19 Fun Things To Do in Homer Alaska

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Fun Things To Do in Homer Alaska
By Mikhail Nilov/ Pexels

Named after  Homer Pennock- a gold prospector, Homer is famous for tourism and fishing. There are so many amazing things to do in Homer Alaska. Known as “the Halibut capital of the world,” this city is worth visiting.

Located on the shore of Kachemak Bay, Homer is highly recognized for the Homer Spit. You can enjoy the coastal climate and various entertaining activities in this city.

It is also known as ” The end of the road “as it is the southernmost Alaskan town on the highway system. Recently, it acquired another name as “The cosmic hamlet by the sea.”

Being one of the beautiful towns in Alaska, Homer will never run out of things to amuse its visitors. The list of the things to do in Homer Alaska is really long.

The flawless merge of scenic beauty, commerce, and adventure makes this city an incredible tourist spot.

 Things To Do in Homer Alaska
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Things To Do in Homer Alaska

There are many exciting things to do in Homer Alaska. Some of them are listed here:

1. Kachemak Bay State Park

This park is the state’s legislatively designated wilderness park. Visiting Kachemak bay requires a little adventure as it can’t be accessed by road. It would help if you took a flight or a boat to get here.

Many marine mammals and birds reside here. A diverse range of the land, consisting of ice fields, glaciers, beaches, and forests, makes this place intricate.

Hiking, kayaking, skiing, and boating can be done in this 400,000 acres park. It is a critical habitat area where you can find whales, sea otters, seals, dolphins, puffins, eagles, and many more species.

You can do kayaking tours and canoeing tours. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kachemak bay by taking a water taxi or ferry boat to reach the destination.

Explore the marine life wildlife, and you can take a guided tour to the glacier. Horseback riding tours are also available.

Learn more about Kachemak bay.

2. Homer Spit

Fun Things To Do in Homer Alaska
By Pok Rie/ Pexels. Copyright 2020

This is a natural landmark, a finger-like projection of land towards the Kachemak bay, about 4.5 miles long. You can see the Homer Boat Harbor, The Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon, the Salty Dawg Saloon, and the longest road in the ocean waters.

Therefore, the spit is 5.8 m above sea level and is vulnerable to threats like tsunami and erosion.

You can take eco-safaris to explore the place. This is one of the popular things to do in Homer Alaska. You can get on a helicopter tour and experience the place from above.

3. Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center

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By Mikhail Nilov/ Pexels. Copyright 2021

This establishment is solely made for conserving the marine environment. You can view the indoor exhibits and learn more about marine life. You can learn the natural history of this region.

Also, this center offers facilities like field camps, seabird theatre, and many other outdoor experiences. Artifacts are also displayed here, which holds war history.

The sea bird rookery is the highlight of this place. You can go for bird viewing, wildlife viewing, shopping, or engage yourself in trails.

4. Pratt Museum

Fun Things To Do in Homer Alaska
Nina B/ Shutterstock

Pratt Museum, located in Homer, Alaska, walks you through the region’s history. The exhibits in this museum include Alaskan traditions, local art, marine and terrestrial life surrounding the area.

This museum holds the history of Kachemak bay and southern Alaska. Also, this museum hosts many activities like fish feeding.

Click here to know more about Pratt museum.

5. Bishop’s Beach Park

A place where you can find many migrating shorebirds, an ideal location for a family picnic,  this location provides fantastic things to do in Homer Alaska.

Species like Harlequin duck, bald eagle, crabs, blue mussel, and herring gull can be viewed here. The intertidal habitats attract many animals.

You can do recreational activities like tide-pooling, coal gathering, or dog walking. The scenic beauty of the trail makes hiking easier.

6. Center For Alaskan Coastal Studies

To learn about the marine habitat, geology, climate, and history, a visit to this destination can help you a lot. They provide a wildlife cruise to Peterson Bay.

Also, you can explore the different plant and animal species in tide pools, which is a favorite tourist activity. This is a non-profit organization.

You can take guided tours, educational programs, and other activities.

7. Norman Lowell Art Gallery

The  Norman Lowell Art Gallery is a non-profit organization set up by Lowells. The beauty of Alaska is portrayed in his artworks.

You can walk along with the homestead and enjoy the art collection. Also, if interested, you can buy paintings.

8. Seldovia Bay Ferry

You can view Seldovia on the fast ferry, the Kachemak Voyager. It offers fast and comfortable transportation. Within 45 minutes, you could reach Seldovia from Homer.

Tourists like to explore the beauty of Alaska using this ferry service.

9. Bear Creek Winery

This winery provides wines with a blend of native Alaskan fruits. The tasting room is open for visitors. You can see the gardens and the processes of winemaking.

A lodging facility is also offered. The award-winning wines produced here are made with the utmost care.

10. Kilcher Homestead Living Museum

This homestead is a familiar place featured in a TV show: the last frontier. Yule and Ruth built the house. You will be guided by their son or daughter from whom you can acquire knowledge about the place.

Even if you are not a fan of the last frontier, you can still enjoy the museum. Maybe you can see the cast on location!

11. Halibut Cove

Halibut Cove is a fishing village with many artists. Situated on the South Side of the Kachemak Bay, a day trip to this destination can give you an unforgettable Alaskan experience.

You can do kayaking tours and explore the cove. You can take a water taxi or ferry boats to reach the artists’ community.

This place offers fresh seafood. You can closely watch marine life. Halibut fishing is one of the most popular things to do in Homer Alaska. Several fishing charters are available.

12. Ptarmigan Arts

This is a  local cooperative gallery on Pioneer Avenue. Visitors can buy handcrafted items and high-quality artwork. Photographs, woodworks, jewelry, paintings, and many other things are available here.

The local artists present their works here. You can explore the artworks and see the people behind them.

You can get authentic Alaskan artworks. This is the ideal location for getting true Alaskan gifts, which can be kept as a souvenir.

13. Seafarers Memorial

Located in Homer spit, this is a memorial for all the people who died at sea, with almost 70 names present on the memorial. This destination has a different aspect from Homer’s.

Even though the people know that the area is prone to natural calamities, they still go fishing or other activities.

14. Homer Public Library

Visiting this library is one of the fantastic things to do in Homer Alaska. This public library is located in the Southern Kenai Peninsula.

“The top drawer collection” Is an initiative taken up by this library to accept, publish, and display the manuscripts from the community. Also, many activities and events are conducted here.

15. Bear Viewing

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By Vincent M.A. Jansse/ Pexels. COpyright 2019

Homer is near two national parks where you can find Alaskan brown bears. You can view the bears in their natural habitat. The great salmon run and bears fishing them can be seen in Brooks falls.

This is one of the fascinating things to do in Homer Alaska. Hiking and fishing opportunities are available.

16. Festivals

The Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival, Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby, and the Kachemak Bay wooden boat festival are the famous festivals in Homer.

Each of these celebrates the heritage and culture of Homer. The festival season starts in May and extends to September.

17. Little Mermaid

Exploring the food varieties of Homer is amusing. Going to Little Mermaid is an everyday activity of the tourists. This restaurant uses local ingredients and thus supports the local producers.

Brick oven pizzas are the highlight of the place. Many other food items are also popular, like the Alaskan fish chowder and Kodiak scallops.

18. Two Sisters Bakery

This bakery is a must-visit destination. Known for their cakes and cupcakes, they offer a lot of options. Featured on many TV channels, this is a popular place.

You can order cakes or any other items. Their vanilla cheesecake is very famous.

19. Homer Brewing Company

Refresh yourself by having beers from the Homer Brewing Company. They provide traditional ales. Some of their specialties, like the Oktoberfest lager, is very famous. Five beers are available year-round.

You can also have teas served in two styles, the Alaska chai and the Zen Chai.


Visiting Homer can get you more knowledge about marine life, wildlife, and much more. The various adventures offered by this place is popular among the tourists.

You can see the diversity of nature and indulge in her ways. The close connection between man and sea can be seen here. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and other activities can be done here.

You will never lose your memory when you think about the things to do in Homer Alaska. The exceptional beauty and the incredible opportunities provided here give the tourists an excellent experience to remember.

Learn more about Alaska.


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