A top of a building of an Outdoor Theatre. A top of a building of an Outdoor Theatre.

5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters Atlanta!

In today’s time when everybody has so many things to do and look forward to day and night, if you are someone who is still bored and wants to try something new as an experience, then check out these great drive-in movie theaters in the most populous city of Atlanta, also the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia!

Over time drive-in movie theaters have evolved from an exclusive, retro-themed, romantic date idea to a hangout spot for friends and families.

In recent years, drive-in movie theaters have become the new norm!

Along with the rise in popularity and demand for these drive-in movie theaters, some brand new building blocks have also come to light.

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Not only have drive-in movie theaters risen to fame and trend this year as a fun and relaxing activity to consider doing with your gang, but visiting these drive-in movie theaters has also earned a spot on the bucket lists of people all over the world!

From Drive-Thru ATL’s outdoor art show to Travis Porter’s 10th-anniversary parking lot performance in June, these drive-in movie theaters as a concept have moved into Atlanta’s cultural neighborhoods and communities beyond the cinema, resulting in some of the most unique and unforgettable events this summer.

So, to have a fun evening with your friends, family, or even children, you can quickly go out in the town and visit your nearest drive-in movie theaters with food and drinks to watch a cult classic on the big screen and enjoy!

These drive-in movie theaters are a very accessible way to spend family time.

Top 10 Drive In Movie Theatre Tips

It’s even better if you’re a resident of the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia, with a population of over 4 million people; the place offers numerous drive-in movie theaters in and around the town that you could easily explore.

If you’re looking for a way to spend your vacations with your kids and need help planning a trip to some of the most fantastic drive-in movie theaters in Atlanta, then you’ve clicked on the correct article.

So, here’s a specially curated list of drive-ins and open movie theaters that are prevalent around the city of Atlanta that you could check out for a fun time with family or friends!

List Of Drive-In Movie Theaters In Atlanta, Ga

We have curated a special list of drive-in movie theaters in and around the capital city of Georgia, Atlanta.

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1. Starlight Drive-In Theater And Flea Market

Thomasville Heights

The Starlight Drive-In has been a perfect entertainment spot for tourists from all over the town of Atlanta since 1949.

The Atlanta-based Starlight Institution remains a public favorite even now because of its strategic placement and ever-dynamic growth decisions taken by the head authorities of the drive-in movie theater.

Famous for its vibe and ambiance, the Starlight drive-in movie theater plays double features on a high-quality projection all seven days of the week!

Starlight Cinema Drive-In

Tickets for adult guests are $10 per person, while children aged 5 to 9 are allowed for $1 a ticket, attracting huge crowds to the drive-in movie theater every day to hang out, chill, and have fun together.

So, if you’re looking for a fun night out with your friends, kids, or coworkers, the Starlight Drive-In Movie Theater, known for its double features, is a must-visit!

Bring your chairs, food, drinks, or mats and enjoy an evening of entertainment. You also get concessions and coupons, which are actively available on the Starlight organization’s website.

Do not forget to check their website for more exciting updates and notifications and to win coupons and concessions for your dates or parties.

This particular institution follows a strict “No pets allowed” policy!

Do not forget to check out their weekend swap meets with free parking. The admission fee is as low as 50 cents!

2. The Springs Cinema And Taphouse

Sandy Springs Cinema

Initially opened in 2017, The Springs Cinema and Taphouse is a locally owned and operated drive-in movie theater with a great heritage in the locality!

The springs is your neighborhood drive-in movie theater, also a perfect hangout spot for you if you’re looking for a place to spend a fun and entertaining time with your family or friends.

With a concession stand and a snack bar in the springs institution premises serving beer, wine, drinks, and numerous food or snack options, along with playing the best blockbusters and independent films on the massive widescreen, the place provides you with a perfect festive ambiance to celebrate not only your holiday vacations but also have a lively night out with your family without any big occasion.

As we stated, the drive-in movie theater Springs is a perfect place to catch a film screening, grab a bite to eat, or hang out with friends as they not only provide a good selection of new movies, craft beer, wine, but also cocktails, exquisite food, as well as Georgia’s only heated luxury reclining seats, which are also some of the famous attractions of the gorgeous place.

Not only this, the institution provides reserved seating, children’s tickets for $8.50, and vintage movie marathons every Sunday and Wednesday, among all the other things we love about the place.

We love an excellent big-screen experience like our fellow movie fanatics reading this article. Therefore, we are here to make sure you have the most satisfactory experience when you actually visit these drive-ins.

3. Plaza Theatre


A non-profit vintage art deco movie theater located in one of the most historic neighborhoods of Atlanta is the 1939 Established The Plaza Theater.

Some of the specialty screenings in the plaza include a bunch of indie films, cult movies, classic horror genres, vintage monster movies, as well as retrospectives.

In addition to a particular genre of screenings, the plaza also serves the greatest popcorn in town!

Although right after the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, independent cinema institutions like the Plaza theater were in jeopardy due to restrictions throughout the country.

Historic Plaza Theater reopens

But the Ponce De Leon-based movie institution took it upon itself to answer these challenges with sheer courage and creativity.

From holding virtual broadcastings on its website to presenting movie screenings at pop-up drive-in movie theaters, including the original plaza as well as the Dad’s Garage.

In May, the Plaza took back its place as the masses’ favorite hangout spot again.

Ever since then, the plaza has not only hosted a number of cult classics and vintage throwbacks like The Night of the Living Dead but also premiered the 2020 Cult classic film, John Lewis: Good Trouble.

If you’re a movie fanatic like us and are always excited about the critically acclaimed cult classics and obscure films of the retro period, then the Plaza theatre is a must-stop for your next movie night with your beau or your best friends!

4. Aurora Cineplex


The Aurora Cineplex is one of the locally established neighborhood drive-in movie theatres at Area 51 in Roswell. The Cineplex organizes pop-up drive-ins at different openings during different seasons!

Watch all the new and blockbuster flicks on the opening days. The Friday evening screenings include classics from the ’80s.

Not only can you have the best movie experience from your car, but you can also bring lawn chairs and set up your personal comfort seats.

The parking spots are organized in such a way as to allow the crowd to be comfortable while also maintaining a safe distance of 10 feet from one another!

You can come to the place early and play a few rounds of miniature golf with your family as well if you wish to spend a fun and entertaining evening with kids, as the golf course is nearby.

Aurora starts drive-in movies tonight

Either bring your own food and snacks or get some from the concession stands. You can also get food right at your spots or get them from the walk-up window at the golf course.

The movie tickets can easily be purchased from the online website or even at the entrance of the theatre. The Friday evening screenings include classics from the ’80s.

So on the day of the movie, all you need to do is take a seat, unwind, and enjoy the rest of the show.

5. Pop-Up Drive-In Movie Theaters Around The Town Of Atlanta


If you are an established resident of Atlanta, GA 30316, you must be familiar with the pop-up open theatre screenings organized seasonally around the city!

One of the free pop-up drive-in movie screenings in the town Includes the rerun of the 2019 movie Alladin, which was organized in July of 2020 as a safe, family-friendly event by the Cobb County Parks Department.

Midwest Theater Pop Up Drive Up Movie Night

Another “X-mas in July” event, featuring the open screening of “The Grinch” with other fun play activities, was organized in the same July of 2022 by the Avenue at East Cobb Department. This event, however, had an entry fee of $10 per car.

The basic motive behind such events is to spread cheerfulness and prosperity among the community.

Therefore, these pop-up drive-in experiences are generally organized in the parking lot with an open space under an institution’s registered trademarks with required funding from the establishment and necessary precautions taken.

In such city-held events organized in the neighborhood park, you can also arrive early with your family, with your own snacks and your preferred comfortable lawn chairs to find a good spot for your car and enjoy the numerous games and activities planned for you.

Closing Thoughts

So, I’m ending this article with the thought of a seasonal pop-up open theatre movie screening.

While writing the article, I realized that these are some of Atlanta’s most promising drive-through theater-based Businesses that fill the city with cheer and enjoyment throughout the year.

From first-time dates to the traditional monthly visits of avid movie goers, these drive-in movie theaters provide a perfect hangout place for all!

Not only you can far easily purchase online tickets even of super box office movies, sometime also spots stars like jason statham or orlando bloom, But since it done in vehicles mostly in an open theater space some time you get rain, that makes date even more romantic.


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