3 Best Grand Canyon Rafting You Should Try

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Vacation is all about mending the connection you lost with yourself. The Grand Canyon Rafting experience is serene. The best part is that you and your people will rejoice in every moment.

“Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.”

As quoted by Jamie Lyn Beatty, life is too short, and running behind money will make you lose the best moments of your life. Live a life full of adventures, laugh your heart out loud while Grand Canyon rafting, discover the world’s best place if this is all you dream of, then add a Grand Canyon rafting to your list.

Rafting experience in the white water and laughing with your people is all you need to calm yourself from the daily race.

Marble canyon is one of the most beautiful landscapes, which is picturesque. The limestone of this canyon is so smooth that people mistake it for marble. It is one of the most exciting destinations for those who love nature.

It has rocks that bring out colors like gray, purple, pink, white, and golden hues. You will lose yourself amid the Grand Canyon rafting of white water.  

A. Location

Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, U.S. Colorado River in northern Arizona. The canyon was carved out, stretching from Lake Powell at the Arizona-Utah border to Lake Mead at the Arizona- Nevada border.

The Grand Canyon consists of two parts which are the North Rim and South Rim. These rims are separated by about 20 miles. The two rims are completely different in atmosphere, elevation, and experience to get through both rims. T-3 days hikes or a five-hour road trip is required.

B. How to Visit

There’s a small airport in flagstaff, which is at a distance of an hour from the South Rim. Many visitors have to land in Las Vegas or Phoenix due to the limited number of flights available. While some people visiting North Rim fly into Salt Lake City.

The visit to Grand Canyon requires renting a car due to the limited number of public transit options. After reaching Grand Canyon Park, visitors park their cars and take a shuttle bus after parking the rented car. For rim-to-rim hikers, shuttle buses are of great use.

C. Full Grand Canyon Rafting

Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch is a rafting expedition’s journey, and this is a lifetime rejoicing moment. You go deep beneath the Grand Canyon somewhere 86 miles, and it gives goosebumps to your skin. The thrill of river adventure will stay in your heart forever. 

This rafting makes you turn to the scenic views, which will be captured in your mind forever. The waterfalls and paradisiacal side canyon can be viewed during this rafting which is impossible as these mystical waterfalls are accessible only through riverways. 

The right time for your Grand Canyon rafting expedition is the fall season.

 A complete whitewater canyon rafting starts from Lees Ferry. From here, one will travel the entire length of the Grand Canyon. One of the most adventurous Grand Canyon rafting trips is from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead.

This rafting the Grand is accompanied by motorized rafting. The other Grand Canyon rafting option available is from Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek Road. This tour makes viewing the maximum beautiful scenic view of the Grand Canyon River possible.

D. Companies Providing Rafting Adventure

1. Raft Masters

They provide an ATV & Raft package which provides you with a chance to raft Colorado’s whitewater in the morning. All adults and any children above 5 years can enjoy this whole mesmerizing day trip. 

2. Canyon Explorations/Canyon Expeditions

They provide two kinds of Grand Canyon Rafting

2.1. The hybrid tour includes oared rafts with paddle rafts and kayaks.

2.2. All Paddle Trips include foot paddle rafts and gear rafts solely. 

3. Arizona Raft adventures

They provide many types of Grand Canyon rafting, two of the most adventurous ones are

3.1. Classic Adventure:

This is the most exciting Grand Canyon rafting adventure. This has five oar rafts and one paddle raft. This is for those who like paddling but not rafting. The longest trip is for a full canyon which includes 14-16 days.   

3. 2. Motor Adventure:

It is the most enthralling way to experience 226 miles of the grand canyon’s Colorado River. This starts from Lee’s Ferry to Diamond Creek. It gives you the most exciting whitewater experience. 

There are many more companies for the Grand Canyon Rafting adventurous tour.

E. Precautions in Grand Canyon Rafting: –

  • Never panic!
  • While at Grand Canyon Rafting, do listen to your guide during the safety talk. 
  • Grand Canyon Rafting may sometimes get dangerous when the boat hits the rock or gets in a hydraulic then remember the command high-siding
  • While rafting, do wear your life jackets and protective gear. Hold the paddles properly. 

F. Helicopter Rides: –

A helicopter tour is a feast to the eye. The scenic view of the Grand Canyon caters serenity to your eyes. Besides Grand Canyon rafting, one must surely try helicopter rides. These rides take you above the Kaibab National Forest.

Kaibab National Forest is abode to the world’s largest stand of ponderosa pines. When the helicopter is at the edge of the South Rim, and the North Rim and eastern end of the Canyon are in the view, this is the canyon’s most enthralling view.

G. Grand Canyon Rafting

Before visiting the Grand Canyon, one must check the National Park Service site to gather food and lodging expenses.

The best things require your perseverance, and so does the Grand Canyon. to enjoy and absorb the Grand Canyon’s beauty, one can try hiking there.

Under the blanket of the sky filled with stars in the Grand Canyon and playing your favorite playlist will take you to a new mode of comfort. Take your friends or family members with you, or maybe you can plan a solo trip.

Solo trips for vagabonds and experiencing the Grand Canyon Rafting will be perfect! You will find yourself somewhere in the Grand Canyon, which has just been lost in the vagueness of work pressure and daily life chase.

Take a few days and live your life just for yourself, because you are essential.  

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