5 Most Popular Holiday Towns in Tenerife

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View of Las Teresitas Beach, Tenerife, Spain. Source: Depositphotos

Whether you are here to soak up the sun or rave at the Carnival, Tenerife offers an experience like no other. The breathtaking beauty of its beaches and the historic charm of its hubs attract more than 5 million people each year. But, unfortunately, the island’s main hotspots can be too crowded with so many visitors. So, even though Tenerife is the largest of the islands in the Canary Islands archipelago, it can sometimes feel a little cramped.


Opting for more offbeat options for your trip to Tenerife is a great way to beat the hordes. So on your next visit here, head to the scenic, unexplored villages and towns that dot Tenerife’s landscape.


Why Should You Visit These Towns?


According to Holidu, the holiday rental booking portal, Google trends for the past year can reveal the 10 most famous towns in Tenerife. Conducted in collaboration with Holidu and Spain-Holiday, this study first gathered a list of all towns, villages and cities in Tenerife. 


Next, it analyzed the average monthly Google Search Volume for “town name’ + Tenerife” by the Spanish people. The study period chosen for this survey was the last 12 months. The research team then filtered the results to show only places with a population of less than 10,000.


Moreover, this search-based survey was conducted among the Spanish locals, meaning that these are spots lesser known to tourists. Because of this data, you can use this list to escape the tourist traps and head to the towns that the Spanish themselves are seeking to visit.


El Médano – Monthly Searches on Google: 3,600


Love surfing? How about kite flying? If you love watersports, there is no better spot in Tenerife than El Médano. The name is a literal Spanish word for “the sand dune.” Despite hosting less than 3,000 people, this coastal town is one of the world’s best kitesurfing/windsurfing spots.  


Located south of Tenerife, El Médano is a place of solid gales and hosts many water sports championships. Getting there is easy as the spot is less than 10 minutes from Tenerife South Airport. For the swells, surfers in El Médano typically hit the Bay, Harbour Wall, or Cabezo Beach.


However, if you want to relax, the tiny town is close to two of the largest beaches in Tenerife. A morning walk along the Playa Grande or the Playa La Tejita can show you a host of vibrant kites hovering in the air as kitesurfers take to the waves.


For further exploration, you can visit “The Red Mountain” or La Montaña Roja, which lies between the two beaches. At this volcanic cone, tourists can glimpse what happens when extreme heat meets and vaporizes in contact with the rough sea.


Garachico – Monthly Searches on Google: 2,900


Built during the 1400s, Garachico is one of the oldest villages in the Canary Islands! Founded by a Genoese banker, this area was the island’s main port during the 15th century. Garachico was a major stop for trade between Europe and the Spanish Colonies until it was almost entirely destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1706. Following this event, the town was dubbed one of the unluckiest towns in Tenerife. 


Today, Garachico Is one of the best-preserved towns in the Canary Islands. The footpaths and squares around town are lined by historic buildings dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. A walk through the town ending on the cliffs at La Culata is the best way to explore Garachico. You can even take a detour to visit the castle built to defend the town from pirate attacks. Arr!


Vilaflor – Monthly Searches on Google: 1600


Sitting atop the Teide volcano, Vilaflor is the highest village on the island. Located south-central on Tenerife, this town sits at the height of 1,400 m above sea level. Despite being less than an hour’s drive from the party hub of Las Americas, Vilaflor is a world of its own.


Though it was founded in the 16th century, the town’s current population is just 1,645. Vilafloor’s cultural heritage is rich in spite of its quaint size. Its rural landscape boasts classic attractions like the Paisaje Lunar and the Sanctuary of the Santo Hermano Pedro. If you are looking for a rustic, quiet place to disappear for a few days, Vilaflor ticks all the right boxes.


Bajamar – Monthly Searches on Google: 1,600


A coastal town to the northeast of Tenerife, Bajamar lies in a scenic spot south of the Anaga rural park. The highest point is Pico Isogue, which rises 601 meters above sea level. A 30-minute drive from the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this town largely keeps to itself. As a result, Bajamar is one of Tenerife’s best-kept secrets, as it sees fewer tourist footfalls than other hotspots. 


If you want to relax and take time off, the natural pools at Mariane and Charco Redondo are perfect. The Bajamar Natural Pool, in particular, is a local hotspot- since this spot has two large pools and one small one, it’s ideal for your family too. After a relaxing soak, you can even hike along Trail PR TF-12 all the way to Cruz del Carmen. 


Los Silos – Monthly Searches on Google: 1,300


Just a 10-minute drive from Garachico, Los Silos sits between the sea and the imposing Teno mountains. This location makes it perfect for those looking to explore the greenery and woods of Tenerufe. The Monte Verde woodlands are one of the best preserved wild areas on the Canary Islands.


If you plan to hike here, you need to be on high alert, as the region is known for steep terrains and deep ravines. These forests also boast an impressive biodiversity of flora and fauna. You may even spot a native white-tailed laurel pigeon on one of your treks! The town of Los Silos traces its origin back to 1506, when the spot was chosen for constructing silos for grain. The Silos in its name come from the three grain stores that were built here during that time.

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