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Candy store Chicago

I think we all can admit to the fact that candies are our all-time favorite guilty pleasure. Be it any age group, candies never disappoint in fulfilling the urge for a sugar rush. No matter what time of the year it is, you can never say no to some candies.

Chicago offers the best candy shops via its top candy store Chicago to embrace your sweet tooth. Incidentally, Chicago is also known as the “Candy Capital of the World.”

In a mood to enjoy some good trick-or-treat candies? Want to celebrate joyous Christmas with some steaming hot chocolate? Looking to wander in fairs in summer evenings with cotton candies for pleasing your taste palates?

Chicago has everything to offer you whenever you want, even your favorite sweet treat at 2 am.

Here is a list of the top candy store in Chicago that you can visit to honor Chicago’s love for candies when craving something sweet.

1.  Amy’s Candy Bar

Amy’s candy bar is a pretty little sweet place that has been everyone’s favorite since it opened in 2011. It was established by Amy Hansen, a French pastry school graduate. Even though the store is infamous for its homemade caramels, it offers various lip-smacking confectionaries like chocolate, gummies, licorice products, and a range of different candies sitting in beautiful glass jars lining the shelves.

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Out of its various lovable products like milk or dark chocolate, English toffee with sea salt, sweet and salty bar, peanut butter balls, OMG candy bar, and signature caramels steal the show. This candy shop will make you come back here over and over again and make you want more.

By Rafinaded/ Shutterstock, copyright 2021.

So the next time you are near or at 4704 N Damen Ave, why not pay a visit to this candy store Chicago, Amy’s candy bar.

2.  Candyality

Candyality is a dream store with almost all kinds of candies you can think of. Be it 30 flavors of jelly beans, M&M’s in 21 different colors, gourmet chocolates, tootsie rolls, or retro candy bars, everything is just one hand away.

Opened in 2007, this Chicago store has been voted “Best Candy Store in Illinois” by Food Network magazine and offers an unreal range of products.

By Arina P Habich/ Shutterstock, copyright 2021.

It also does a cute little personality check by the kind of candies or sweets you choose to order.

Can’t get enough of M&M’s? You are very kind by nature and tend to go for things that are comforting and familiar. Jelly beans, are your love? You are creative. Can’t keep hands of Pretzels covered with chocolate? You are filled with compassionate and caring behavior. Is hard candy your go-to treat? Reliability is your forte. Isn’t this just adorable?

No matter what your “candyscope” is, the fact that you’ll enjoy each moment spent in the pool of candies and chocolate present in this top candy store Chicago is certain.

Candyality has stores located at 3737 N. Southport Ave, Water Tower Place Level 7, 835 N. Michigan Ave, and 5225 N. Clark st.

3.  Dylan’s Candy Bar

Want to experience a real-life willy Wonka factory? Then this Chicago candy store called Dylan’s candy bar is the place for you!

Home to more than 75,000 confectionaries, Dylan’s candy bar is itself a little museum of candies with two floors full of exciting decorations of treats like chocolate-covered gummies, lollipop trees, jelly beans, hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels, fruit, popcorn, and nuts. It’s a dream come true for candy lovers indeed!

Not only this, their candy-themed items of clothing, toys, cocktail bar, ice cream parlor steal the limelight equally.

Candy lovers, it’s never a better time than right now to grab your wallets and check this top candy store Chicago out at 663 N Michigan Ave.

4.  Windy City Sweets

Windy City Sweets is a Lakeview situated candy store that owns the traditional and old-fashioned vibes that hit home and make us crave all timeless childhood comforting sweets treats no matter how old we are.

This candy store Chicago has held its place as one of the favorite candy stores in Chicago since 1983. All the credit goes to the wild variety of sweet serves that it offers. No matter what your preference is, you are bound to match your choice among the vast option.

It offers everything you’ll ever want, dark chocolate, milk chocolate bar, licorice, chocolate-dipped gummies, tins, toffees, handmade fudge, 1200 different types of candies, ice cream, smoothie shakes, and 50 different Jelly beans flavors. This top candy store in Chicago will bring back tons of memories upon just a single visit and make you say, “remember when.”

Visit this top Candy store Chicago at 3308 N Broadway as soon as possible to relish some homely sweet times.

5.  Terry’s Toffee

Dedicated to toffees that can make one go, “this is how toffee should be,” Terry’s toffee serves handcrafted with elevated ingredients toffees and many other treats. Other than toffees, not only their toffee enriched popcorn, biscotti, and ice cream but also their friendly and generous staff are a hit among anyone who visits them.

cb 1
By Veronika sekotova/ shutterstock,copyright 2021.

Terry’s toffee, the top candy store Chicago, is a not-to-be-missed deal; hence remember to visit it when you are at or around 1009 W Armitage Ave.

We can’t deny no matter how much we have already eaten, we can always make teensy-weensy room for sweets or desserts, and every penny spent on sweets is always worth it. Let yourself gravitate towards what your soul desires in terms of sweet treats by visiting these iconic top candy stores Chicago someday or the other, but as soon as possible.


Talk is cheap, so let your actions speak. Don’t let good things wait! Treat yourself and the people you love with some blissful sweet time via Candy store Chicago because, after all, “You Only Live Once!” 

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