5 Incredible U.S Motorcycle Campgrounds to Visit

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Motorcycle Campgrounds
Motorcycle Campgrounds in USA

Spending your vacation in the great outdoors at one of the motorcycle campgrounds in the USA is one way to have a unique getaway.

Motorcycles are considered the wildest rides of all vehicles. Riding a motorcycle has a frenzy of its own. You feel one with the weather as the winds sweep through you, making you feel relaxed and excited at the same time.

Motorcycle campgrounds in the USA are the perfect spot for all the motorcyclists who love to wander around on their beloved hog or minibike.

Camping in one motorcycle campground is a unique experience from any standard camping. You get to be the master of your route as you ride your motorcycle across the country, stopping at the motorcycle campgrounds to rest and relax.

Top Motorcycle Campgrounds in the USA

The USA has endless motorcycle campgrounds to honor all bike lovers. If you plan to start a tour along with your motorbike, here is a few of the best motorcycle campgrounds that you can consider for your journey.

1) Riders Roost Motorcycle Campgrounds and Resort

Motorcycle Campgrounds
Source: Gijs Coolen/Pexels. Copyright 2019

Located far from the heavily trafficked roads and busy city life, this motorcycle campground is near all the North Carolina tourist attractions.

You could enjoy a day ride through all the places like the Blue Ridge Parkway. You could ride away towards the east of Mississippi across the scenic mountain ways and valleys. Enjoy your ride and come back to the rider’s roost to call it a day.

They offer suites, camping cabins, and deluxe cabins. They also sponsor several events each year to make sure you have a fun yet memorable vacation and stay.

Check out their website for more information.

2) Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campgrounds

Motorcycle Campgrounds
Source: eberhard grossgasteiger/Pexels. Copyright 2018

They are located just 1.5 miles south of the intersection of Highway 45 and State Route 405.

They offer outstanding services for all the campers and promise to cater to all your needs. All you need to pack is your toothbrush and pajamas, and off you go.

You could go on an exhilarating ride through the Appalachian Mountains and by the Susquehanna river shore. Steel steeds are your place if you want to participate in any motorcycle event.

The seven-acre campground hosts many motorcycle sports, events, and attractions while offering outstanding hospitality and a luxurious stay.

Click here to reserve your cabin for a stay.

3) Willville Motorcycle Campgrounds

This campground is also located on the Blue Ridge Parkway and promises to enhance your love for motorcycling and camping.

The bike camp is settled comfortably in the middle of the blue ridge mountains in beautiful Virginia. The campground is set on 26-acres of land and provides a sense of quiet and seclusion to the campers. It is a great place to relax for a small getaway or a nice long vacation.

They also have separate grassy areas to set up your camp if you want a more nature-friendly camping experience.

They also have picnic tables and a leveled surface to hoist your motorcycle carrying trailers.

Motorcycle Campgrounds
Source: Daniel/Pexels. Copyright 2016

Enjoy the nearby local attractions like the chateau Morrissette Winery, the poor farmers market, the live musician at Floyd general store, and many more.

Check out their website for more.

4) Hunt’s Lodge Motorcycle Campgrounds and Lodge

Keeping in mind all your motorcycle and outdoor enthusiasts, this motorcycle camping facility is tailored to your needs.

They are nestled in the heart of the scenery and natural beauty of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia.

If you are a dual-sport rider, you could experience both on-road and off-road forest biking as they have various routes for various skill levels. The beautifully paved roads for street bikers or the gravel dirt roads through the forests for off-road biking. There is something for everyone.

As far as the other nearby attractions are concerned, the bonus for nature lovers includes the Transamerica trail for hiking and the Cherohala skyway. Why go motorcycling when you could also experience nature’s beauty through waterfalls, forests, hikes and walks, and many adventures near Hunt’s Lodge.

5) Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge and Resort

The next on the list of motorcycle campgrounds is the Iron horse motorcycle lodge located in Western North Carolina.

Located in the center of the majestic great smoky mountains, this 39-acre resort on the Stecoah creek will give you some of the best motorbike riding experiences.

The campground is situated amongst other beautiful natural attractions like the moonshiner 28, the blue ridge parkway, the Fontana Dam, the spectacular mile-high Cherohala skyway, and the dragon’s tail at deals gap many more.

They have a mixed theme of the old west and the modern motorcycle design for their accommodations.

So, it’s not just about riding but also about exploring other aspects of nature’s beautiful attractions and places while having a luxurious and comfortable stay at the resort.

Plan your stay today. Click here for more information.

Last-Minute Tips

Now that you have read about all the possible options of motorcycle campgrounds for your impressive and exciting motorcycle trip, there are a few things to keep in mind before you take off.

Motorcycle Campgrounds
Source: Kelly L/Pexels. Copyright 2019

1. Pack Smart and Safe

Avoid packing too much hard luggage and focus on packing soft luggage. Instead of hogging everything on one side, try to add saddlebags or containers on both sides of the bike to avoid imbalance. Considering the Centre of gravity of the bike while doing so is essential.

Also, pack light as you won’t have much space. Pack only basic clothes and necessities and avoid carrying any extra things

2. Cooking Gear

Do you need cooking gear? Cooking gear can be space-consuming and heavy. So, try ditching those unnecessary utensils. Many motorcycle campgrounds tend to have services to provide food and drinks.

3. Bike Maintenance

Make sure your bike is serviced and in good condition. Consider dropping your beloved vehicle at the mechanic’s a few days before your trip. It will ensure you a smooth, hassle-free ride.

4. Keep away from the exhaust.

Please do not attach your baggage to the bike so that it touches the exhaust. It can be dangerous.

5. Protection

Wear proper protective gear like helmets and gloves and put on sunscreen to reduce the chances of sunburn. Avoid starting your trip too late as well.

You are now ready for your unique and memorable getaway, keeping these things in mind. Try to check out the motorcycle campgrounds beforehand for an even better experience.

Lastly, don’t forget to click loads of pictures, relax and have fun!

The Best Motorcycle Rides In The USAThe Best Motorcycle Rides In The USA
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