6 Amazing Asheville Breweries To Experience

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Amazing Ashevile Breweries to Experience

In the US, Asheville, North Carolina, is proud to say that it holds the best beer production in the country. Asheville breweries are the most preferred form of beer as the main beer ingredients are locally available, which is even more reason to visit the amazing place.

In west-central North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge mountains in the eastern part of the United States of America, Asheville is an abundant beer producer. The place is a tourist attraction. Some tourists never fail to visit Biltmore village to see one of America’s largest private houses built by the Vanderbilts called Biltmore Estate.

Another such tourist attraction is the French Broad River, where you’ll find one local ingredient in craft breweries- water. The water of this river attracted one of the largest craft breweries. New Belgium Brewing Company was situated between downtown Asheville and West Asheville.

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Some of the large-scale breweries have set down their place in Asheville, such as Highland Brewing, Oskar Blues, Sierra Nevada, Wicked Weed, among many others, as Asheville Breweries have a reputation for being unique and good.

Beer is one of the most preferred drinks globally as it helps release dopamine and makes us feel good. This is one of the main reasons why breweries from the Asheville location are famous. Three local ingredients are available in and around Asheville, NC, are water, wheat, grains, and hops.

In 2009, Asheville was named the Beer City USA as the amazing production and unique flavors of beer from the place won many hearts before and continues to do so.

Some of Asheville breweries locally preferred are:

  1. Highland Brewing Company:

Back in 1994, a retired engineer called Oscar Wong started the first Asheville brewing company. It was surprisingly one of the best craft breweries, which installed almost 51 local breweries that caught the nation’s attention.

Highland brewing company is still one of the best craft breweries of Asheville, NC that despite its local ingredients, is also great at taste with many flavors.

The company is still one of the premium brewing companies located in a vast 40 acres with nature trails in Asheville. Highland brewing company is one of the reasons why Asheville breweries are still preferred among the majority.

6 Amazing Asheville Breweries to Experience
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  1. Wicked Weed Brewing:

Wicked weed brewing, another one of Asheville’s favorites, is located in the downtown region of west Asheville with tours and tasting rooms. While many Asheville breweries are a friendly place to eat and drink with your friends, here in Wicked Weed, you can also bring your pet dog to hang out at the patio of the building.

It is also known for its funky style, which resulted in naming it as “funkatorium.” Among many Asheville breweries, Wicked Weed is separated into two parts of the building where one can experience two different experiences but still love it to come back for more.

The upstairs part of Wicked Weed brewing is a full restaurant with the gastronomy of 16 varieties of beer and a variety of cocktails. Here one can enjoy a good meal with a few glasses of their delicious brew.

The downstairs part is dedicated to the beer part of Wicked Weed, where one gets to taste and experience 25 varieties of beer. You can find yourself in a tasting room and the bottle shop where you can experiment with your tastes first.

6 Amazing Asheville Breweries to Experience
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  1. Oskar Blues:

Oskar Blues is another one of many Another Asheville breweries that started as a brewpub in 1997 by Dale Katechis, which later hit the big markets when Oskar Blues launched their craft beer in a can the year 2002, that still is preferred by a lot of people.

The production of their barrels rose significantly for the top-selling ale called Dale’s Pale Ale that they expanded their brand further to Longmont, Colorado. The growth of packaging rose from 59,000 barrels in 2011 to 149,000 barrels in 2014 and still see a rise to this day.

6 Amazing Asheville Breweries to Experience
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  1. Catawba Brewing Company:

The birth of Catawba Brewing Company was back in 1999 by Billy Pyatt, Jetta Pyatt, and Scott Pyatt, who opened the locally loved craft brewery in Asheville’s South Slope Brewery District.

The brewery currently has over 25 beers on tap with a pet-friendly area, handicap accessibility, and outdoor seating that people prefer over other Asheville breweries. But the advantages don’t just stop there. The dining provided by the company is also group friendly for a get-together. If not, takeout’s also available.

In 2015, Catawba Brewing opened a tasting room downtown with a big seven-barrel specialty fondly for its customers. The brewing company also has a place in Biltmore Village, although the main production facility is Morganton, North Carolina. Some of the beers that people genuinely enjoy are White Zombie Ale and Hopness Monster IPA.

The company also comes with wedding and various event features with off-premise catering, a great outdoor area, and also a private room according to your likability. Catawba Brewing is also called “Craft Beer of the Carolinas.”


6 Amazing Asheville Breweries to Experience
By howderfamily.com/ Flickr, Copyright 2021.

  1. Wedge Brewing:

Located in the heart of the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, in a classic brick warehouse turned into art studios, Wedge Brewing is another locally loved and enjoyed that serves with its unique styles in a large variety of food trucks parked outside the warehouse that serves food.

The food trucks make it more socially attractive places over Asheville breweries. If people wish to make friends, they can stop here as they share food and talk.

Established in 2008, Wedge Brewing uses the best locally available ingredients to make the best beer. But it isn’t just the beer that is attractive in it but also the very open and friendly community.

6 Amazing Asheville Breweries to Experience
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  1. Hi-Wire Brewing:

Hi-Wire Brewing is another South Slope brewery, although it is also situated across North Carolina in Durham, Wilmington, and Knoxville. Still, there is another Hi-Wire brewing in the Biltmore Village, so you can never miss it if you are visiting the place.

The place is such a refreshing place with so many murals that surely makes it unique to the other Asheville breweries.

Ever since its opening in 2013, Hi-Wire has become another established brewery in Asheville that runs with a circus-themed, which attracts artists around the place and also tourists. The place is known for its wide different varieties of beer but is known for its tart kettle sours, wild ales, and lagers.

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Asheville is such a beautiful place to visit because of its natural scenery, but of course, for its wide variety of Asheville breweries readily available.


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