewery’s calendar of events; some have live music or other activities.

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