Hudson's Riverwalk Park building Hudson's Riverwalk Park building

Riverwalk Park Unveiled: 6 Must-See Attractions

New York is an economically and culturally rich state in The United States. The economic importance of this state has been dependent on the Hudson River. Living in New York will be everyone’s dream. Who doesn’t want to explore it? Everyone wants to buy or invest in a home or apartment in New York City. But it is not that easy task.

This post is all about the new Riverwalk Park building project of Related and Hudson companies. This project is about the construction of permanently affordable housing on Roosevelt Island.

The Riverwalk Park is a 21-story building on Roosevelt Island. Its construction has been completed recently and it is a newly constructed affordable housing building. This affordable housing will be needed for every middle-income community in New York City. For Hudson Company, this would be a milestone in providing housing amenities for an elevated living experience.

This whole project design will be done in such a way that it doesn’t only give a home-like feeling but also many other facilities. It is kind of a mix of house and studio. This project is the eighth building project of Related and Hudson in the Roosevelt Island neighborhood.

Roosevelt island
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Hudson is the leading housing company working on various projects to develop affordable houses in New York. The interesting thing about this project is that it has 340 residential units; out of them, 27 are completely for homeless households. The housing units in Riverwalk Park are divided according to size, price, and household number.

1. Location:

Hudson landed on Roosevelt Island with such amazing housing facilities. It is located at 425 Main St, Near Roosevelt Island, New York, US.

This place not only gives an elevated living experience but also an experience of connecting people in a dynamic neighborhood. The interior is also fully furnished and well-designed.

2. Things to Explore At Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk Park
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Riverwalk Park not only gives its residents housing facilities but also offers various exclusive amenities.

The interior work in each apartment is well-crafted finishes and has all the necessary facilities. More important is the riverfront terrace, where you can enjoy the view of the East River.

If you are a resident of Riverwalk Park or planning to become one, many things are waiting to be explored. Things that most of the residents love are the exclusively attended lobby, fitness center, children’s playroom, yoga studio, game room, and last but not least, party lounge.

2.1. Take A Walk At Eleanor’s Pier

Although the apartment provides so many things to explore, a walk in the greenery of Eleanor’s Pier gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling. On one side is a very big river, while on the other are beautiful plants and gardens.

At this place, you can enjoy picnicking and walking in this riverside park. Other activities instead of walking are biking, picnicking, and fishing.

2.2 Educational Facilities Near Riverwalk Park

Some prestigious colleges and universities reside near it. They are only a 10-minute distance from the Riverwalk apartment. Weill Cornell Medical College, Hunter College, and Marymount Manhattan College.

Despite the colleges and universities, various public and private schools such as Life Sciences Secondary School, Clinton School, The Montessori School of New York, and The Child School are also located near Hudson’s new apartment building.

2.3 Amenities At Apartment or Building

Riverwalk housing building offers multiple amenities to the residents. Each residential unit has the following facilities: a hardwood floor, a kitchen with a microwave, Granite Countertops, Dishwasher and refrigerator, Air conditioning, Shower or Tub facilities, Riverfront terrace, Bike storage, and so on.

Besides all the facilities mentioned above, you can access community amenities here, including online services, a fitness center, a game room, a doorman, a laundry facility, and 24-hour availability, which is also an amazing facility.

2.4 Easy Excess for Grocery and Medical

All the facilities, including apartments and communities, are essential facilities required by residents. But there are some other things that a person needs to be around their resident. That is medical and grocery stores.

So, you don’t need to look for these things, because Riverwalk Park is located in an area where you can easily access all these shops. It is like just one step out from your door; you will experience shopping and dining facilities. One of the best places on Roosevelt Island is Nisi Kitchen, which offers delicious food.

2.5 Know More About Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island
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Living at Riverwalk Park will allow one to explore New York’s secretive island. For New York, it is a hidden gem. Its location between Manhattan and Queens makes it more valuable.

It is green and very picturesque to view. Here you can enjoy nature and a peaceful life. It is far from Manhattan’s busy and noisy lifestyle. To explore this beautiful land, these apartments are the best and, more importantly, available at an accessible price.

4.6 The Lighthouse Park

the lighthouse park at Roosevelt Island
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The location of this new building project is ultimate; that’s why it has various amazing things in the surroundings that will amaze you. Out of them is the lighthouse park, such an amazing place to visit. It is only 1.3 miles away.

On the north of Roosevelt Island, this landscape park gives an amazing view experience to visitors. But an important note is that you can’t enter the lighthouse; you can only access the garden area of this premise.

Apartments are 100% affordable for all those who earn between 40%-165% of the median income. This information will be helpful for you, and now, you will get some clarity regarding buying or investing in these buildings. Let us know what you think about this housing building in the comment section.

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