A Guide to Beck’s Beer: 12 Famous Variety of Beck’s

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Beck’s is certainly considered one of Germany’s greatest beers on the worldwide market, and in this guide to Beck’s beer, you are going to explore everything about it. It was brewed in Bremen in northern Germany due to the fact that 1874.

It is Germany’s main export drink, being bought in around one hundred twenty countries, and accounts for over 85% of German beer exports to the USA. These days, this beer is made in the USA, as it is brewed at Brauerei Beck & Co. in St. Louis, Missouri, after being sold by InBev.

guide to Beck's beer
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Beck’s is a traditional German-style pilsner with a sturdy, one-of-a-kind, complete-bodied flavor, a clean “hoppy” bouquet, and a rich, complete head. Brewed according to the “Reinheitsgebot,” the German Purity Law of 1516, Beck’s makes use of best-top-grade barley, hand-decided hops from the Bavarian Hallertau region, clean water, and Beck’s special strain of yeast that’s been made properly and cultivated for generations.

The Becks’ Specialties!

Beck’s Sapphire is a clean golden pilsner made clean with the aid of fragrant German Sapphire hops. It displays a hundred and forty years of independence that defines Beck’s brand. With a 6 percent ABV and clean flavor, Beck’s Sapphire extends the Beck family’s attainment and gives juice drinkers a luxurious beer desirable for late-night occasions. It is a lifestyle for people who are interested in fashion and image.

Beck’s Dark, a darkish German-fashion pilsner, famous in the ‘guide to Beck’s beer,’ barely has a candy aftertaste. The deep copper coloration is the end result of specifically roasting the barley malt. Unlike darkish ales, Beck’s Dark is a bottom-fermented lager, which creates a sturdy taste and complete frame at the same time as preserving the clean residence of the drink.

Beck’s Premier Light, like unique Beck’s German-fashion Pilsner, capabilities a barely fruity, however corporation crispness and a dry, easy finish.    It boasts a complete, rich, thick head and balanced bitterness.

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic is mild amber in the shade and boasts a complete, rich, thick head and balanced bitterness in the ‘guide to Beck’s beer.’ Beck’s brewmasters stop the fermentation procedure earlier than alcohol can form, but no earlier than the finished brew has a distinct, full-bodied flavor and aroma.


The next spot in the ‘guide to Becks’s beer’ is its history.

Beck’s Brewery became based via way of means of Heinrich Beck, Thomas May, and Luder Rutenberg in 1873 in Bremen, Germany. Helping to force innovation in German drink-making for over a century, Beck’s became the primary German brewery to apply inexperienced bottles for it. Beck’s, located in a port city, has been sold all over the world for decades and was the first German brewery to export it in a metallic keg, which is now the enterprise standard to drink.

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Beck’s remains true to its traditions while also assisting to force the evolution of the beer enterprise by keeping its beers within the strict purity requirements that were first established in 1516 and setting up guidelines concerning what kinds of components can be used in the brewing of beer.

Beck’s additionally helps creative endeavors through its Art Label Initiative and Green Box Project, in which Beck’s enables up-and-coming younger artists. Already a successful brand, Beck’s Oktoberfest achieved gold at the World Beer Cup Awards in the year 2002. Today, Beck’s exports its beer to dozens of countries while also keeping a surprisingly German brewing style all its own.

At the International Agricultural Display in Bremen in 1874, Crown Prince Friedrich, later Kaiser Friedrich III, presented Beck’s with a gold medal for the high-quality beer. In 1876, Beck’s gained the prize for high-quality European beer at the worldwide exposition in Philadelphia, USA. Those awards were huge milestones for Beck’s, and the two medals are still engraved on Beck’s label today for the ‘guide to Beck’s beer’.

We’ve all heard of Beck’s “arty label” campaign, which features the artwork of talented artists on its beer labels. But did you understand that, in 2013, US drinkers of Beck’s filed a lawsuit that accused the German beer emblem of being misleading? According to the class-action suit, the beer’s packaging and label led people to believe that it was still made in Germany.

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It resulted in Anheuser-Busch InBev settling the case for $20 million in 2015, implying that people in the US could claim a refund of up to $50 per household. An estimated 1.7 million families were certified for agreement payments; however, it is unknown how many claims were filed before the reporting period ended.

Then Why is it Called “Beck’s“?

Lüder Rutenberg did not realize a heck of loads approximately beer whilst he began out, so he employed a crew such as a businessman Thomas May and brewer Heinrich Beck. Obviously, the latter man’s surname has become synonymous with the drink (requesting a bottle of “Rutenberg’s beer” may be a mouthful).

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The Recipe for The Beer Has Not Changed Over The Years!

Beck’s recipe has now no longer been modified, considering when, right from the beginning, Beck’s changed to be made according to the “Reinheitsgebot,” the German Purity Law of 1516, which calls for a lager to be made only from hops, malt, barley, and water. The hops are from the Bavarian Hallertau region, and the yeast is a special pressure for Beck’s.

Varieties in the ‘Guide to Beck’s Beer’

  1. Beck’s Pils: sweet and smooth, balanced with a smooth, dry hop finish;
  2. Beck’s Gold: fresh, slight flavor with a smooth finish;
  3. Beck’s Lime: fresh piss flavor with a mild trace of lime;
  4. Beck’s Blue: candy and smoothness balanced with a smooth, dry hop finish;
  5. Beck’s Green Lemon: fresh, crisp, bare candy with lemon flavor;
  6. Beck’s Green Lemon Zero: fresh, crisp, bare candy with lemon flavor;
  7. Beck’s Ice: fresh, barely fruity, with flavors of lime and mint;
  8. Beck’s Red Holunder: fresh, fruity, holunder flavor;
  9. Beck’s 1873: (stimulated through our first Beck’s Pils ever brewed) fresh, severe, dry-hop flavor;
  10. Beck’s Red Ale: (stimulated through Ireland) well-rounded malt flavor, barely candy;
  11. Beck’s Pale Ale (stimulated through Britain): crisp, severe hop flavor;
  12. Beck’s Amber Lager: (stimulated through Australia) well-rounded, malty, slight, and fragrant flavor


Beck’s beer is surely one of the top priorities of beer enthusiasts. This guide to Beck’s beer is a knowledge bank for people who don’t know about this magnificent brand. People who know how to differentiate between a good and a bad beer will get it. However, all the people who are fond of trying new things should definitely try the ‘Guide to Beck’s beer.’

I hope this guide to Beck’s beer helps you. To read more, click here.

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