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20 Famous Boutiques in Austin That Everyone Should Visit

Austin, the capital city of the U.S. State of Texas, is the 11th most populous city in the United States. It is one of the largest cities that has been growing day by day in the United States.

Positioned in Central Texas, numerous lakes, rivers, and waterways pass through. Inhabitants of Austin, Texas, are called “Austinites.” They are very much conscious about their surroundings and the environment. Sustainably degrading products are their motive for the future, for which they create chemical-free products.

State parks in Austin
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Austin is famous for its Texas Barbecue. This city has several names, highlighting its specialty. One among them is “The City of the Violet Crown.” It shows the glow of lights across the hills right after sunset.

Another one is “Silicon Hills,” a nickname Austin got during the rapid increase in the field of technology in the 1990s. Austinites always try to embrace their culture, tradition, and art.

Mentioning the musicians and the live music concerts in Austin, the official city slogan is “The Live Music Capital of the World.” The other one is “home of the breakfast tacos” because breakfast tacos are the in-demand food items in the city.

Some Austinites in recent years adopted an unofficial tagline, “Keep Austin Weird.” It is a shield to preserve small, unique, local businesses from being overthrown by large corporations. Yes. You heard it right.

Austin is famous for its vintage shops, local artists, gift stores, clothing boutiques, jewelry shops, department stores, and the largest independent bookstore in Texas. Shopping doesn’t fail to impress anyone.

Even though the well-known brands are less visible here, Austin, Texas, is the ultimate shopping destination.

So let’s see some of Austin’s beautiful local stores that are affordable.

Shopping Outlets: Clothing

Austin is famous for shopping, as there are a lot of clothing centers at affordable prices. From high-end designer boutiques to local shops, Austin spreads its aura. Boutiques in Austin are in different directions.

The local shops here are in the North, South, East, South Congress Avenue, and Downtown Austin. Let’s start with East Austin.

East Austin-

1. Miranda Bennett Studio

Miranda Bennett Studio: The Dye Studio

-Address: 1211 E 11TH St Suite 101, Austin, TX 78702, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

Miranda Bennett Studio, a flagship store of the designer Miranda Bennett, is a sustainable clothing brand for women that aims to reduce carbon emissions. Their styles are simple and classic, yet one can find unique items.

Always keeping in mind sustainable development, Miranda Bennett Studio protects Mother Nature by not using any chemicals for its products. Made up of non-toxic plants, it gives a soothing effect to our skin.

This boutique is a modern plant-dyed clothing store in the USA that dyes its fabric with non-toxic plants.

Also, at times, they grow plants without pesticides to avoid dying. In partnership with New Leaf Agriculture, the first plant they grew was the Mexican Mint Marigold.

2. Charm School Vintage

-Address: 1111 E 11TH St #150, Austin, TX 78702, United States

-Hours: Opens at 10 AM

Are you a lover of vintage items? Here is the store for you. Charm School Vintage is one of the famous boutiques to find products from almost all eras. There are original leather jackets from the 80s and Pink Floyd concert tees.

Also, the place is well-known for its women’s vintage clothes and cute floral rompers from the 70s. From local Austin artisans to female workers, they emphasize rich textures like velvet, silk, embroidery, crochet, lace, and leather. Also, the prices are very affordable.

3. Neiman Marcus

-Address: 3400 Palm Way, Austin, TX 78758, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

Neiman Marcus an innovative boutique that provides the best clothing in Austin. Lying in the crust of Austin, it has the best apparel, handbags, and gifts. It is a shop of everything irrespective of age, gender, color, size, and shape.

They’re a collection of designer products for every occasion: wedding, weekend vibes, office, mother of the bride, evening gown, cocktail parties, etc. They have materials for men, women, and children. Not only the casual, but they provide formals too.

They always try to maintain their name and fame with utmost sincerity by providing the best customer service. This clothing boutique also provides service to the products they sell. Their experts will store, clean, and restyle the product if there are any mistakes.

South Congress-

South Congress is the perfect place for someone who loves evening shopping. With eateries along the way, who wouldn’t just love to walk and shop? South Congress is famous for boutiques, local gift shops, and toys.

By Parina B Habich/ Shutterstock, copyright 2021.

4. Sunroom

-Address: 1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

This boutique has the best swimsuits in town, styled by independent artisans and designers. It would keep one calm and comfortable through the long summers in Austin. This clothing boutique has a mixture of both aesthetic and natural effects.

It focuses more on women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry (for males and females). The shop showcases a blend of independent brands with upcoming designers. They always try to bring on-trend products.

5. By George

-Address: 1400 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

This high-end fashion boutique in Austin has a lot of amazing collections for everybody. The By George store on South Congress Ave has a lot of more casual stuff, which feels less classic and more experimental.

The shop and its products reflect that style can be experienced both worldly and effortlessly. The shop provides home decor, jewelry, beauty products, accessories, shoes, and bags with a great selection. By George has its flagship store on Lamar Blvd.

6. Stag Provisions

Stag Provisions For Men Austin Texas

-Address: 1423 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

Stag Provisions is a men’s store with clothing, accessories, gifts, books, and jewelry. A person, classic yet modern, traditional yet progressive, can visit this local store without thinking twice.

It has everything in the world that men need, from essential oils to self-care items. These products are of high quality, and designer goods are available. They have a sister brand called Daughters. It is a store of women’s clothing.

7. Feathers Boutique Vintage

Feathers Boutique Vintage: on SoCo

-Address: 1700 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

Specializing in vintage clothing for females, this boutique is a paradise for lovers of vintage items. Situated in S Congress Ave, shopping in Feathers boutique would give one a rock star-worthy look and a pair of vintage worn-in jeans and T-shirts.

They also have a collection of artisan jewelry, designer handbags, gifts, and vintage home decor, and all their products are designed and made in Austin, Texas.

8. Outdoor Voices

-Address: 1204 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

Breaking the stereotype, this boutique in Austin provides sports leggings and crop tops that are comfortable for the office. They have a wide variety of affordable pieces, and their products would last longer. So why are you waiting? Go shopping.

South Austin-

9. Rose and Violet Boutique

-Address:9911 Brodie Ln #300, Austin, TX 78748, United States

-Hours: Opens at 11 AM

A local store where the women of any generation can shop. This local boutique markets items at a low price compared to other local shops in Austin.

The store with the perfect quality. Rose and Violet are the ideal places for shopping if you want to shop in Austin but don’t have enough money. They don’t compromise with their quality either.

10. Passport Vintage

-Address: 2217 S 1st St A, Austin, TX 78704, United States

-Hours: Opens at 12 PM

Who wouldn’t love supermodel jeans and an oversized T-sized? Are you fond of vintage denim and don’t know where to buy it?

Well then, Passport Vintage is the perfect boutique for you as it has a collection of supermodel jeans, T-shirts, and many more. This shop perfectly blends vintage pieces with modern times.

Also, they have some cool stuff put together with the present-day trends that led to the public with some charming selection. So, a person specializing and preserving vintage denim can rush to Passport Vintage Boutique.

Accessories, Gift Shops, and Plants of Austin

Austin is not only famous for apparel. A cool oversized T-shirt, denim, and shoes would give a vintage-type look. Are you worried about not having any one of these? Go, explore the boutiques of Austin.

Shoes, handbags, and accessories are waiting there in other shops with a lot more amazing collections, at rock-bottom prices.

11. Amanda Deer

A small local women-run business store in Austin, Amanda Deer, is a jewelry shop. It has a lot of collections and designs, perfectly blending with the on-trend. It is the perfect place to find everyday jewelry.

The beauty of Amanda Deer lies in their whole crew of staff, that is, women, who are much more polite and ambitious. It is a boutique that came to the limelight breaking all the stereotypes and the norms of patriarchy.

12. Take Heart

A local store in East Austin offers a wide variety of designed objects such as home decor, gifts, and accessories. `They are perfectly blended by local artists with the help of some international designers, emphasizing more Japanese design.

Similar to the name, the products they create mesmerize the customer and make them wonder about their beauty. They have stylish products such as home decor, gifts, and accessories.

14. Uptown Modern

Who wouldn’t love to give their home a vintage look? Uptown Modern is a furniture shop in Austin that sells European and American mid-century modern furniture. Furniture sold there has commonality to those of the 60s and 70s as it is antique yet aesthetic.

There are refurbished bedroom offices, and dining furniture made of rosewood. They have mid-century modern lighting and lamps with a tint of a vintage look.

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15. Moss Designer Consignment

A high-end consignment boutique located in Lamar Blvd brings to Austin for women the latest trends and contemporary designs.

They bring in secondhand clothing from great designers, like Chanel, Gucci, etc. They have accessories, handbags, and shoes. This shoe is the perfect road end for a lover of brands.

16. Letterpress Play

This shop in Austin handcrafts quality products from local artisans. They make toys, stationery items, bags, accessories, gifts, etc. The products in the entire store are ethically and sustainably everlasting.

Aiming to zero waste, they use recyclable paper, organic cotton, natural dyes, and biodegradable packaging. This place is a creative space for one to inspire and get inspired.

17. Noah Marrion

Noah Marrion’s flagship store in South Lamar crafts handmade leather bags, wallets, and belts that are everlasting.

They also make home goods, and other sundries and serve the best espresso beverage in Austin.

18. Helm Boots

Helm Boots | Maine, USA

They began their journey in 2009 when they sold their first pair of boots, straightforward and built to last. The white line, a middle layer of rubber substrate that provides extra support to the Helm boots, separates them from the rest.

19. East Austin Succulent

Succulents are creatures that flourish in dry Texas climates. East Austin Succulents are a nursery that provides homes for some of these as they grow in their succulent native area. These are rare houseplants. This nursery has a variety of plants for reasonable prices.

20. Roadhouse Relics

Art is influential in that it can inspire the world. Roadhouse Relics, located in South Austin, is one of a kind. It is a studio and art gallery by Todd Sanders. Inspired by Americana neon art pieces, Sanders crafted vintage-style designs using modern technologies.

This gallery features colorful neon art pieces and expresses the reality of when America fell for motion. They also have unique gifts, shirts, and t-shirts.

Closing Thoughts

So, whether you are looking for a vintage shop, a premium gift shop, quality women’s apparel clothing stores, high-end gorgeous designer handbag stores accessories for colorful toy shops, or cowboy boots, these 20 famous boutiques got you covered for everything you need.

In concern with shopping, never fails to impress its customers with its beauty and texture. A charming selection of materials in the vintage looks is a dream for everyone. No one would say ‘no’ to it.

All these boutiques have a vintage look in-store with affordable pieces and prices. Rich in all these factors, Austin is the cherry on top of the cake.

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